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Can a Patio be a Brick and Wood Combination? Or Does that Look Bad?

A mixture of brick and wood makes a nice patio with all the character and texture. Here are some great ideas on how to perfectly blend these elements to create a well-designed patio.

Covered patio with brick flooring and wooden roof.

A brick and wood combination patio are one of the best ways to get the best of both worlds. You can lay them side by side, make brick columns and wood rails, have a wooden deck with a brick extension and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless and all depends on your creativity or that of your contractor.

Wooden Roof and Legs with Brick Pillar and Floor

Covered patio with wooden roof and brick flooring.

There are so many ways you can combine these two building materials, but let us begin with the image above. Notice how the flooring and lower section of the columns are made of brick? However, as you continue up, the column gets slender, it’s only wood, all the way to the wooden roof. 

It’s a patio-done gazebo style, with no flair yet still looking lovely and solid. This is a project you can do yourself or have a contractor do for you.  So next time you’d like something comfy and nice yet not too over the top, a wooden gazebo on an external paved patio structure with a pillar made of brick around the wood column would be an excellent option.

Wooden Roof with Brick Columns

Covered patio with wooden roof and brick pillars.

Here’s another look that’s easy for DIYers, but if you’re not so skilled at using your hands, that’s fine. A contractor can get this done in a short time for you. Notice how high the brick columns are(almost to the roof) and a short wooden column connects it to the roof. 

Unlike the concrete pavement in this photo, since we’re looking at brick and wood, you can simply use brick pavers for the flooring. Also, note the different tones of the brick, which includes colors that match the wood on both the patio and the house. 

Brick Patio with Wood Privacy Fence

Brick patio with wood privacy fence.

The privacy fence in this photograph adds so much flair to this backyard patio. While the brick layout is simple, the fence is what does it for me in this one. Additionally, it’s easy to build since the fence is already made and ready for installation.

The color is also a nice blend with the brick. Take note of the pebbles and how they fit in nicely with the brick and wood both in style and color. 

Right here we’re looking at three different materials combined without any taking away from the others and the colors are in the right portions. I may sound a little biased writing about this one, but it is a cute look for what is a typically simple backyard. 

What Size Patios Look Nice with Wood and Brick?

Based on the examples we showed earlier, you’ll realize that whether you have a large or small patio, you can combine both brick and wood and get a beautiful look. What you have to focus on are proportions and colors, which we’ll talk more about further in the article.  

What Happens if You Have a Deck and Patio?

Upper deck over a wooden patio.

A lot of people get annoyed with the grassy area below their upper-level deck. Requires a lot of maintenance. Building a patio beneath it is an easier way.

A wooden deck with stairs leading down to your patio is a great way to enhance your backyard. Combine the wooden features with a full brick patio and there you have it. Now you can cover the deck with waterproof material so it can serve as a roof for the patio below. 

If your backyard has enough space, you can extend the bricks out into the yard to make the downstairs patio much larger than the wooden deck upstairs. Another great appearance is having wood on both levels, then extending the patio with bricks.

Adding a paver patio to your outdoor living space is a low-cost method to make it more attractive and functional. Easy entry and exit from the house are made possible by this combination, which also features an eye-catching appearance. 

Additionally, a well-designed deck-patio combo increases the value of a home by a large amount. Is it possible to have it all?

How Do You Blend Brick and Wood Tones?

Covered patio well-lit by a fireplace and ambient lighting.

First, we have to decide on which of the materials we would like to be the dominant one. Therefore, if you’d prefer the wood to stand out, you’ll choose one with rich tones and vice versa for the bricks. 

Now the secondary material will have a color blend that includes the hue of the dominant material. 

Staining the Wood to Match the Brick Patio

Brick is a multi-hued material. Before you travel to the paint shop and pick out a stain on the fence and patio that complements your house’s brick, look more closely at the brick. There are a surprising number of color combinations to choose from. 

The brick itself may have hues of crimson, tangerine, brown, and blackness, as well as gray, brown, or beige grout. No matter how close or far you get to match your brick’s color, you’re sure to come up with a stunning complementary color scheme.

Seeking Complementary Matches for Your Patio

Flat lay of wood palette.

Get a precise image by either using a piece of wood that resembles your fence or purchasing new fencing fabric from the hardware store. 

Stain the wood with multiple colors from a small can. A variety of light and place settings can help you determine which stained wood hue is best for your project. Despite the additional cost, you can rest assured that you’ll get a perfect color match.