20 Yellow Dining Room Ideas for 2019

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A yellow dining room makes a statement. It symbolizes energy and sunshine. It’s an uplifting shade that has a friendly, welcoming feel. It can work across a myriad of styles depending on its saturation. Rich hues will feel right at home with Mediterranean, Southwestern, and tropical spaces. The bright color fits in well with the setting they create.

Paler shades have a place with other styles too. A room in lemon chiffon is an excellent starting point for cottage or coastal decors. It works with both small and large rooms. This characteristic makes it a bit of a chameleon in the interior design field. It has an incredible potential for versatility that’s worth exploring.

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Bringing Yellow Into Your Dining Room

Yellow can serve a broad range of roles. It’s unappreciated for what it can do, finding a home in less than 2 percent of dining rooms. It can act as a subtle backdrop for contrasting colors like violet. It’ll gladly play the role of supporting actress to bolder shades like eggplant. But that’s just one of its many uses.

Accent Pieces

Bright yellow accent pieces add an instant pop of energy to a room. You can use it as an occasional chair in case extra guests drop in for dinner. It’ll make a great conversation piece as a leaning ladder shelf. The key to making the most out of yellow dining room design ideas is to use only a few pieces with this eye-catching color.

Brighten a Room with a Northern Exposure

There’s not much you can do if you have a dining room with a northern exposure. It’ll mean drastic action to make sure it doesn’t feel cold and unwelcoming. That’s where yellow can help lighten the mood. It’s a warm color without many exceptions. But it also conjures images of the sun which takes it to another level.

You’ll feel its warmth even in the dead of winter. Carry the theme with other design elements such as hardwood floors. It’ll add a connection with nature that is always compelling no matter what the style. Don’t underestimate the power of yellow. Even smaller pieces like a vase or decorative plate can make a huge statement. But it’s best used in moderation in this use.

You can let yellow envelope a Mediterranean-style room. In other decors, it’s best used in smaller doses for the greatest effect.

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