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16 Towns Similar to Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado is located in the southwestern corner of the Centennial State the city relies mainly on tourism. If you're looking at towns similar to Durango read this article.

Hotel in Durango, Colorado and a rocky mountain.

Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado is located in the southwestern corner of the Centennial State. Founded in 1881, the city relies mainly on tourism, and features access to skiing and a number of local festivals and museums. Many places across the United States offer tourists similar shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

While many of these towns are very similar, each of them provides visitors with a unique perspective on traveling the country. If you are looking for towns to visit that are similar to Durango, read on.

1. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Official Historic Scenic Marker in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Los Alamos may be best known for its science (or science fiction), but this town happens to be one of the most up-and-coming places in the state. Activities in the town include access to national forests for hiking and other outdoor activities, as well as cultural attractions. The scenery around the town is definitely a draw, and the cost of visiting the town is relatively low in comparison to other places in the U.S.

Compared to Durango, Los Alamos has a number of similarities, including access to nature, a number of museums and other cultural attractions, and a similar population and demographics.

Some differences between Los Alamos and Durango include the types of outdoor activities, with Durango having what some may consider better access to skiing, and some cultural differences between New Mexico and Colorado.

When comparing the cost of visiting each town, it is safe to say that both are about the same, around average for a town in the U.S. Generally, one can expect to spend between $100 and $150 for a night at a hotel in Los Alamos.

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2. St. Augustine, Florida

Spanish Architecture and a port in St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine holds the title of the oldest city in the United States. It was originally founded in 1565 by the Spanish, and its rich history has become a major draw for tourists. Whether you are looking for Spanish architecture or the beach, this town has a lot to offer.

When compared to Durango, St. Augustine is probably more different than the same. However, some similarities between the towns include vibrant tourism and history.

The biggest difference between St. Augustine and Durango is the difference between Colorado and Florida. While Durango has access to the mountains, St. Augustine has access to the beach.

As far as the cost of visiting St. Augustine, expect to spend a little less. Although people usually consider Florida to have an average cost to visit, on average, a night in St. Augustine will likely run you less than $100, which is below average for the country.

3. Spearfish, South Dakota

Rocky mountain range and autumn trees in Spearfish, South DakotaYou probably have not heard of Spearfish, South Dakota, but it is a town that is very similar to Durango, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. There are a number of mountains that are easy to access from the town, and other tourist draws include shopping and entertainment.

Access to nature is probably the biggest thing that Spearfish and Durango have in common. Whether you are looking to fish or get out for a day hike, both towns will provide you with plenty of opportunities. Shopping is something that both of these towns have in common, as well as cultural entertainment.

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The biggest difference between the two towns is most likely the climate. In southwestern Colorado, the climate in Durango is definitely geared to skiing and watching the sun set against the mountains. In South Dakota, the altitude is not as high, so the flora and fauna are different. Also, Spearfish does not offer some of the cultural or historical attractions that have become key to Durango’s popularity.

If you are looking to visit a town without breaking the bank, Spearfish is a good option. Thanks to the lower costs of things in South Dakota when compared to Colorado, a night at a hotel in Spearfish can be found for under $75.

4. Port Angeles, Washington

Village near a port in Port Angeles, Washington.

With access to trails and mountains, Port Angeles, Washington is a beautiful place in the Pacific Northwest. With a variety of outdoor recreational activities in its backyard, this town is ideal for anyone looking to get out and explore nature.

Like Durango, Port Angeles has access to nature in abundance. Both towns feature trails and mountains, although the lower altitude in Washington means things are going to be more green.

Durango has a number of things that are not available in Port Angeles, namely, historical and cultural attractions. However, Port Angeles does have access to the Pacific Ocean, something that you are certainly not going to find in the middle of the country.

The cost of visiting Port Angeles is a little lower than average for the country, and it is possible to find a nice hotel room for around $75. However, the cost of other things in Washington state are going to be a little higher than in Colorado.

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5. Los Alamitos, California

Parked yacht and sea birds in Los Alamitos, California.

If you are looking for a unique vacation in California, Los Alamitos is probably a good bet. This town is home to water polo and horse racing, both things that are unavailable in Durango. With access to the ocean, this town is a picturesque place to visit in the Golden State.

There really are not a lot of similarities between Los Alamitos and Durango. In fact, other than their size, you may have a very hard time comparing the two towns.

Differences abound between these towns. While Durango is most known for its access to mountain activities, Los Alamitos is more known for the ocean.

Like a lot of places in California, a visit to Los Alamitos is going to be a little more than other places in the country. A good hotel is going to run you over $125 a night, and activities like dining are also going to be more than they would be in Durango.

6. Pella, Iowa

Tulips festival, woman in a horse carriage.

While most people would not consider Iowa to be home to tourism, the town of Pella is sure to set them straight. Pella is home to a large Dutch population, and their tulip festival is a big draw. And like Durango, this town has natural and historic attractions.

When comparing Pella to Durango, the scenery and history are the two big similarities. Additionally, both towns offer plentiful shopping and dining options, and access to live entertainment.

Clearly, the differences between Durango and Pella revolve around the differences between Iowa and Colorado. While Durango is surrounded by mountains, Pella is surrounded by plains. Consequently, the natural beauty of Pella is primarily constrained to the largest lake in Iowa.

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Like much of Iowa, the town of Pella is less expensive than the national average. A night at a good hotel will cost between $50 and $75, and other activities are likely to be a little less than their counterparts in Durango.

7. Falls Church, Virginia

Analog clock in a shopping district in Falls Church, Virginia

Although the population of Falls Church, Virginia is very close to the population of Durango, these two towns have a lot of differences. People love living in both places, but Durango is more well-known for tourism.

Like Durango, Falls Church has shopping, live entertainment, and dining to draw tourists.

Unlike Durango, this town in Virginia is considered a suburb of Washington, DC, which means a lot of tourists are more attracted to the nation’s capital than to the activities the town has to offer.

The town of Falls Church is considered one of the most expensive in the country, but it is not all that expensive a place to visit. A night at a hotel is around $100, but some of the tourist draws are going to be a little more expensive than in Durango.

8. Golden, Colorado

Entrance Signage to Golden, Colorado and a rocky mountain.

Considering that both Golden and Durango are in the same state, it is easy to assume they both offer a lot of the same things. Both towns do have access to nature, history, dining, and entertainment, all things that the state of Colorado is known for, but each provides visitors with different aspects of the state.

Similarities between Golden and Durango are plentiful. Each town is rich in history, especially when it comes to the “wild west” and mining. Access to mountains and skiing is available from both locations, and the two towns provide visitors with similar shopping and dining options.

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However, Golden is close to the big city of Denver, and could almost be considered a suburb. Durango, on the other hand, is about as far away from the state capital as one can get. This means that visitors to Durango are going to get a much different perspective on all that Colorado has to offer.

Visiting Golden is going to run you about $70 a night, and with easy access to all that Denver has to offer, this is a good deal. Like Durango, the tourist activities in Golden are about average for places in the United States.

9. Mount Kisco, New York

Red tree in front of a church with pumpkins.

With relatively easy access to New York City, Mount Kisco may not be a place that one would consider as similar to Durango. However, this town is rich in history and culture, just like Durango.

Comparing the two towns, history is probably the biggest commonality. Mount Kisco has several buildings that are designated as historic places, and, like Durango, this town provides visitors with shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Unlike Durango, Mount Kisco does not have access to outdoor activities. If you are looking for shopping and entertainment, this town has you covered. If you are looking to “get away from it all”, you will want to look elsewhere.

Being so close to New York City, Mount Kisco is definitely pricier than Durango. A night at a hotel is going to be at least $150, and other activities will also be more expensive.

10. Southern Pines, North Carolina

Southern Pines Welcome Center in front of botique.

With an abundance of boutique shopping and unique restaurants, this town in North Carolina is definitely a must-see for tourists.

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Like Durango, Southern Pines provides visitors with access to outdoor activities like biking. The town also offers a number of shopping and dining options.

Considering that Southern Pines is located thousands of miles away from Durango, there are a number of differences between the two towns. Like most places, when compared to a town in Colorado, this town does not provide visitors with skiing and mountains.

Visiting Southern Pines is pretty inexpensive. A night at a hotel can be found for $50, which will leave enough money in your wallet to go shopping and visit one of the many historic buildings.

11. Astoria, Oregon

Parked Biked and the Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria, Oregon.

If you are looking for a place in the Pacific Northwest with access to nature and nice weather, then look no further than Astoria, Oregon.

Both Durango and Astoria are a naturalist’s wonderland. With biking and fishing access in both towns, visitors are sure to have plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy nature.

However, Astoria is located on the Pacific Ocean, so there are some pretty big differences in the type of nature one will experience. Also, Astoria is not known for its shopping and history.

Visitors to Astoria will be able to snag a hotel room for less than $75 a night, which makes it as affordable as many places in the country.

12. Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, horse carriage in front of a house.

If you are looking to visit a place steeped in history, you cannot do much better than Williamsburg, Virginia. This town is best known for its colonial history as well as for being home to the oldest college in the country. That said, its economy is predominantly based on tourism, similar to Durango.

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Like Durango, history, dining, and entertainment abound in Williamsburg. This all means that tourism is a big driver for both towns. Both towns provide a number of shopping venues as well.

Unlike Durango, Williamsburg is not located in a part of the country that is known for its natural beauty. If you want to go skiing and hiking, go to Durango. If you want to see what life was like in colonial America, Williamsburg is more for you.

Visiting Williamsburg is relatively inexpensive. A night at a hotel is $50, and many of the activities can be enjoyed for free.

13. Sheridan, Wyoming

Wild west, Cross roads in Sheridan, Wyoming.

This town in Wyoming offers visitors easy access to both Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore, which is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. If history is more your thing, the town is home to many historical buildings and is close to the location of the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Like Durango, Sheridan provides visitors with a glimpse of the “wild west”, whether that be a historical perspective or dining options. Both towns give visitors access to the outdoors, although you will need to travel away from Sheridan to gain access to nature’s beauty.

A stay in Sheridan is going to be lower than the national average. A hotel room can easily be found for less than $50, and the cost of dining and entertainment is certainly lower than a lot of places around the country.

14. Beaufort, South Carolina

Bridge and a village in Beaufort, South Carolina

This town on the Atlantic Ocean is about as quintessentially Southern as one can get. With its history and beauty, Beaufort has some similarities to Durango.

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Like Durango, Beaufort provides visitors with historic districts and natural beauty. Both towns are known for their romantic charm.

However, situated on the coast, this town can seem like it is a world away from southern Colorado. Activities in Beaufort include deep-sea fishing, as opposed to mountain biking.

A hotel room for a night in Beaufort will run you between $50 and $75, which is about average for the country. Like Durango, many of the activities in this town can be enjoyed without a large out-of-pocket cost.

15. Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Bridge and a town covered in snow, Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Minnesota may not be known as a big tourist state, but Fergus Falls has plenty to offer visitors. Whether you are looking for shopping or entertainment, this town has you covered.

Both Durango and Fergus Falls have access to shopping and dining options, which are always big draws for tourists.

Fergus Falls does not have mountain vistas and is not really known for its history. This town is probably more of a laid-back place to visit than Durango, which is known for its skiing and mountain activities.

Staying in Fergus Falls is about average for a town in the U.S., with hotels running about $70 a night. Visitors will find plenty to keep them busy, without worrying about breaking the bank.

16. Bel Air, Maryland

Autumn in Bynum Creek, Bel Air, Maryland

Bel Air is a town that is steeped in history, and also offers visitors options to experience the arts in the form of theater and art galleries.

Similar to Durango, Bel Air is well-known for its arts scene. Both towns have a number of art galleries and festivals.

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Unlike Durango, this town does not provide visitors with mountains and outdoor adventures.

Bel Air is a town that is about average in terms of cost to visit. With hotels available for less than $75 a night and moderately-priced dining and entertainment options, it is a little less expensive than Durango.