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Electrician Services

  • Attic/Whole House Fan Install
  • Attic/Whole House Fan Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Repair
  • Electrical for Home Addition/Remodel
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
  • Electrical Wiring/Rewiring
  • Exhaust Fan Install
  • Hot Tubs/Jacuzii/Spa Install
  • Interior Lighting Installation
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Switches/Outlets/Fixtures Install
  • Switches/Outlets/Fixtures Repair
  • Troubleshooting

How it Works

Our “Find an electrician by zip code” service is super simple. First, it’s only for people in the USA. Second, if you live in the USA, all you have to do is fill in the form above or below. Once that is done, you will receive quotes for your proposed jobs from up to 4 qualified electricians in your area.

Please note that while the system has electricians in most areas of the USA, some areas are not covered. If this is the case for you, we apologize in advance.

NO OBLIGATION: Just by filling in the form you are under NO OBLIGATION to hire any of the electricians who give you a quote. It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to respond, inquire further or hire them.

Alternatively, if you have a simple question, try our “Ask an Electrician” service.


Residential Electricians

We have an impressive network of top electricians nationwide ready to give you quotes on the projects you submit.  Yes, many are residential electricians.


Commercial Electricians

Our network of electricians nationwide include commercial electricians with expertise working on commercial buildings such as office buildings, retail buildings and industrial buildings.

Benefits of Hiring an Electrician

There are advantages to doing your own electrical work. Depending on your skill level and knowledge, you may be able to handle some electrical issues on your own. However, even the best DIYers will find hiring an electrician to be the best option at times. Why should you hire an electrician? 

The top # benefits of hiring an electrician include:

  • Short and long term safety
  • Inspections and permits
  • Guarantees
  • Saving money
  • Quicker process

Short and Long Term Safety

The process of electrical work can be dangerous. Incorrectly done electrical work can be dangerous as well. A mistake in electrical work can put yourself, your family, and your home at risk.

Electrocution is one risk of doing your own electrical work. A small shock may seem like a nuisance, and a small price to pay for getting the job done. However, serious injuries and even death can occur from the 110 outlets found all over your home if they aren’t handled properly. If someone grabs you to try to help, they will get shocked as well. 

Long term, malfunctions, and electrical fires are the biggest safety concern.  Each year, there are over 50,000 residential electrical fires. These fires cost over $1 billion and cause approximately 500 deaths each year. The most common cause of residential electrical fires is improper maintenance. A professional electrician is able to perform a full inspection of your home and fix any safety issues before they result in disaster. 

Inspections and Permits

In most areas, you are required to have permits and pass an inspection when doing electrical work. You can do the work yourself, but it can make the process of getting the proper permits and passing inspections daunting. You may need to present detailed drawings and calculations to obtain a permit. When you hire an electrician, they handle the process of permits and inspections. Since they are professionals, the process is typically easier and less time consuming than it is for your average homeowner. 


Electricians aren’t required to provide warranties on their work, but most electricians will guarantee their work for a period ranging from six months to two years. If there are any problems with the work, the electrician will repair it. This gives you peace of mind.

Saving Money

It seems counter-intuitive. Electricians are expensive, but you may end up saving in the long run. If you factor in the time you’ll spend doing it yourself, including getting permits, and the materials needed, you may find that hiring an electrician actually saves you money. Doing it yourself can also result in costly mistakes that are avoided by hiring a professional. You’ll also avoid the risk and potential embarrassment of beginning the job yourself only to realize that you are in over your head. If you have to call in an electrician to finish your project, you aren’t likely to save money.

Quicker Process

When you need electrical work done, you often need it done as soon as possible. Projects that seem simple can turn out to be time-consuming. What was a weekend project can turn into a month-long project, causing you inconvenience in the meantime. Permits and inspections will likely take longer to complete on your own as well. 

When you hire an electrician, they will give you a timeframe for how long the job will take. In most cases, they will have the job completed sooner than you could. This is particularly important if you are living in your home and have to turn the electricity off to an area of your home or your entire home. It’s also crucial if there’s a safety concern. 

What to Expect When an Electrician Comes to Your House

Generally, you can expect an electrician to show up looking and acting in a professional manner. You can expect them to explain what they will be doing in a language you can understand.

Before they begin a job, you can expect them to inspect the existing electrical system,  and provide you with a quote and a timeframe. They will ask questions to help determine the problem and any potential hazards if it’s a service call. If they are there to add new wiring, they will ask questions about your goals and needs for the area. 

At the end of the job, you can expect them to provide any documentation you need, including manuals and electrical blueprints. If there are any next steps, they should explain them before they leave. 

What Type of Training do Electricians Recieve? 

In the U.S., there are three levels of electrician. Licensing requirements vary by state. However, electricians begin as an apprentice. They must have classroom instruction and work under the supervision of a primary electrician and usually the direct supervision of a journeyman electrician. Apprenticeship lasts from 2-6 years. 500-1000 hours of classroom training and 8,000 to 10,000 hours of on the job training are required. Once training is complete, the apprentice must take a licensing exam to become a journeyman electrician.

Journeyman electricians may work without supervision, but they are still under the guidance of a primary electrician. They must work as a journeyman for at least two years or 4,000 hours before they are eligible to become a primary electrician. Some states require passing an examination to become a primary electrician. 

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