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15 Towns Similar Forks, Washington

A collage of towns similar to Forks, Washington.

Forks, Washington sits on the Olympic Peninsula, where there are beaches and mountainous rainforests. It is home to constant rainy weather, where it rains a little over 200 days every year.

Forks is also where the films and novels Twilight takes place. Since the popularity of the series began in 2008, the small town of around 3,700 people has gained notoriety and more tourism. 

In the Northeast corner of Washington, Forks is about a 3 hour drive from Seattle. There is a good amount of tourism for its rainforest, mountains, and beaches. As for local recreation, there is a lot of hiking, fishing, and even twilight tours. 

Forks is known for its timber and fishing industry. The timber industry was at one point bustling and an important part of the town. They now have a timber museum, so tourists and residents can learn more. 

The cost of living in Forks is lower than in Seattle, where a 2 bedroom apartment can be rented for around $1,100 a month. If you are visiting Forks, the cost of lodging is about $100 dollars per night. 

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1. Lincoln City, Oregon

Kite festival beside a beach, Lincoln City, Oregon.

Lincoln City, Oregon has a population of about 9,000 people and sits in the Northeast corner of Oregon. Just like Forks, Lincoln City has many beaches and mountains. Much of its recreation is fishing and hiking. It is less rainy and rains about 70 days out of the year. 

Unlike Forks, Lincoln City is known for its kite flying and holds kite festivals throughout the year. Lincoln City is a functional town but has great overlooking views of the beaches along the Oregon Coast. To visit, lodging costs on average $165 per night.

2. Astoria, Oregon

Town beside a the Pacific ocean and a bridge, Astoria, Oregon

Like Forks, Astoria, Oregon, it rains almost every day out of the year. Each year it rains for 191 days on average. It sits on the top northeast corner of Oregon. It sits on the coastline of Oregon right next to the Pacific Ocean. 

Astoria is home to fishing and hiking for recreation. The town isn’t necessarily surrounded by a forest, but more so, water and mountains. With a population of around 9,800, Astoria is quite a dense, small historical town. Astoria’s hotels average $163 a night. 

3. Cold Bay, Alaska

Cold Bay, Alaska, is surrounded by a subarctic climate, residing on the outer edge of Alaska. Like Forks, it rains for about 250 days per year. However, Cold Bay is much smaller than Forks, with a population of 50 people. 

Travelers come to Cold Bay to fish, hike, and visit the wildlife refuge. Cold Bay is directly within the wilderness of Alaska, so like Forks, many people travel for the outdoors and natural surroundings. To visit it costs about $200 per night.  

4. Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska mountain, skyscrapers and buildings.

Juneau, Alaska is located on the Panhandle of Alaska on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Like Forks, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and water. It is a larger city with a population of about 32,000. It is home to a lot of rainy weather, like Forks, raining about 239 days per year. 

Juneau has no main roads that connect it to any other city, it is completely disconnected. To find your way to Juneau you must take a plane or a ferry. Many travelers come here to disconnect from the world and take in the landscape of the snow-topped mountains. Juneau’s residents are also known for being kind and friendly. 

To lodge in Juneau it costs on average $183 per night. It is a paradise of hiking, fishing, and hunting tucked away in the Northeast corner of America. 

5. Twisp, Washington

Bushes beside the Methow River with mountain view.

In Northern Washington, Twisp resides along the Methow River. The town is home to about 900 people and is surrounded by mountains and a green landscape. Twisp and Forks share a small-town atmosphere. However, Twisp is much sunnier with about 92 days of rain per year. 

As for entertainment, Twisp is home to farmer’s markets, camping, and a playhouse. Staying at Twisp costs about $135 per night on average. 

6. Stehekin, Washington

Stehekin, Washington port, boats for island traveling.

Tourists find themselves visiting Stehekin, Washington to unplug from their everyday. The town itself can’t even be reached by car. To visit Stehekin, travelers have to take a ferry, a private boat, hike, or take a small plane. 

Stehekin is a quiet town of just about 75 people. It resides in the Mid-North region of Washington and is surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests similar to Forks. It can be quite rainy, like Forks. However, Stehekin is known for having exceptionally cold winters and very hot summers. 

To travel to Stehekin, lodging costs on average $151 a night. Many people find themselves fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, or camping. 

7. Winthrop, Washington

Tourist on horse riding at Winthrop, Washington.

Winthrop, Washington is another town that resides on the Methow River. It has a population of about 390 people and is known for its old-western infrastructure. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and water, Winthrop’s travelers come to spend time at breweries and walk around the old western town. 

Like Forks, it is surrounded by greenery. However, Winthrop is less rainy and doesn’t reside on the coastline. Along with taking in the western-style town, many travelers hike, horseback ride, mountain climb, fish, and camp when they are in Winthrop. 

Winthrop costs around $135 a night to lodge. The town is home to many art galleries and music festivals. 

8. Poulsbo, Washington

Poulsbo, Washington known as Little Norway town.

Nicknamed “Little Norway,” Poulsbo, Washington, resides along Liberty Bay, and is surrounded by mountainous greenery. Like Forks, it can rain quite a bit, averaging at 155 rainy days per year. However, it has a rich Scandinavian and Viking history due to its immigration history. 

Poulsbo costs about $155 a night to stay in. The town is home to waterside dining and its museums. Tourists find Poulsbo easy to travel to due to its walkability. Rather than being outdoorsy, Poulsbo is much more functional for pedestrians. 

9. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington Oktoberfest parade, with barrels of wine.

Leavenworth, Washington is just outside the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest west of Seattle. The town used to be a lodging capital but then changed the way it was modeled to replicate a German village due to its climate and landscape. It is a small town similar to Forks, with a population of about 2,300.

Outside of its Oktoberfest and other festivals, Leavenworth is home to outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, and camping. It is surrounded by forests, like Forks, but it doesn’t rain as much. In Leavenworth, the winters can be very cold with dry summers. 

To lodge at Leavenworth costs about $166 a night. 

10. Boulder Creek, California

Giant red wood trees in Boulder Creek, California.

Just below the Santa Cruz Mountains, Boulder Creek, California, is the gateway to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. With a population of about 5,400 people, the town is home to cliffs that overlook the Pacific and hiking throughout the Redwoods. 

Boulder Creek is particularly sunny compared to Forks. However, they share the small-town atmosphere right next to the coastline surrounded by forest and mountains. Boulder Creek has museums to visit, along with many outdoor activities like hiking and camping. To stay at Boulder Creek, it costs about $130 dollars a night. 

11. Aptos, California

Village near shore with fences in Aptos, California.

Aptos, California is made up of many small villages in one town; Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley, Aptos Village, Cabrillo, Seacliff, Rio del Mar, and Seascape. Aptos sits on the northern coastline of California where it is home to many beaches and cliffs, similar to Forks.

It is surrounded by the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. Aptos is quite sunny year-round and only has 74 days of rain. Many tourists find themselves hiking and camping in the surrounding forest.

It also passes the San Andreas Fault Zone. With a population of 24,400 total within all its villages, the town is also known for its vineyards. A little pricier than other vacations, travelers can stay at Aptos for an average of $277 per night. 

12. Chester, Connecticut

Festival with tractor parade and tourists.

East of the Connecticut River, Chester, Connecticut is home to world-renowned performing arts and is surrounded by forest. The town has a population of about 3,700 people. 

Like Forks, many travelers come to hike through the nearby terrain. It is quite sunny but its winters can be extremely cold. 

Many tourists find themselves hiking through the Gillette Castle State Park, where a castle resides in the midst of trees and forest. The town is known for its Norma Terris Theatre, a performing arts theatre that has received two Tony awards. 

To stay in Chester, Connecticut, it costs on average $277 per night. 

13. Mystic, Connecticut

Houses beside a port in Mystic, Connecticut with boats.

Mystic, Connecticut was known for its seaport where over 600 ships were built. The town has a population of around 4,200 and sits right along the Atlantic ocean. 

Like Forks, Mystic has a small-town atmosphere and is known for its view of the ocean. Mystic rains on average 121 days per year. However, it is not too surrounded by forest. 

Many people travel to Mystic to see its view of the ocean and its historic museums. It is home to live haunted house shows and its all-around rich past in American history. Tourists can stay at Mystic for $100 per night on average. 

14. Salem, Massachusetts

A town near a river in Salem, Massachusetts.

On the northeast corner of Massachusetts, Salem is right along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It is famously known for the Salem witch trials in 1962. Salem has a population of about 44,400, which is notably larger than Forks. 

Like Forks, it sits right at the coast and its travelers can visit the beaches nearby. It rains for about 122 days per year and is known to have very cold Winters. 

Tourists usually find themselves traveling to Salem for the museums and history. Outside of the Salem witch trials, it has a rich history of trading in Early America. Travelers can lodge in Salem for an average of $155 per night. 

15. Belfast, Maine

Village near a sea port in Belfast, Maine.

Belfast, Maine resides on the coast of Belfast Bay. Like Forks, it resides next to the ocean where travelers go to take in the view. It is a little larger than Forks, with a population under 7,000. It rains for about 105 days on average and can be quite sunny. 

Outside of the bay area, tourists can indulge in the local farmer’s markets and the arts district. Belfast has its own community arts theatre and even farms people can visit. To stay in Belfast, it costs on average $121 a night.

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