Casa Kalyvas by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Casa Kalyvas by Di Frenna Arquitectos

Architect: Di Frenna Arquitectos
Location: Colima, Colima, Mexico
Project Year: 2017
Photo: Oscar Hernández

Casa Kalyvas is a condominium with five facades embellished with varied elements including concrete, the stone of the region, wood of parota, and rings of steel beams. It is visualized by Di Frenna Architects, an architecture and design firm that focuses on creating functional and clean architecture with a touch of creative Mexican artisan workmanship.

The home perfectly blends into its surroundings with its balanced design that caters intimate moments while taking advantage of the great views outside. It is surrounded by more than 200 trees of Parota in the city of Colima including a micro-climate and a stream.

The sleek and clean architecture of the house showcasing straight lines and diverse volumes allows every room in the house to have great views of the surrounding. Raised floors and tiles create interesting appeal. The central patio, with its pool and living area, creates a focal point in the house. Sleeping quarters are distributed in the upper level. Each bedroom has its own terrace to maximize the surrounding leaving the ground floor as the social area.

Casa Kalyvas is indeed an exceptional art of work that awakens one’s love for nature. The exterior’s elements are on point creating striking details while being functional at the same time. Its unity with the surrounding deepens the coziness that it brings. The homey and tranquil vibes are carried into the interior making it a heavenly retreat.

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