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Electrician wiring a ceiling

Examples of Actual Electrical Questions Asked and Answered

  1. If a staircase chandelier needs two dimmer switches (one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs) how is the wiring to be done?
  2. How to install a dimmer switch next to an existing outlet?
  3. In the process of installing a ceiling fan, I noticed that I have four wires that come out of the outlet in the ceiling. They are a black, white, red and a ground wire. The fan itself has three wires—ground, black and white. How do I wire the red one?
  4. How to adjust two adjacent dimmer switches installed too far apart and the wall plate will not fit?
  5. What could cause a 3 way switch to be sending 120 volts to the light switch but the light is not coming on?
  6. How should a circuit with power entering at one end through a 3 way switch, going to three duplex outlets and ending at a second 3 way switch be wired?
  7. What could cause a circuit with two 3 way switches to be dead?
  8. Could a defective 3 way switch with a built in dimmer cause a new LED bulb to intermittently turn on?
  9. Is there an adapter for an electric car charging system that will allow a Nema 5-20 to work on a Nema 6-20?
  10. What are the correct specs for a 240 to 14 volt 450ma 6.3va adapter/step down transformer?
  11. How to connect a trailer with an L14-30 Twist-Lok plug to the 220-volt trailer park power supply if all my equipment runs on 110 volts?
  12. Can another 20 amp circuit breaker be installed to add to more receptacles to a 50 amp sub panel?
  13. What should be kept in mind when replacing a 30 amp breaker with a 40 amps one?
  14. Could the wrong size wires cause the combination GFI/breaker on a dedicated 30 amps outdoor line to often trip with little or no load on it?
  15. What is the maximum wattage that can be put on a 30 amp circuit?
  16. How should a convection oven be connected if it has an 8-3 ground but the breaker box, where the previous oven was connected (with two 30 amp breakers), has 6-2 ground?
  17. What could be the reason that the power tripped and the breaker box was reset, there is no power to the kitchen island?
  18. What should be done if some of the switches and outlets in a bedroom are not working despite installing a new circuit breaker?
  19. What are the factors that affect the life of incandescent bulbs in a chandelier?
  20. What will be involved, in terms of equipment and cost, in converting a 9 bulb chandelier to solar power for outdoor use?
  21. How should the wire inside an arm of a chandelier be spliced?
  22. What could cause a dimmer switch to stop working after a chandelier bulb was changed?

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Step 4: The live electrician answers your question. You can go back and forth honing in your question until you get the answer you seek.

Get a second opinion: If you’re not confident about the answer you received, you can request a second opinion free of charge.

24/7: Another benefit of our “ask an electrician” feature is that it’s available 24/7. You don’t have to wait to get your questions answered.

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