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Garages and Garage Doors: Everything a Property Owner Should Know

House exterior with a triple car garage.

During the old days, people had to face the everyday hassle of searching for a decent parking space for their cars. In large public garages that look like the modern-day parking lots but with one level, car owners had to pay $15 to $20 for a parking slot, and the space is to be shared with about 100 cars. If the nearest public garage in town is several blocks away, one would have to walk their way home and carry all their belongings after parking their cars. That is a lot of hassle for an employee who has to hurry to the office in the morning or for a parent who has to run back home to the kids.

It was not long before people started looking for a more convenient parking place for their cars—closer to home. Home garages were invented with a double door that looked like a basic shed and were easily susceptible to wear and tear and weather damage. Dealing with snow buildup at your garage door back then means a whole day of heavy shoveling out in the cold. These house garages or carriage houses, as they call it, nevertheless paved the way to the modern garages that can be seen in every building today.

Now car owners enjoy the convenience of having their vehicles parked inside their homes without having to worry about early structure damage. The durable and versatile design of garages today allows optimum protection for all types of cars and easy accessibility for the property owners. Not only have garages become highly functional, they now form part of a building exterior’s aesthetic design.

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The importance of garage doors

The door to your garage is as important as every door or window in your house. Cars are among the expensive valuables you can find in both commercial and residential properties. It would be impossible to have a good night’s sleep or to stay away from home for days or weeks without making sure your car possessions are 100% secured in your garage. A quality garage door installation is the only way you can have a peace of mind when it comes to your garage security. To function effectively and last long, it is important that you choose the right garage door to install.

How to choose the right garage door to install

A garage door installation is an exciting opportunity to add beauty and value to your property, whether residential or commercial. However, only the right product will give you the benefits you expect from a new door. Consider these relevant factors before making a final garage door purchase:


Aside from housing cars, garages are built for other purposes, such as storage for garden tools and sports gears or as an additional living space. Identifying the function of your garage will let you determine the type of garage door you have to buy. If your garage connects to your home’s main interior, it is ideal to install an insulated door to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and save energy as well.


Choose a garage door material depending on your garage’s aesthetic and work requirements. Among the popular material options for garage doors are natural wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Natural wood is aesthetically pleasing and can match almost any building design; however, it will require high maintenance to maintain its good shape for years to come. Steel and aluminum are known to be highly durable and can best assist with security in both commercial and residential properties, but these materials will corrode in areas near the sea. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is preferred by many because of its easy maintenance and greater longevity. To achieve a modern garage look, choose impact-resistant glass.


This is a very important consideration when buying a garage door. Getting the exact measurements first will help you find the right garage door product fast. While customizing a door size is an option, it will surely cost you more than going for standard doors. Door sizes vary depending on your garage type, whether single car or double-car and the size of your door opening. If you cannot find a standard garage door size that fits the door opening, you may need to get a custom door.


There is a wide array of garage door styles available in the market today, including raised panel, traditional, carriage, and contemporary. Choose a style depending on your personal preference and home design profile. Picture out how your building exterior will look like when a specific door style is installed in your garage.

A raised-panel door style is well-known among property owners because it pairs well with almost any building style. A traditional door style is a great choice if you are looking for customization opportunities and compatibility, while a contemporary door style will shine best in art deco, modern, and townhouse themed buildings. For home styles mid-century modern, neoclassical, contemporary, Victorian, or oriental vibe, carriage garage doors will work best for you.


Applying the right finish will add beauty and protection to your garage door. There are many finishes available for every door material such as wood, aluminum, steel, and faux wood composite. The availability of door finishes and colors depends on the door’s construction material. There are many finishes available for wood, steel, aluminum, and faux wood composite. For natural wood, you can choose from stain colors ebony wash, natural, butternut, cedar, mahogany, and dark oak.

Residential garage door vs. Commercial garage door

A luxury house with two garages.

Besides function, material, size, style, and finish, location is a determining factor when choosing a garage door to install. It would be dangerous to think that garage doors for both residential and commercial properties are the same. To make sure that safety and functional requirements are met, leave the commercial garage doors to commercial settings and the residential garage doors to residential settings. Here are the relevant differences between the two garage door categories:


The obvious difference between a commercial garage door and a residential garage door is the size. The standard height for a residential garage door is seven feet while a commercial garage door is usually taller and measures up to twenty-four feet depending on its application.


For home garages, the door choices are more focused on aesthetic appeal; whereas commercial garages require doors that are built for optimum durability and function. This is why commercial garage doors usually have plain designs while residential garage doors are available in a wide array of styles, colors, and customization options.


Residential garage doors are usually made from materials that help improve curb appeal which includes wood and steel. Commercial doors, on the other hand, are generally made of either galvanized or aluminum steel for fair operation and increased property security.


The cost of a commercial garage door, including product purchase, installation, and maintenance, is higher than residential doors. This is a very important consideration when choosing to install a commercial door for your home garage.


Commercial garage doors, such as high speed and automated doors, open up quicker and bigger and use a high lift or full vertical lift type. Meanwhile, due to the small size of a home garage, the door opening is usually smaller and uses a headroom lift type.


Compared to residential doors, the sturdy built of commercial doors allows it to last longer with less maintenance. However, both door categories must be serviced by a professional garage door contractor during installation or repair to avoid expensive replacements.

The different types of garage door for commercial and residential use

Excited to start shopping for your new commercial or residential garage door? With plenty of garage door options out there, making a final pick can be challenging. To give an idea about the different types of garage doors that are highly preferred in the market today, see the list below:

Automated garage door

Automated garage doors

Installing this garage door type comes with great convenience as it can be opened without having to leave the comfort of your car seat. With the door’s automation system, it can be operated from a distance with a remote device. Automated garage doors can best assist with security in commercial properties like offices, malls, and market centers with its closer-timer feature, which allows the door to close automatically when left open for a specific period of time. While installing an automated garage door is expensive, it requires less time and money on maintenance compared to manual doors.

High-speed garage doors

Just like automated doors, high-speed garage doors are fast to operate but move at higher speeds, opening and closing in a matter of seconds. The pressure-resistant design and robust safety features of this garage door type make it applicable for commercial and industrial applications.

If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your building, using a garage door that opens and closes quickly will give you the result you need. High-speed garage door’s tight seal and wind resistance also help minimize the risk of hot or cold air sneaking in or out.

Sectional garage door

Sectional garage doors

There are two types of sectional garage doors: steel and aluminum. A sectional steel garage door is designed for heavy-duty applications, ideal for garage spaces that experience high volumes of traffic. Depending on the requirements of your garage door installation, you may choose between an uninsulated or insulated sectional steel door.

On the other hand, a sectional aluminum garage door is popular for its aesthetic features. Its key designs include visual access and light infiltration. This sectional door type is an attractive garage door solution and allows customizations in door sizes, frame finishes, and weather resistance.

Rolling garage door

Rolling garage doors

Rolling garage doors, also known as coiling garage doors, roll up overhead and are usually automated. This garage door option is a space-saving alternative to sectional garage doors, ideal for situations where there is less space for a side room and headroom. It is fit for any business that sees a huge number of workers or customers day in and day out like public and commercial facilities. When installing a rolling garage door, you can choose from a broad range of slat profiles and curtain materials and colors.

Why hire professional garage door services?

A quality garage door installation can provide your home or place of business long-lasting benefits, which include beauty, security, and convenience. A garage door is installed properly when the entire door operates smoothly and does not easily wear or tear from regular to heavy use. A quality installation can only be achieved when hiring licensed and skilled garage door contractors. Compared to a DIY project, a professional’s work can best guarantee you a timely and cost-effective result.

From the safe delivery of your purchased door product to the use of top-grade installation tools and equipment and innovative installation methods, you can always trust the pros to comply with all. A professional garage door team has undergone years of practice and rigorous training to effectively service any kind of garage door, whether for installation or repair, so there can’t be any risk in working with them. Hiring a professional service is part of your garage door investment.

When hiring a professional garage door company, Garage Door Repair Calgary suggests that relevant factors such as licensing, experience, service specialization, and rates should be taken into consideration. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, it is important that you deal with a company that has complied with all licensing and certification requirements to prevent legal troubles.

Looking into a company’s years of experience and service specialization will also help you determine if they are the right fit for the type of garage door project you are working on. Lastly, comparing product and service rates will help you settle the proper budget and find a quality bid.

Are you excited to install a new garage door? Don’t be afraid to get started with the work; plan carefully, set a budget, and work with a garage door team you can rely on.