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House in Godella by miniArquitectura + Martin&Accino Arquitectos

House in Godella by miniArquitectura + Martin&Accino Arquitectos

Company name: miniArquitectura + Jordi Martín Grao (Martin&Accino Arquitectos)
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Location: Godella, Valencia
Completion Year: 2020
Photo credits: Milena Villalba

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We carried out this project with a great deal of finesse. Our goal was to respect and emphasize the nature of this traditional Valencian house. It was imperative to us to find a way to regain the longitudinal axis of the building and allow natural light to enter and flood the residence.

We connected the different spaces deliberately – both double-height and on the same floor – to create direct and indirect views of the beautiful outside.

The interplay of double heights and openings achieves natural cross-ventilation giving the house great comfort with minimal energy demand.

The key to this project was to recover and restore the preexisting high-quality materials, integrate them into our design and introduce new natural elements creating a harmonious relationship. Playing with the classic line in the carpentry finishes to give a warm character to the whole.