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Dreamhouse by Dim Studio

Dreamhouse by Dim Studio Exterior View

Design: Dim Studio

DIM Studio is a total design company of architecture, interior, and landscape established in 2018 in Hanoi city.

Currently, DIM Studio owns permanent human resources including architects, external architects, interior designers, and technicians. Not only that, but DIM Studio also regularly collaborates with freelance collaborators such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, etc., selected for each individual project.

The company specializes in designing hotels, green resorts, apartments, and villas. The international community welcomed DIM Studio with its distinctive, modern, creative, minimalist design style. DIM Studio prides itself on achieving customer satisfaction and cooperation trust.

Focusing on high quality with attention to detail in the execution of professional projects, we approach each project in a unique way to suit the unique characteristics of the project to strive for. Bring to customers a finished product, but no less unique.


DIM Studio focuses on specific values in each project and wishes to bring those values to customers who always trust and accompany. To do that, we are constantly creating, not afraid to change, and always putting emotions into each of our designs. The biggest desire is to bring a happy living space.


Design is not just about drawing a space, we try to give our customers a complete experience of space through consultation and design.


Step by step, create spaces that bring complete experiences, personal values, and emotions to everyone.


Become an expert in interior design and construction, prestigious and influential in the Vietnamese and international markets.

This is the logo of Dim Studio.