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Awesome Wood Pergola Plan and Parts (Illustrated Blueprint)

Deck pergola in backyard

Looking for a pergola plan with each part labeled?

Check out the massive illustration below which is as series of 15 diagrams setting out how to build a wooden pergola. It includes a bird’s eye view, roof plan, front and rear side views, post and beam illustrations, and concrete footing information.

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Illustration of a wood pergola plan with all parts listed.

Rafters: Sloped internal beams that support the roof.

Beams: Horizontal pieces of timber used to carry a load or support the roof.

Knee Brace: A diagonal wooden structure that provides horizontal stability to the post frame structure.

Bolts: Metals, pins or bars used for fastening.

Posts: Vertical support in a structure.

Floor: The bottom surface of a room where one can walk.

Concrete: Composite building material composed of a mixture of aggregates and paste or rocks.

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