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Trends in Smart Home Technology for 2023

Published on January 16, 2023

Man on a sofa using smart home appliances controlled by his phone.

Smart home technology is designed to make everyday life easier. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the convenience of these products, since many of them are “plug and play.”

But what are some trends in home smart technology for 2023? Some of these might be a revamping of smart technology used in the past, while others are completely new innovations.

Let’s dig into some of the latest offerings that will make your house run more smoothly and efficiently, all with the touch of a button.

Devices to Promote Wellness

Sunset projector lamp on the table.

Self-care is important no matter what year we’re in, and wellness smart home technology is definitely trending. Simple things like focusing on your circadian rhythm can help promote more restful sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep provides a wide range of benefits including a better mood, better focus, and better overall health and well-being. Nurture your need for sleep with a smart lamp that slowly increases the amount of light to mimic the sunrise.

These handy devices are not only beneficial to your health, but they’re quite modern and sleek to look at, too. Other wellness smart home devices include digital air purifiers that help filter out harmful airborne particles and exercise equipment that connects to your smartphone to track your progress.

Some smart exercise equipment also connects to your fitness watch so you can check your stats anytime and anywhere. While these items aren’t necessarily connected to the home itself, they’re all something you can enjoy using at home to experience a healthier and more well-rounded lifestyle.

Energy Saving Devices

Hand adjusting air conditioner knob.

No matter how many people live with you, it doesn’t take much for the energy bill to soar. Fortunately, smart home trends in 2023 are continuing to focus on how to make our abodes more efficient.

Let’s start with digital, smartphone-connected thermostats. These devices make it easy to control the indoor temperature, and many models will “learn” your habits and then adjust accordingly.

For example, if you leave for work and come home at the same time each weekday, the smart thermostat will change the temperature based on your schedule to help you save money. Look for smart thermostats that connect to your phone so you can adjust things remotely.

These awesome, innovative gadgets will also provide you with monthly reports so you can track your energy usage and learn tips for how to improve. Over time, you should notice that your energy bill is lower and that your home is running more efficiently.

Thermostats aren’t the only energy-saving devices gaining popularity. Smart lightbulbs are also becoming much more commonplace in today’s modern homes.

These bulbs also use an app that allows you to turn the lights on and off, dim them, and perform other executions as needed, all from the smartphone application. There are even smart outlets and plugs as well as smart switches.

If you’re aiming to ensure that everything is connected, look for products made by the same manufacturer, so everything works together seamlessly. This also makes every item much easier to use, since they’ll all operate from the same “hub.”

What are some easy ways to make my home more efficient through smart devices?

Smart home technology has come a long way, particularly in the niche of energy and water savings. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these devices into your own home.

  • Add a smart leak sensor to your laundry room, basement, and under sinks to detect water leaks fast. This can prevent major, costly disasters since you’ll be alerted as soon as the leak is detected rather than when your home is completely flooded.
  • Program your smart thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature down (or up) when you’re away to save on energy costs.
  • Set a timer on your smart lightbulbs so that they turn off at the same time every night. You can also program them to turn them on and off when you’re on vacation to make it look like someone is home.
  • Use the dimming feature to lower the lighting to help you save. Simply dimming your lights 50 percent of the time can result in up to 40 percent energy savings over time.

Automated Cleaning

Robot vacuum on the tiled floor.

Let’s face it: No one really likes spending their free time mopping and vacuuming, but it’s a chore that must be done to keep a clean space. Smart robot vacuum cleaners and mops aren’t new, but they are definitely becoming more affordable and accessible in 2023.

These digital cleaning devices now incorporate special software that “memorizes” the size and shape of a room as well as differences in floor textures. So, if your robot vacuum goes from hardwood to carpet, it will continue to clean without a hiccup.

Some models even include dual capabilities that allow them to mop hard surface flooring, too. While this doesn’t mean you can say goodbye to mopping or vacuuming completely, it definitely helps to reduce the amount of time you’ll need to spend on regular manual cleaning throughout the week.

Many of the newer smart vacuums will even empty the compartment on their own and return to their charging docks automatically, making cleaning even easier.

What are some new features of smart robot cleaners?

New developments in smart robot cleaning devices have really come a long way. Today’s models include home navigation that remembers the room for consistent cleaning every time they turn on.

Multi-purpose cleaning devices can do more than just vacuum — they may also be able to mop and wash your floors depending on the settings and the surface they’re cleaning. One of the best perks about these smart home devices is that they can easily reach tight areas and spots underneath your furniture that can be difficult to reach.

There are also robot lawnmowers designed to make landscaping easier. These smart devices may also include a camera that monitors activity around your home and alerts you of any unusual activity. Choose a robotic cleaning device that meets your needs based on your home’s size, layout, and flooring style as well as your cleaning schedule.

Stay Safe with Smart Home Security

Man installing an outdoor CCTV.

Keeping your home and family safe is a no-brainer, and smart home security makes it much easier while also giving you peace of mind. In 2023, you can expect to see a lot of developments in the smart home security niche.

Look for alarms, sensors, and cameras that will alert you if there is any nefarious activity near or inside your home. Video doorbells are also consistently popular, and they’re also becoming more affordable as time goes on.

Install a video doorbell so you can see who’s approaching your door. These devices will send an alert to your phone, and you can view the footage from anywhere, whether you’re inside your home or at the office.

Keyless locks that use fingerprint-reading technology are also becoming a trend. This unique device ensures that no one can gain entry to your home unless they’re programmed into the lock’s memory.

Most electronic locks allow you to change the settings so you can grant access to the pet sitter or the neighbors when you’re away. Another perk? These locks often let you open the door using the smartphone app, which is extremely helpful when you have your arms full of groceries and can’t fiddle for your house keys.

As for smart cameras, you can choose between wired and wireless setups. Wired cameras are “stationary,” which means that they stay in one place once they’re installed.

Wireless security cameras give you a lot more flexibility since you can move their location as needed. Both of these smart security devices are crucial if you want to protect your home.

Most models allow you to store recorded footage and you can buy more storage on the cloud if you need it. Always choose a system that sends an alert so you can notify the authorities if you need to. Sensors that detect broken glass or breached doors are extremely helpful as well.

How can I improve my home security devices?

While all of these home security devices are great at making you feel safe, there are some things you can do to beef things up and keep your space safer.

  • Always use a strong password when connecting to Wi-Fi and home networks and change your password frequently (every few months is ideal) to prevent hacking.
  • Keep all footage of criminal activity stored so that you can show it to the authorities if you need to in the event of a break-in or other crime.
  • Never give out your password, and don’t allow access to your home via smart locks unless it is someone you trust. Remember to remove access if the visitor is temporary (like a house sitter when you’re on vacation).
  • Look into your home security device settings and remove the features you don’t need and add the ones that will give you the most protection based on your needs.
  • Research several home security products to determine which ones will suit your needs in the best way and read customer reviews carefully.