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Small House Floor Plans

Check out the huge and diverse collection of small house plans below.



How much do small house style houses cost per square feet (approximately)?

A small house style home is usually 2000 square feet or less. On average the cost of a house is around $248,000. This makes the cost of a small house around $124 per square foot.

Are there small house style floor plans with a detached garage?  Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to have a detached garage with a small house floor plan. If you want to build a house, you can do anything you want. Keep in mind the average two car garage is about 576 square feet, so the garage could be almost as big as your house.

Does small house style house usually come with a garage?  

Yes, it is common for a small house style to have a garage. This is how the small house style homes are usually built.

Is small house style considered a grand or luxury style of home?  Is the style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

The small house floor plan is not a mansion or regular sized home. It is much smaller than a regular sized home. This is also not considered a luxury style home. A luxury home has a primary suite. Often a luxury home has more than one primary suite. A small house style does not have enough room for one primary suite.

Is a small house style ever built as a “small” home?  Can it be built economically?

Considering that the term small house is in the name of the style, it only makes sense that it can be built as a small home. Yes, it can be built economically. You can save money by recycling materials or using less expensive materials.

Can a small house style floor plans be open concept?

Yes, and it is the preferred floor plan that you want in a small house because it really opens up the house and gives you more space in which to live.

What are popular small house style exterior colors?

When it comes to small house exteriors, popular colors are ones that stand out. If you want to use neutral colors like white or beige, you will find pops of color on the exterior. You may see a red door, or colorful shutters on a white house.

Can you build small house style house on a narrow lot?  

Yes, since a small house plan is usually less than 2000 square feet it is the perfect type of house to build on a narrow lot.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

You can build a small house on a wide lot, but you may have a lot of grass to cut, if you do.

Can small house style homes be built on a sloping lot?

Yes, this type of house can be built on a sloping lot. The landscaping may have to be planned so that it evens out the slope. The house can be built in such a way so that it uses the slope to its advantage.

How many floors/stories does small house style usually have?

A small house style home can have as many as two floors plus a basement.

Do small house style houses have a basement?

Yes, a small house style does usually come with a basement.

Does this style of house ever come with a bonus room?

Yes, the small house style home can come with a bonus room. It can actually come with multiple bonus rooms. You should keep in mind that the bonus rooms may not be that large.

Do small house style floor plans come with energy efficient options?

Yes, any house, even a small house, can come with energy efficient options. Most builders are using energy efficient appliances. In addition, if you know that you want your house to more energy efficient, you can talk to the builder before construction starts so you can incorporate them in your house.

Is a porch a common design feature with small house style houses?

Yes, a porch can be a common design for a small house style home. When it comes to building a house, you can build just about anything you want.

What types of roof does small house style house typically have?

One of the most popular roof options in the US is a gable roof. This type of roof is common for a small house style home. A gable roof has two sides that slope and come together at a ridge. The ridges create end walls. This type of roof is also called pitched or a peaked roof. Another type of roof that you may find on a small house is a gambrel roof. It is a symmetrical roof with two sides and two slopes on either side.

Does small house style work well with a rustic interior decor?  Or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

A small house style can work with either a rustic interior decor or a more contemporary interior. If you prefer a more rustic look. you may want to consider a house that looks more like a barn. However, if you prefer a more contemporary interior, you want to consider decor that will help open up the house. Including decor such as mirrors and bright lighting will help to open up the house. You may want to also consider furniture that has legs so that it gives the room an open look.

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