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Are Leather Couches Comfortable? Seriously?

Luxurious living room with leather couches.

I am sure I am one of a million to say this, but, yes, leather couches are comfortable. Seriously! I am not an owner of a leather couch right now, but sure. That’s the truth. However, I have sat on a leather sofa in the past and even took a nap on one.

These are really some of the softest seats you can sit on, and I think it is because of the durability of the material.

Leather, after all, is tough but can be soft like velvet and will not give in like a cloth fabric. You get the full benefit of comfort and strength for the long term, too, which makes leather couches a greater investment. Here are more reasons why leather couches are the most comfortable couches on the planet.

Cloud Like Comfort

According to Crate and Barrel, when you sit on their Lounge II, you are riding a carnivorous cloud. This cloud is stuffed with cotton-like material but also covered in a thick hide. The Lavista collection also comes in some stylish leather colors.

You can choose from Chestnut, Putty, Slate, Crimson, and Smoke, which is a coffee-colored leather.

I prefer the Putty, which is cream-toned, and finds the Crimson in red to be too much for my personal taste. But there are so many people who love to have red leather sofas, maybe not in the shape of lips, but in animal hide for a luxurious look.

2 Piece Double Chaise Sectional Sofa.

Source: Crate & Barrel

“Tanned and dyed with state-of-the-art methods, the leather has a buttery hand and depth of color to give it a sumptuous look, while a family-friendly topcoat protects against everyday stains and spills,” according to the C&B website. Crate and Barrel’s sofa of leather shows you just how optional this style of sofa can be.

The more features that you can choose for yourself also allow for greater personalization. In other words, you get to choose your own couch and it will be exactly how comfortable you want it to be. Some people prefer the cloud-like comfort of a Lounge II, while others prefer a leather couch to have some tufting and support, as with a Chesterfield couch.

Buttery Material

The biggest reason that leather couches are still made today, even in a world of 1 percent veganism, is that the material feels super buttery when finished. Sitting on a leather sofa will send you into Lala land quite nicely. The material has a soft buttery texture that is begging you to rub or pet it. Again, this was a former animal, so that makes sense.

The leather is all skin, though. You won’t find any coarse animal hairs on this leather. When you buy a leather couch, the hide is professionally tanned to ensure the finest feeling buttery qualities for the customer.

This process is extensive and also labor heavy, which is one of the reasons why leather couches cost so much. The other reason is that they are so comfortable and remain in fashion after a century of use. 

Hancock Tufted Top Grain Italian Leather Chesterfield Sofa.

Source: Overstock

Notice how this top grain, Italian leather sofa is full of the best material. This includes aniline-dyed leather upholstery on top of the foam and a steel spring suspension. Bottom line, when you bring these materials together in the shape of a sofa, you get some serious comfort in your seat.

While a Chesterfield couch is not always the go-to for a comfortable, cozy place to recline, when this seating is made using leather, it makes a world of difference. The leather adds to the support and structure of the couch but also gives you something to grip and hold with your body. Naturally, a hide-made material is going to support your own hide-like self as a human.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule!

Never Buy Leather in Florida

Or if you live in any coastal state or climate, a leather couch is the wrong move. You will not be able to be comfortable with this type of hide-based material because of the fabric itself. Leather absorbs the elements including heat and humidity. Spend too much time outdoors and come around to sit on a leather couch in Florida, and find out fast about the results.

First of all, the slick leather that is shiny will be too hot for you to handle with your hiney. The leather that is suede is also going to be too hot because it absorbs the heat. Either way, when you sit on a hot leather couch and you are also hot, you cannot get comfortable. 

Natuzzi editions 4 piece reclining sectional sofa in a room.

Source: Florida Leather Gallery

You need to have a cool leather couch if you live in certain conditions like Florida. This is why I suggest shopping locally, at a place like Florida Leather Gallery, which specializes in leather for the climate. Here you are getting a leather couch that is made for Floridians in Florida.

They are seasoning their leathers the right way for that atmosphere. This makes a world of difference when it comes to the overall comfort of the couch.

Ways to Make Leather Couches More Comfortable 

Leather couch with a pink blanket and a pillow.

Ultimately, though, even in a cold climate, a leather couch is going to feel cozier with a comfortable layer. Toss a fur or blanket over the back of your leather couch to allow the individual user to determine their perfect comfort level. This will keep everyone happy and in the end, that’s what matters most.

The couch of leather you invest in today will only go so far and you’ll be looking for a new leather loveseat or chaise before you know it. The shopping addiction is real, especially during a pandemic where everyone is stuck indoors!