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Pascal Mouawad’s Mansion in Bel Air, CA (Listed for $15.75 Million)

This is an aerial view of the back of the mansion showcasing a large infinity pool, multiple lounge areas and a large open wall that connects the exterior to the interior. Image courtesy of

Have you ever wondered what you would put in a house with nine thousand square feet? The rooms must be the size of your whole house, yes? The ten bathrooms would be nice because you wouldn’t have to wait in line or run the length of the house to get to one.

The ten-car motor court, fitness center, theater, and more make a house that size a mansion

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Pascal Mouawad’s Mansion

On 1514 Bel Air Road in Los Angeles is located a six-bedroom, ten-bathroom house offering 9,310 square feet on a little less than an acre of land. Mouawad has put it on the market for $15,750,000.  

What’s in Nine Thousand Square Feet?

The open floor plan layout begins with a two-story foyer. One of the focus points of the foyer is the gray stone wall, in front of which rests a statue of Buddha surrounded by tall white pillar candles.

You’ll see a staircase with a clear glass banister along with a sea of white walls and glass. The glass can be removed for access to the outdoors.

The open floor plan living room and kitchen give the word ginormous a completely new definition. Beamed and vaulted ceilings give all that white and glass a boost with innovative and interesting lighting. The neutral-colored furnishings provide room definition without the need for walls.

The fireplace and elevator in the living room might take the focus away from all the beauty of the Santa Monica mountains you will see outside the glass walls. They don’t. You will, however, be captured by the home theater with two sofas, a wet bar, and curtains that close across the enormous screen just like a theater.

The home gym is just what you would expect. You can view the stunning scenery through the windows, challenge yourself on the fitness machines while watching yourself in the mirrored wall, and rest your water bottle or free weights on the shelving.

Built-ins make the home office an organized yet restful place to carry on your business. The desk, credenza, and shelving are all wood, as are the walls, one of which supports the large screen TV. The view out the floor-to-ceiling window is stunning yet peaceful.

The bedrooms are jaw-dropping. The primary suite contains a platform bed with a day bed at the foot of it. This sits across a huge space from the fireplace, above which is a large-screen TV set into a gray stone wall.

The view from the glass wall is amazing. The hardwood floors complement the wood wall behind the bed. Double closets flank the room.

The closets are composed of walls of shelving containing hanging, shelving, and drawers. At one end is a full-length mirror, while at the other end are benches with cushions.

The primary bathroom is just any bathroom with the exception that it’s absolutely huge. A vanity runs across one wall. On one wall is a tub beneath a window, next to which is a huge glass shower with a showerhead on the ceiling.

Double makeup tables with lighted mirrors adorn another wall.

Who is Pascal Mouawad?

He comes from four generations of Lebanese jewelers whose gems have graced the bodies of European royalty. Princess Kate loves his jewelry. So do Britney Spears and the Kardashians.

Pascal and his older brothers took California by storm with their designs and especially their gem-studded bras for Victoria’s Secret.

I like his house for the artwork it contains, but most especially for the infinity pool in the back. Paddling in the water while looking at all that natural beauty in the surrounding nature is my idea of heaven.

Photo Credit: Brian Bins