25 Signs You’re a Neat Freak

If you think you might be a neat freak, read this article to find out all the tell tale signs. Your friends think you are weird because you like to clean but you are not alone. Here is all the proof you need to show you are a neat freak.

A woman wiping a wooden surface with small decorative plants.

Have you ever been told that you are too neat? Have you ever been accused of trying to clean your friend’s house? You might just be a neat freak. That does not have to be a bad thing as long as you understand that not everyone is as neat as you. I say embrace your neatness and be the rockstar that you are. Just know that you may rub others the wrong way.

Neat freaks have to be in control all the time. They only trust themselves to create order in their own world. While they are detail-oriented, neat freaks often have anxiety and their desire for neatness may become an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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1. You make your bed every day

A freshly made bed that has a wooden headboard.

Not only that, but you cannot leave your house if your bed is not made. You may even sleep on top of your made bed so that you can just straighten it up in the morning and have it look nice.

2. You would never let anyone other than you clean your house

A woman wearing a patterned apron and a pair of yellow rubber gloves.

You know that no one is going to clean it how you want it clean, which of course, is the right way to clean the house. You certainly would not just sit by and watch someone else do the cleaning.

3. You have little tricks for cleaning every spot in your house and at your desk

A close-up of a work desk with a laptop that has a sticky note attached to a corner.

You also know which ones are a waste of time because you have tried them all. You can be found using a dryer sheet to clean and polish your shower doors. You also know to use sticky notes to get the crumbs that fall between the keys of your keyboard. However, you are not likely to need that tip because you would not eat at your computer.

4. You consider banning guests from coming into your home when the weather is bad

A close-up look at the dirty footprints made by a dirty shoe on a carpet.

No matter if it is raining or snowing, you do not want to let them in your home because they may track in mud and dirt and general nastiness from outside.

5. You have every new gadget and appliance and there is always a new one that you want to try

A woman carrying a bucket of various cleaning materials.

There never seems to be a shortage of new and useful items for your home. You are addicted to all things cleaning, including appliances and products.

6. There is no such thing as spring cleaning

An artistic poster of various cleaning materials around a Spring Cleaning word art.

Many people take advantage of Spring because it is when the weather gets warmer and you can open the windows and do a deep cleaning of your house. For you, you constantly do that deep cleaning at all times throughout the year so there is no set time for your deep cleaning.

7. You never consider leaving anything until the next morning

A kitchen sink filled with dishware being washed.

The thought of leaving dishes soaking in the sink overnight fills you with such anxiety that you could not sleep anyway. In your mind, it only takes a few minutes to wash them so you should just wash them now. You know that people leave them in the sink but you do not think you want to be friends with them.

8. Cleaning is therapeutic for you

A smiling woman wiping the waist-high cabinets using a rag.

While others dread cleaning, for you it is a way of really working through all of your frustrations. You look forward to cleaning. You use it like many others use the exercise. It helps you work through questions and problems and come up with solutions. It also helps you control your mind when you feel that it is racing. It always makes you feel better and refreshed after you have cleaned.

9. You love watching commercials or videos of new cleaning supplies or techniques

A woman watching something on her tablet.

Do you freeze in front of the television when the commercials come on just so you can see what new items are on the market? Many people use commercials to go to the kitchen for a snack or to take a bathroom break. Not you, to you commercials, are the best way to gain information. Do you also watch videos or scroll YouTube to find new items or techniques that you can use to clean your house? While many of your friends are posting cute animal pictures, you are sharing the latest cleaning item.

10. You have a superiorly organized wardrobe

A sock drawer filled with neat and organized colorful socks.

Does extra time off from work mean you can spend time organizing your clothes? While you do this on a regular basis, after a few weeks, you begin to notice some havoc happening in your drawers. Havoc for you is most likely very different than what others think is havoc. All of your drawers must be perfectly organized with everything folded and sorted. Your underwear and socks must always be organized. You cannot handle when any of your drawers appear messy. All of the hangers in your closet must be neat and organized. They also must be facing the same direction and neatly placed. You probably have all of your clothes color-coordinated.

11. You know a ton of uses for a Q-tip and not one of them has anything to do with cleaning your ears

A close-up of a filthy keayboard being cleaned with a Q-tip.

You never clean your ears with a Q-tip because you know you are not supposed to. You do, however, clean the corners of picture frames, the small spots on your computer keyboard, yucky grout, and the dust in your vents with Q-tips.

12. There is no such thing as too clean, right?

A couple of factory workers wearing protective gear while cleaning the tiled flooring.

You even clean the tools you use to clean. You sanitize your cleaning supplies before you use them. You cannot even imagine cleaning any part of your house if you are not using clean tools and equipment.

13. Not only do you know that white vinegar is excellent at getting out the toughest stains, but you always keep a bottle on hand

A glass bottle filled with vinegar.

You have a spray bottle full of white vinegar at the ready in every room. You just never know when there is going to be an unexpected stain and you always want to be ready for whatever spills. This is especially true when you let people in your home.

14. You are the go-to person for your friends when they have a cleaning problem

A couple of women talking through tin can telephones.

They have you saved as a favorite so they can get to you quickly when they need some cleaning help. They know you have all the information to solve any cleaning mishap they have. Not only will you tell them how to fix it, most likely you are already in the car on your way to clean it for them.

15. When someone, like your spouse or your roommate, helps you by cleaning, you smile and say thank you, then you go behind them and clean it the right way

A husband helping his wife with the dishes.

It does not matter how good of a job they did on the cleaning, it was not good enough. You cannot even try to pretend that it is clean enough. You just cannot help yourself but fix it after that person.

16. We all dread folding sheets because of the challenging fitted sheet

A bed cover with garter properly folded.

However, folding that difficult sheet with some type of elastic all around it does not scare you. Not only are you a primary of the fitted sheet but you show others how to fold them. You have spent hours practicing the right way to fold fitted sheets. You look at folding a fitted sheet as a challenge that you are always ready to take on.

17. You have the hardest time going to a store that sells clothes because you end up spending more time refolding the clothes

A pile of properly folded clothes.

You find it almost impossible to walk past a stack of messy clothes in a store and not fix them. You find it absolutely infuriating when you see other customers pick up clothes from a pile and just throw it back down on top of all the other clothes. They do not even try to fold them. You know if they do try to fold the clothes again, it will be a disaster anyway. You want to just take it out of their hands and fold it for them.

18. You are super organized

A mobile phone, planner and a variety of colorful sticky notes on a dark surface.

Of course, you have a daily planner and in it you write everything that you are going to do today, next week, and next month. Not only is everything written down, but it categorized and organized. You have tabs and sticky notes organized by color and by date so you always know what is coming next. You live and die by this planner. It feels like the end of the world when something happens to change the plans that you have written down your planner.

19. You have a really hard time living with other people

A woman enjoying herself in her living room.

Not only do they not understand your organization in every room in the house, but they also do not care about it. If they do not care about it, then they will not follow it. If they cannot follow it and keep up your organization, then you just cannot live with them. It is just better for you not to live with anyone because it is less stressful for you and everyone else.

20. You have a difficult time eating out with people because you cannot stand to watch other people eat

A young girl with spaghetti in her mouth.

You find the eating habits of other people pretty gross. You can usually control your friend group and you know how they eat, but when you go out in public, you just have no idea what is going to happen. You have the hardest time with children. You cannot help it, you just find it gross. They do not close their mouths and they have no idea what a napkin is. It is enough to put you over the edge.

21. You set electronic reminders for yourself

An electronic gadget being used while in a cafe.

You do not have to set reminders to clean because that would just be silly. Cleaning for you is a way of life, so you do not need to be reminded. However, you plan what you are going to play and when. Then you set reminders for yourself so that you know what you need to clean and when. This helps you stay organized as well as stay on top of exactly what you want to do.

22. You find yourself starting to clean one thing, like the dishes in the kitchen but your eye catches a speck of dirt in the corner

A smiling woman wiping the light-toned flooring of the living room.

You just cannot help yourself. You go clean the speck of dirt but while you are doing that, you see the floor is dirty, so you start cleaning the rest of the floor. Before you know, it is two hours later and you have cleaned the floor and the walls, but the dishes are still in the sink.

23. You love labels

Decorative and artistic labels on a green background.

That is really an understatement. You have labels on everything, from items in drawers to books. It looks nice and keeps you organized. It also helps others when they are in your house. When something is labeled, they know exactly where it goes and where to put something back. You cannot imagine life without labels.

24. You dislike paper

A bunch of crumpled paper on a black surface.

You know that all paper means is a mess somewhere. When you use paper, that means there is a chance that it is going to be left all over the house and just make a mess. You may even claim that you are environmentally friendly as an excuse for why you do not use paper. The real reason is that you do not want it all over your house.

25. You throw away one item every time you get a new item

A cardboard box filled with donations.

Let’s be real, you love throwing away items. You know that when you buy more things, it opens you up to clutter. However, if you throw away, or donate, something every time you buy something new then it prevents clutter. If you have nothing to throw away then you probably did not need to buy that new item. It is a way to control the clutter in your house and your spending all at the same time.

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