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Welcome to Our GIVEAWAYS (Small Appliances)

Thanks for visiting our popular small kitchen appliance Giveaways page where we give away a variety of excellent, top of the line small kitchen appliances. We thought it would be fun to show our appreciation for our visitors by offering some fun and hopefully valuable giveaways. Below are Home Stratosphere’s current giveaways.

You can enter ALL of our giveaways. You can enter each giveaway once per day until the random drawing. Good luck!

Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven Giveaway!

Cuisinart has been a leader in the toaster oven market for quite some time. So it is no wonder they have been one of the top brands with options like the TOB-1010. It is affordably priced and offers you 1800 watts of power to perform well, no matter if you are baking a meal or just heating it up.

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Vitamix Blender Giveaway!

It’s your lucky day… your chance to win a Vitamix blender. Vitamix is one of the best blender brands on the market. They are truly exceptional (we have one). Enter here.

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Instant Pot Giveaway!

Here’s a chance to enter to win an Instant Pot. Instant Pot is one of the most popular, best-selling small kitchen appliances ever. This is a 11-in-1 appliance that is truly game-changing in the world of small appliances.

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How do our small kitchen appliance Giveaways work?

It’s simple. You participate in our sweepstake-style giveaway by submitting your email in the giveaways you wish to enter. Each giveaway has its own end-date at which time our giveaway software will randomly select a winner from the entrants.

We will then email you notifying you of your win and request your shipping address and phone number (delivery requires a phone number in the event of a delivery issue). We then ship the specified product (your prize or prizes) to you free of charge. Yes, we pay the shipping costs as well.

What countries are eligible?

At this time only people living in the US or Canada are eligible for entry due to shipping difficulties and limited product availability for other countries.

How much does it cost to enter our giveaways?

Our giveaways only require that you submit your email address to enter. No payment or any other obligation is required.

Do I need to do anything to win such as submit an essay like other contest opportunities?

No, this is not a contest. It’s a giveaway. All you need to do is enter your email address where indicated on each individual giveaway page.

Why do we offer giveaways?

We run these giveaways for a number of reasons. First, we appreciate our readership and this is a fun way to reward our readers. Second, giveaways provide us additional exposure on the Web which is good for our website and publishing business. Lastly, we’re able to do this in part by working with various brands that provide us the products. It’s really a win/win/win for everyone and a fun event to offer on the website.

Is there a major grand prize?

Yes and no. Our prizes are the individual products listed above. Check back regularly as we may add more. However, we don’t offer a mega prize or anything other than what’s listed above.

What are the official rules?

On each individual product giveaway page is a link to all the official rules for each prize. Note that the dates for each are different.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning are pretty good. We get a good number of eligible entrants but it’s not hundreds of thousands or millions at this time. Our giveaways will probably grow in popularity over time but for now the odds are pretty good.

How are the winners chosen?

We use third-party giveaway software to manage the entire process including storing email for entries and then choosing a winner when the giveaway ends. The software randomly selects a winner. We are not involved other than clicking the “select a winner” button when that time comes.

Do you publicize or reveal the name and/or contact information of the winners?

No, we chose not to do so in favor of privacy protection.

Can people enter more than once?

Yes, multiple entries are permitted, but it’s limited to one per day. You can come back to the various individual giveaway product pages and enter each day to increase your odds of winning.

Previous Winners

We launched our giveaways in 2021 and so far have had several giveaways complete and have shipped out the products to the winners. We choose not to publicize the names or contact info of the winners to protect their privacy but below are redacted screenshots of selected winners (chosen randomly by our third-party sweepstakes software):