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Jake Gyllenhaal Joins Others A-Listers With $8.63 Million New Apartment

Jake Gyllenhaal is taking up residence with the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake in a condo development in the Tribeca neighborhood of the Big Apple. Purchased for $8.63 Million, Jake’s new abode is the epitome of rustic chic.

The son of a producer/screenwriter and a director, it’s no surprise that Jake Gyllenhaal took up acting at a young age. His first role was in the film City Slickers at the age of 11. He soon after found success in movies like the cult favorite Donnie Darko and his breakout movie October Sky.

He has been twice nominated for an Academy Award, once for Best Actor in Nightcrawlers and once for Best Actor in Love and Other Drugs.

Today, Jake is a talented actor perhaps best known for his powerful portrayal of Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain, the critically acclaimed film that tells the story of a romance between two cowboys.

Despite having a sister also in the industry (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Jake Gyllenhaal stays largely out of the spotlight. He has been rumored to date such stars as Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon, however.

About Jake Gyllenhaal’s New Home

Gyllenhaal’s new condo is one of many in a new development in the ultra-popular Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. With neighbors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Styles, it’s being called the dorm of the rich and famous.

A Tribeca gem, the building used to be a converted book bindery and still has the exposed beams, natural light, and utter charm of its former life. Thanks to extensive renovations, it also now has the luxury and amenities today’s celebs expect.

Gyllenhall’s three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath new spread is close to 3,000 square feet and located on the fifth floor. The building includes such charms as exposed brick parking garages, natural gardens, and stunning foyer areas.

Features to Love About This Home

  • Exposed beams: The exposed beams that permeate the kitchen and living areas add to the rustic charm that’s so popular right now, while also giving the nod to the building’s industrial past. They also act as statements pieces and contrast nicely with the modern materials of the decor.
  • Arch windows: The beautiful arched windows, framed in rustic wood, that fill the apartments allow natural light to flood the space.
  • Full-size primary bath: The primary is a work of art, with custom cabinetry and luxe materials like marble and glass.
  • Open floor plan: The huge floor plan is open, allowing the kitchen to flow seamlessly into living areas, allowing for a spacey, airy feel.

Below is the full photo gallery of Jake Gyllenhaal’s home.

Image source: Trulia.

Image source: Trulia.

Map of Neighborhood

Here’s a map of the Tribeca area in New York:

Image source: Google Maps

Jake Gyllenhaal Interview


Net Worth

Jake Gyllenhaal is worth an estimated $65 million.