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Costra Panaderia in Mexico City, Mexico by Javier Puga Estudio

The front facade of the Costra Panaderia that highlighted the clay and earth designs.

Name of studio: Javier Puga Estudio
Architects in charge: Campo Estudio, Karen Abundez, Luis Lopez, Julia Villagomez, Javier Puga
Studio’s Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Studio’s Instagram: @javierpuga.estudio 
Studio’s E-mail:
Category of Project: Architecture and Interior Design
Construction year: 2021
Construction: 87.75 m2
Project location: Mexico City, Mexico
Photograph: Zaickz Moz
Photograph’s E-mail:
Link a video: YouTube 

About Studio
Javier Puga Estudio is a creative studio that designs without pretentious. With a philosophy of work that is transparent and observes the cognitive processes. It pursues to empower its clients and everyone involved as creatives.

The main focus of Javier Puga Estudio is the constant study and observation of the raw material of the artists: space, time and humanity. The purpose of Javier Puga Estudio is to make the best architecture of spaces as possible. It is a hand made architectural studio, which creates in a unique and tailor-made way.

Environmental awareness and the embrace of technology are involved in Javier Puga Estudio processes. Besides that, the understandings of the human scale with its context is the main axis of the studio. 

Costra is a space in Mexico City that pursues to connect with visitors through color, light and scents. The experience begins with the contrasts of color between the city and this place that seems to be born from the fire of an erupting volcano with warm lights that guide you on your way to the main destination of the place: bread and coffee.

The bread and coffee production process was our inspiration as a design element, taking into account its different stages: sowing, roasting and baking. Fire, metal and earth were the key elements in the final design result.

We reflect each of the design intentions through materials, elements and details in furniture and lighting. The quality process is reflected by the gradient of shades on the walls, giving a hint to the crust of the bread, which is generated during the baking process.

As a local bakery, one of the intentions that emerged in the design was to be able to generate an immersive space, through elements such as a back bar, gaining a circulation for the users that would make them enter the cafeteria/bakery and be able to create a new perspective that relates the interior with what happens on the street.

Within this intention, we wanted to create a cozy atmosphere through the use of lights in orange hues, so that at night a warm setting is generated, which reminds you of the oven fire.

We wanted to recall the industrial process by which bread and coffee are handled, using materials such as steel, evoking the handmade part of the process through the shades of clay and earth.

Bread is the protagonist of this space, and we wanted to create an exhibition wall of each of the representative products of COSTRA bakery, where the user could relish them as if they were pieces of art.

Additionally, we created an area of ultra-customization through mirrors, where the customer can take photos with the hashtag #MomentoCostra, while being part of the social media experience which is so characteristic of the place.

COSTRA is a design experience, and we wanted everyone to feel part of this place.