99 Purple Interior Design Ideas (Purple Room Photos)

Do you want purple interior design ideas? This is our main "purple" page where we showcase all our room galleries that incorporate this color to some degree.
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Purple master bedroom interior design

Purple is like orange when it comes to interior design. A little can look amazing, but too much is too much. But, if you love purple, there are indeed examples of rooms with a lot of purple. Our galleries below have many such examples.

Also below is a purple color chart which sets out the main shades from light to dark. It doesn’t include every shade of purple, but it gives you an idea of the spectrum.

Purple Color Chart

Purple color chart

Purple Interior Design Galleries

Below are our extensive galleries showcasing the main rooms of the home that have purple. Some have a lot while others just a touch.

25 Purple Dining Room Ideas (Photos)

Light hardwood floor and a rectangle dining table
Welcome to our purple dining room photo gallery showcasing multiple dining room ideas of all types. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Colors that Go Well with Purple for Interior Design

Living room with purple accent wall

Using software we extract all colors in rooms with purple so you can get a sense of what colors go well with purple as well as get ideas that you don't think work too well. Includes purple kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. This is a very helpful "purple" interior design article.

20 Purple Living Room Ideas for 2019

Contemporary purple living room with a sofa, double back chairs, lucite table, hardwood flooring and a rug.
Discover various purple living room photo gallery showcasing different ideas. Filter by style, size, and many features.

20 Purple Master Bedroom Ideas for 2019

Contemporary master bedroom with an artistic purple wall.
Welcome to our purple master bedroom photo gallery showcasing lots of purple master bedroom ideas of all types. Filter by style, size and many features.

20 Purple Master Bathroom Ideas for 2019

eclectic purple master bathroom
Welcome to our purple master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple purple master bathroom design ideas of all types.

20 Purple Kitchen Ideas for 2019

20 Purple Kitchen Ideas for [y]

Discover various Purple Kitchen photo gallery showcasing different design ideas. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Trend Chart

Below is the trend chart for different rooms. Interestingly, “purple bedroom” is the most popular, which makes sense. You may not want your “public” space purple, but you can go color crazy with your bedroom and have some fun with it. Besides, changing colors in a bedroom is a lot easier than in a kitchen or bathroom (especially if cabinetry is purple… not so easy or inexpensive to change that).

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