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We’re currently accepting article submissions as well as recurring content submissions. We accept articles, photo galleries, portfolios, how-to articles, tutorials, and videos pertaining to:

  • residential interior design (any and all rooms)
  • home architecture
  • landscaping, swimming pools, decks/patios, gardening, outdoor structures (anything related to homes’ outdoor areas
  • DIY projects

The more images you can provide, the better.  Please ensure you have the necessary copyright license to publish the images.

About our site

We get over 700,000 monthly page views, have 287,000 Facebook fans, 34,000+ Pinterest followers and 32,000 email subscribers.  Your article will enjoy excellent exposure.

How long should articles be?

We don’t prescribe a minimum length with respect to word count.  Instead, we want extremely high quality articles that people will enjoy and find helpful.  We require unique content.  That said, we typically approve content with at least 1,500 words if it’s text-based.

How many images should be in a gallery/project?

Again, we don’t have anything set in stone, but 10 is good for a portfolio (the more the merrier).

Please note we reserve the right to reject submissions.

Quality is Paramount

Sadly, we reject far more articles than we end up publishing.  If you submit an article to us, please ensure it’s excellent, unique and that you have the license to publish all images provided to us.

If it’s primarily text-based such, 1,500 words is probably the minimum we’d consider because that’s how much it takes to write anything worth publishing (based on our experience).

Your article must thoroughly cover the topic.  If there are aspects missing from the coverage, we may reject the article.  Avoid the obvious tips and ideas; instead provide research-based information that comprehensively covers the topic.

Tips for fast approval:

1. The more specific your article, the better chance that we’ll accept your article

We strongly suggest that the article(s) you submit be very specific topic-wise.  For example, don’t submit a “Kitchen Design Tips” article.  That’s far too broad. Instead, submit an article all about kitchen farm sinks.  The more specific and detailed, the better.

2. Headings and bullet lists

Please use proper heading tags such as h2, h3, etc.

Whenever it makes sense, please use bullet lists.

3. References and outbound links

Reference everything with outbound links (dofollow).  Also, whenever it’s helpful for readers, include links to external resources (outbound).  We’re all about providing as much beneficial resources for our readers as possible.

4. Format (IMPORTANT)

Please provide the article completely formatted with links, images, headings and styling in a Word.doc.  You can submit it here.

5. Non-promotional

Your article must be informational; not promotional.  We’re fine with one or two dofollow links to your site in the content, but the article itself must be informational.


We’re all about giving credit where credit is due.  After all, you’re not writing for us for charity.  However, any dofollow links provided will only be permitted in the body of the article in a contextual manner that makes sense by linking to a very relevant piece of content that enhances the article for our readers.  Byline links will be nofollow.  If the content is promotional in any way, all links will be nofollow.

How to get your article published on HomeStratosphere.com

We require that you submit your entire article up-front.  We’ll either approve it or reject it.  Be sure that in the text document that you provide an email contact.

Click here to submit your article (Word Doc).

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