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11 Different Types of Waste Baskets for Inside the Home

Metal wastebasket filled with and surrounded by crumpled white papers on wooden flooring.

The wastebasket used for inside the home didn’t exist until the 20th century. Archaeologists revealed that the garbage of the ancient was mostly ashes from fire, wood, bones, and vegetable waste. They fed edible trash to the animals, decomposed the rest, and reused and recycled their materials, such as tools and pottery.

Other early civilizations such as from the Mediterranean island of Crete dug large pits that served as dump sites. Other people, however, resorted to the easiest though most unsanitary route which was to throw garbage out of their doors and windows.

In the Middle Ages, throwing trash into the streets became a common practice in Europe which, unfortunately, accelerated the spread of diseases such as the infamous Black Plague. Several efforts were made to control such unsanitary practices but the Age of Sanitation in Europe only truly kicked in during the 1840s. For America, it happened somewhat later.

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1. Plastic Waste Baskets

Plastic Waste Basket

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Plastic wastebaskets are usually going to be the least expensive type on the market. When people are looking to buy wastebaskets for their home, they often turn to plastic ones due to their low cost. You’ll be able to get a fairly large wastebasket at a low price if you look at the plastic options. As you might expect, there are many variations among the plastic wastebaskets, too.

Some of the plastic waste baskets will be small, and others will be very large. Certain plastic wastebaskets will have unique features, and others will be a more no-frills experience. As long as you know what you are looking for, you should be able to find an inexpensive waste basket solution that is made out of plastic. There are even some advantages to buying plastic wastebaskets that you should consider.

Everyone knows that wastebaskets tend to get dirty. After all, you’re putting stinky garbage inside of them every day. They are bound to start to smell and get nasty after being used for a long period of time. The convenient thing about plastic waste baskets is that they are really simple to clean.

You’ll be able to rinse out a plastic wastebasket with water. Using a little bit of soap should allow you to clean everything right up. The plastic wastebasket being used as an example is going to clean up really nicely. You won’t have any problems keeping it tidy, and this makes it easier to eliminate the smell from old garbage.

2. Metal Waste Baskets

Metal Waste Basket

Metal wastebaskets are a little bit pricier than the plastic wastebaskets mentioned above. They aren’t exorbitantly priced, though. You’ll be able to find a wastebasket that is made out of either aluminum or stainless steel at a reasonable price. These types of wastebaskets will work well and are rugged enough to last you for a really long time.

You will be able to find really nice metal waste baskets if you look around. There are a ton of different styles to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that will fit in at your home. If you want something that looks more traditional, then it shouldn’t be difficult to find it. You’ll also be able to find modern metal waste baskets that look very high-tech, so there is enough variance to keep everyone happy.

The wastebasket being shown here is a very simple stainless steel one. This is going to be one of the least expensive types of wastebaskets that you can buy for your home. It is only 12-inches tall, so it may not be good for using it in your kitchen. This wastebasket is going to be more useful in the bathroom or maybe in your bedroom.

There are waste baskets similar to this one that is taller and wider, though. If you want a large wastebasket that is simplistic and rugged, then you will be able to find it. There is no need to pay a high price for a wastebasket unless you are looking for some special features. This simple design is going to be effective at taking care of your waste, so make use of it if it appeals to you.

3. Wicker Waste Baskets

Wicker Waste Basket

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Wicker wastebaskets are also quite common due to the popularity of wicker. Many people find wicker furniture and other wicker items to be very desirable. It has a unique look that really does draw the attention of the eye. If you want to decorate portions of your home with other wicker items, then it makes sense to buy a wicker wastebasket, too.

You may be worried about whether wicker wastebaskets will work well enough for your needs. These types of wastebaskets should work just fine, and you’ll be able to fit plenty of waste inside of one so long as you buy the right size. Wicker is a lot more durable than many people give it credit for. You won’t need to worry about your wicker wastebasket breaking down on you after a short amount of time, as it can stand up to regular use swimmingly.

Cleaning a wicker wastebasket may not be as easy as cleaning metal or plastic, though. You can certainly clean it up, but it won’t clean as smoothly as the metal or plastic options. For this reason, it is smart to go ahead and line the wicker wastebasket with garbage bags right away. You don’t want too much garbage messing up the wicker, so keeping things lined properly will allow the wicker wastebasket to stay pleasant.

4. Small Waste Baskets

Small wastebasket for crumpled white papers beside an open book.

Small wastebaskets are something that you will want to own for certain rooms in your house. Sometimes it isn’t going to be practical to place one of the larger types of wastebaskets in a room. Rooms such as your bathroom may not have the right floor space to fit a very tall and wide wastebasket. Thankfully, there are many smaller waste baskets on the market that you can purchase.

Little wastebaskets are going to be easy enough to find at most department stores. Many of them will be just big enough to put a small trash bag inside. You’ll be able to throw away tissues or other small items without having any problems. People place these in areas where they will be convenient, and they generally don’t cost too much money.

You will be able to have a little wastebasket in your home office and one in your bedroom. This just makes life a bit more convenient. Many of these small wastebaskets are going to be made out of plastic but you can also find metal or wicker versions. It won’t be hard at all to purchase whatever style appeals to you the most.

5. Step Waste Baskets

Opening the step wastebasket by stepping on the lever.

Step wastebaskets are superb for people who can’t stand touching a wastebasket with their hands. There is no reason to open a trash lid with your hands when you can step on a lever to raise it up. Step wastebaskets have been popular in people’s homes for many years. These types of wastebaskets have been used in homes and commercial buildings for a very long time, so this is a proven commodity in the wastebasket world.

People find that using step waste baskets allows them to be more sanitary. You won’t necessarily feel the need to wash your hands every single time you need to throw out a piece of paper or some other trivial thing. These wastebaskets aren’t necessarily going to cost much more than standard wastebaskets, either. It really is worth it to go ahead and get one of these if you want to be able to open a trash lid as simply as possible.

Many of the traditional step wastebaskets are made out of metal. There are also plastic versions of these wastebaskets available if that is something that you prefer. You’ll be able to find them at most major department stores, so it won’t be tough to locate the perfect fit for your home. Making throwing things away a bit simpler by purchasing a step waste basket today.

6. Self-Opening Waste Baskets

Self-Opening Waste Basket

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Self-opening wastebaskets are kind of like the next step up from the step waste baskets mentioned above. You know that many people don’t like having to touch a wastebasket lid in order to open it. It is possible to buy a wastebasket that will simply open itself up when you go near it. Many of these types of wastebaskets feature motion-sensitive technology.

Opening up the wastebasket can be as simple as waving your hand above the lid. This will send a signal to the wastebasket that it needs to open up for you. It’s actually even more convenient than the step wastebaskets, in certain ways. These types of wastebaskets will usually cost a bit more money, so you may or may not want to go this route.

The product being shown here is actually very nice. It is capable of opening and closing its lid very quietly. This is good for when you are throwing something away during the night and want to keep from disturbing anyone who is sleeping. The motion-sensitive technology that is present in this wastebasket is very effective, so you’ll be able to rely on it to work every single time. You can avoid the need to touch the wastebasket in any way, limiting your exposure to germs.

This wastebasket also has a removable ring liner that holds your trash bags. Being able to take the liner out is convenient for when you need to clean things up. You’ll be able to wash the liner off if you need to without having to pick the entire wastebasket up. This should work out well, and you’ll be happy with your purchase.

7. Swivel Lid Waste Baskets

Swivel Lid Waste Basket

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Swivel lid wastebaskets are pretty popular among certain people, too. You have probably seen these types of wastebaskets out at restaurants or maybe even stores. They allow you to open the wastebasket with a swivel lid, which is easier than using some other types of lids. A very small amount of pressure will push the lid upwards, allowing you to place your trash in the basket.

This is a good solution for people who don’t want to make use of some of the fancier options. These types of wastebaskets look really nice and function well. You’ll still be able to buy one without having to spend a ton of money. There are both large swivel lid wastebaskets and small ones.

The small ones are more popular for home use due to being great for throwing away paper. If you need a little waste basket for your home office, then this swivel lid model is going to work out great. You’ll be able to throw things away very easily, and the wastebasket will look really nice. It has a classy look to it, so it can definitely fit in when placed in an office setting.

This model is a very elegant wastebasket that you will really appreciate. It isn’t too big, but it is perfect for your office or your bathroom. It has been constructed out of stainless steel and will stand up to many years of regular use. It is also very lightweight and easy to move from place to place when necessary.

8. Half-Round Waste Baskets

Half Round Waste Basket

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Half-round wastebaskets are actually really good for when you need to fit something in a small space. Not every room is going to have the right space to be able to fit a full-sized wastebasket. One of the normal round or square waste baskets might not fit up against the wall properly and could wind up getting in your way. If you purchase a half-round wastebasket, you’ll be able to fit everything where it needs to go without having any problems.

These wastebaskets are still capable of holding a fair amount of trash inside of them, too. The unit that is being shown here is capable of holding 12-gallons of garbage, so you know that it is going to suit your needs just fine. The general shape of this wastebasket is just going to be more convenient for some spaces. If you can’t use a wastebasket that sticks out too far, then you will want to consider getting one of these.

This one is great and should work great in your home or even in an office setting. The price is a bit on the high side for a wastebasket, but this is a really nice one. If you are in need of a very good wastebasket that will fit into a cramped space while still being large enough for your needs, then you’ll be happy with this. Otherwise, you may be interested in seeking out a less expensive solution.

9. Side-Opening Waste Baskets

Side-Opening Waste Basket

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Side-opening wastebaskets are actually becoming quite popular, too. There are people who prefer the side-opening models to the ones that only allow you to throw trash in from the top. If you want to be able to throw trash away without having to open a lid, then buying one of these models will work out well. It’s easy to use a type of wastebasket that will appeal to a large number of people.

The side-opening wastebasket that is being used as an example here is actually an industrial model. It will work well in commercial spaces, but it can also be used inside of the home. Depending on how large of a trash bin that you need, you’ll either find this one to be a bit big or just right. If you have a larger family, then buying something like this is actually a good idea.

Of course, this particular wastebasket is not going to be the most cost-effect thing to purchase for your home. This example is fairly pricey but there are many side-opening wastebaskets that are more reasonably priced on the market. You should be able to find a good wastebasket that will fit within your budget constraints. Just take a little bit of time to look, and you will find what you need.

10. Recycling Bins

Placing the empty plastic bottle on the recycling bin in the kitchen.

It is also important to try to use recycling bins whenever you can. Depending on where you live, recycling may even be mandatory. Regardless, people are trying to get better about recycling as much of their waste as possible. In order to mitigate the negative effects that climate change is having on the world, people are trying to do their part. One of the first steps to being environmentally-friendly is to make sure that your recycling is on point.

You should really have a separate wastebasket that is used for recycling purposes. It can actually be beneficial to have several recycling bins that are different colors. Not all recyclable material will go to the same place, and they need to be separated properly ahead of time. A good example would be using a blue recycling bin for paper products and a green one for metal products.

Your particular area may already have a color coding system that is in place. In this case, you should check what the colors means ahead of time so that you can do things accordingly. This shouldn’t be overly difficult to get used to and you will feel good about doing your part. If you live in an area without mandatory recycling, you can still take the initiative and recycle as much waste as you possibly can through private means.

The recycling bins being shown here are a fantastic solution for you to consider. There are three bins that are each labeled and colored differently. One bin is for plastic recycling, another for paper, and the third is for metal cans. If you buy this set of recycling bins, then you will be well-equipped to recycle everything responsibly. This should be one of the easiest ways to stay on track, so it is a highly recommended purchase.

11. Dual Compartment Waste Basket

Dual compartment waste basket beside empty bottles, a plastic bottle, and cans.

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You can also choose to purchase a dual compartment wastebasket. This will allow you to sort your trash, while still only having one trash can. Many people like to be able to recycle, but don’t necessarily have the room for several different bins in their home. If this describes your situation to a tee, then you are going to want to look into purchasing a dual compartment wastebasket.

There are two sections of the wastebasket where you can throw things away. You will be able to line each of the compartments separately so that you can keep things organized. Organizing your waste is going to be a lot easier when you have something like this to rely on. You won’t have to take up a ton of floor space, and you will be able to do your best to recycle things.

Of course, this solution may not work out easily for everyone. As you may know, recycling generally needs to be separated into different types. You have paper recycling, plastic recycling, and metal recycling. You might still have to do a little bit of work if you plan on recycling everything. Some people only recycle plastic, though, so this may work out fine for you.

The example being shown here even has foot pedals and completely independent lids. This is kind of like two wastebaskets jammed together, except it is a little more convenient than that. If you need more of a solution than this, then it is possible to simply buy two of these and then label everything appropriately. Whatever it is that you decide to do, you’ll definitely find this wastebasket to be useful.

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