20 Orange Dining Room Ideas for 2019

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An orange dining room might not be your first choice. Less than 2 percent of home use it as the main color scheme. But it brings a lot of possibilities to the table. Shades range the yellow-like amber to the rich persimmon to the deep mahogany—and everything in between. Each one brings its own mood and energy to space.

Pale hues like peach bring a quiet elegance to a room. Bolder shades like tangerine give a room energy and a playful quality. It can add drama or create a calming atmosphere. Its wide range of varieties makes it a versatile color no matter what style you prefer. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of paints. Whatever you need it to do, orange has you covered.

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Add Warmth to Room with a Northern Exposure

Orange is one of the few hues that has positive associations all over the world. It is primarily a warm color, though there are some cooler shades along the spectrum. It’s an excellent choice for a room with a northern exposure that may not get a lot of sunlight. You can turn up the heat as much as you want, depending on the shade.

This color works well in an analogous color scheme with yellow and yellow-green to create a natural palette. Even if the room doesn’t see the sun a lot, you can still bring the outdoors into your dining room.

Use Orange for Accent Pieces

Some people may find that an entire room decked out in orange is too much. You can still take advantage of the energy it brings to a space with accent pieces. An orange occasional chair in a blue-colored room will pop against that backdrop. Likewise, orange seat cushions on your dining room chairs are another option.

You can hang artwork or decorative plates that feature orange. A carrot-colored floor lamp is sure to make a bold statement. However, like other bright shades, less is more when it comes to accent pieces. A few will unify the design of your dining room. Too many will border on overwhelming.

Bring Avant-Garde Styles to Life

Orange offers opportunities to maximize the potential of some styles. Shades such as terracotta are right at home in Mediterranean decor. It’s an excellent addition to tropical-themed rooms too. You can use it with minimalist styles like modern, Scandinavian, and Asian. It can help add some welcome energy to these rooms.

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