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Gain extensive exposure on Home Stratosphere, an award-winning home and garden website!

Home Stratosphere is an award-winning home and garden website established in 2014.

We cover many topics including:

About Home Stratosphere
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    Interior design
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    Home improvement
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    Home design software
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    Landscaping and gardening
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Metrics and Reach

Website Traffic

705,000 monthly website visitors.

2 million monthly page views.


64,000 Pinterest followers.  

10 million monthly impressions on Pinterest.


Email Newsletter

44,000 email subscribers (our rate is per click. See rate card below).


282,000 Facebook followers



440 Twitter Followers



900 Instagram followers


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Sponsorship Rate Card

Sponsored Blog Post

$1,000/$1,500 USD* per post

  • $1,000: You provide the article. $1,500: We write the article.
  • 705,000 monthly visitors
  • Top of homepage for 1 week
  • 2 site-wide ad units promoting your sponsored post or website (below the fold and sidebar) for 1 week.
  • Post includes links to your brand/website (nofollow**)
  • Includes 1 social media blast across all of our channels listed above.
  • "Sponsored Post" stipulated at top of post.
Sponsored Email Newsletter

$1.50 USD per click in email newsletter.*

  • 44,000 email subscribers.
  • We can include your promotion inside our email newsletter in a variety of ways (ads, text, brief write-up, etc.).
  • We're able to offer multiple email promotions over several weeks or months.
  • Link to your website, social channels and/or website.  Each click is $1.50 USD.
package deal:
 sponsored blog post and email newsletter

$800/1,300 USD per sponsored blog post / $1.25 per unique click in email newsletter.*

  • Includes everything in both sponsored blog post and email newsletter.
  • $800/sponsored blog post: You provide the article.  
  • $1,300/sponsored blog post: We write the article.

*If you'd like a custom package, we're happy to discuss it.

**Please note that all links are nofollow in sponsored blog posts.

More Details

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    If you'd like us to write and publish a review, we will need to try the product/service first.
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    All content and posts will make it clear that it's a "Sponsored Post"
  • 3
    Only nofollow links in website content.  However, you can link out multiple times such as to your website, social channels, etc.
  • 4
    You provide all creatives for use in promotions (i.e. graphics, images, social media images, etc.
  • 5
    Currency stated above is USD
  • 6
    Payment in full must be made up-front. Deposit required for email clicks.
  • 7
    We reserve the right to reject and/or revise submitted content and/or creatives.
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    Sorry, but we do not accept guest posts with dofollow links.

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