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El Siglo by undos arquitectura cooperativa

El Siglo by undos arquitectura cooperativa

Company Name: undos arquitectura cooperativa
Contact e-mail:
Country: Spain
Completion Year: 2018
Built Area: 47 m2
Location: Bordils, Girona

Photo Credits: La Renderia
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Video Credits: La Renderia

El Siglo, this is the name that grandma gave to her store. Currently, only the walls remain, after the place has served different businesses since Estel’s grandmother retired. Now, with the reform, we’ve adapted it to become our workspace. A communal table, a space to rest, a lot of space to store things and above all… a lot of light!

In the reform of this space, which is located on the main road of Bordils, Girona, the need of the users who had to use it have been taken into account: a functional space, good lighting so as not to go blind, a big showcase for taking advantage of the influx of people on the road, a lot of storage space and a great space to hold meetings and be able to serve our costumers.

Neutral colors have been used for the walls of the local, plaster and white paint on the walls, doors, and baseboards and gray microcement for the floor, to have flooring without any type of joint. This sobriety contrasts with the furniture (cabinets, bench, stools, shelves, and the table), made with varnished pine wood, and with the green of the plants, which are found throughout the local, thus providing warmth and joy.

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