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Bathroom Design Tool Overview

Bathroom design isn’t the easiest because there’s a lot to stuff into a small space. There are the necessities such as a toilet and basin but then you need to fit in the shower and/or tub.  If space allows, there’s another basic option.  On top of all this,  you want it to look well and incorporate the best materials for a place where water is an issue.  Below are some key features of this bathroom design tool.

2D and 3D Bathroom Designs

Design in 2D and with the click of a button, see your bathroom creation in 3D. Use the premium HD Snapshot feature to see it in near photorealistic quality (this is a really awesome feature).

Store Your Bathroom Designs On the Cloud

You do not need to download the software to design your bathroom. It’s done on the cloud. Yup, you can even save your stunning bathroom designs on the cloud.

User-Friendly Bathroom Design Tool

We like things simple and so this software was designed for regular folks, as in non-professionals. It’s all drag and drop so that you can easily create your own dream bathroom quickly. It’s fun too.

Save Designs, Export & Archive

You may not get your bathroom primary piece designed during your first session. That’s okay, because you can save your work in the system and return to finish it at a later date.

Bathroom Design Examples

Let’s kick off with some great bathroom design examples. Below are 3D renderings of custom bathroom designs using this software.  Yes, it’s impressive, especially for a free bathroom tool.

Contemporary Design

Looking good, right? Walk-in glass shower, double basins, stylish wood and lighting.  I know I’d be happy with this bathroom.

Unique design features

Try out unique design items to see how they look like these basins.  It helps to see various design items placed in a room design to see if it’s something you like.

Luxurious Bathroom Design

While you can create budget-friendly bathrooms, you can also play around with a more luxurious design like this.

Freestanding Tub

The software includes freestanding tub examples which are fairly popular these days.  

Walk-In Shower

If tubs aren’t your thing or you want both a tub and a shower, test what a walk-in shower will look like in your bathroom.

3D Design Capability (Whether a Single Bathroom or Entire House)

Incredible Photorealistic Technology

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Design ANY Bathroom Style

And if the above isn’t enough, here’s a small gallery showcasing more bathroom designs.

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Everything and the Bathroom Basin

Bathrooms are more than just 4 walls and a roof.  As you start designing, you’ll start noticing all the minute details you didn’t think about before.  That’s where this software can help – it offers so many features that you don’t have to keep it all straight.  Just go through all the bathroom design and house design features generally to inspire your as you create your virtual bathroom primary piece.


Many Bathroom-Specific Design

General Decor Items

Kitchen Decor Items for Software Design

Bathroom Lighting

Kitchen lighting options in software

Bathroom Layout Planner

Let’s take it a step further. You can toy around with different layout options such as L-shape, galley, single wall, islands galore, U-shaped and more.

Unique bathroom basin
Stunning double bathroom sinks
Contemporary bathroom design

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bathroom software include different counter and vanity configurations?

Yes, you can create pretty much any cabinet and vanity configuration you wish along with many different surfaces and styles to choose from.

Does the software offer different bathroom lighting to experiment with?

Yes, the lighting options are extensive including pendant lights, recessed, track, ceiling and lamps.

Can I design other rooms of a house? How about an entire home?

Yes, this software not only designs beautiful new bathrooms, but it can design any room as well as an entire home. This is a full blown interior design software platform. Using this will help you hone all of your design ideas. Have fun!!

Can the software design backsplashes?

You bet it can. Built into this bathroom planning software are many textures and surfaces you can use to experiment with different backsplash designs and material.

Do I need to download the bathroom software to my computer?

No, there is nothing to download. Everything is done online. You can, however, download or export your designs as well as save them to your account.

How much coding or design skills do I need to have to use this bathroom design tool?

You don’t need to know how to code anything. This is for non-professionals yet you enjoy professional results. Find out how much fun interior designers have.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet to design with this software?

Sorry, unfortunately the software only works on a laptop or desktop computer.

Do I have to commit by signing a contract?

No. There is no contract or any form of commitment. Sign up above or below for free and start designing your dream bathroom.

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