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Do I Need New Windows Installed?

If you are feeling a draft each time you pass by your bay window, it’s time for a new window installation. Don’t be dismayed, there are numerous advantages to having new windows installed in your home. They improve fuel efficiency immensely. Your property value will increase. New windows improve the aesthetics of your home, as well. Should you do the window installation yourself or hire a professional window installer? Experts agree that you need basic carpentry skills and knowledge of trimwork installation to complete a full frame replacement. Online resources supply basic instruction, however there is no substitute for real life experience installing windows. 

Some experts assert that your carpentry skills should be to an advanced level. Once you remove the window, other issues can arise which would necessitate deeper knowledge of carpentry. Some DIY shows give a false idea of how easy it is to install a window. Hiring a professional window installer is undoubtedly the way to go. Windows are extremely expensive and getting this project wrong can cost thousands.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Window Installer

Some window companies who both sell and install windows support hiring a professional window installer due to the following advantages:

  • The manufacturer’s warranty is generally a part of a professional window install. On the other hand installing the window yourself can nullify the products warranty. Properly installed windows can last for several years. Warrantees can ensure your window will be replaced at no additional charge if a defect is noted.
  • The advice you receive from your professional window installer, is just that – professional. If you have ideas of changing the type of window, a discussion with a professional window installer can make your dreams come true. Professional window installers can give you advice prior to the install that can save you both time and money. The novice do-it-yourself window installer lacks the experience.
  • Experts agree that having a long lasting window for your home starts with an appropriate installation. Proper installation goes hand-in-hand with a professional window installer. Having a longer lasting window is a key benefit to hiring a professional.
  • Your professional window installer will be able to secure the proper accompanying materials for the window installation. Due to the do-it-yourself installer’s lack of experience they may not know what is necessary for a proper install. An experienced professional window installer will be able to look at the project and know what is necessary. When they remove the old window they will know from their experience, what is necessary to ensure a proper fit. Moreover, they have access to the right materials.
  • The benefits of saving money on heating and cooling bills are part of a professional install. If you install your own windows the chances of doing a poor job are great. Gaps between the dwelling in the window can occur with improper installation. Gases can form between the window panes and cause fogging.
  • A professional install will help you reduce noise pollution. You will hear a lot less outside noises with a proper window installation. Your atmosphere indoors will be improved by the  noise reduction. Activities that require less noise can be performed in your home without distraction for outside sources.

Great Questions to Ask Your Professional Window Installer Before You Give Them the Job  

Your not alone in your home improvement endeavors. Online blogs exist to assist you with asking the best questions of your professional window installer. This is an installation project that you need to get right the first time. When vetting your new professional window installer ask some of the following questions:

  • Will you need a permit for this window replacement project? Are you familiar with the permitting process of this area? Are there additional funds required for the personnel and time needed to procure the necessary permits for the project? 
  • Approximately how long will the window installation take? Will you need to paint the interior or exterior of my home once the installation is completed? Do you have the necessary staff on hand to complete any finishing work?
  • Just how do you plan on removing the old windows? Will my home be protected from inclement weather while the job is being done? How will you cover the work area before replacement or installation of the new window? 
  • Have you been replacing or installing windows for an appropriate period of time? Is this your first install or replacement? How long have you been replacing or installing windows?

You Can See Clearly Now – Your Window Installation Day Has Arrived  

Having your replacement or install done quickly is beneficial to both you and the worker. Do your part and have your home ready for the installation or replacement. Here are three separate categories of preparation for window replacement or installation offered by experts

  • Remove all obstacles from around the area of the room that the windows are to be installed in. If there are wall hangings take them down. If there are window dressings take them down. This will save time when your professional window installer arrives for work. Windows are awkward to carry. Make certain that there are no items on the floor that the installer could trip over. If there are security system gadgets on your windows have them removed. If you need to call a professional to do the security or alarm system removal, do so.
  • The window replacement or new installation process takes hours to complete. The premise seems simple – remove the old window pop in the new one. Whether you are doing a full frame replacement or just inserting a new window without the additional trim work, there will be dust and debris all over. Cover nearby furniture or flooring that you want to be protected. Don’t assume that the professional will provide for this. They have no way of knowing what your needs are. Protect the area ahead of time. 
  •  Communicate with the professional window installers. If you’re not going to be home during the installation, make certain that the professionals can gain entry and exit your house without any problems. Make certain the dogs or other household animals are secured so that the professional window installer will have no distractions from the work that they are there to perform. Get a concise idea of the timeframe ahead of time so that you make provision.   

Your Professional Window Installer Did Not Just Fall Off of a Turnip Truck 

The American Window and Door Institute offers certification for professional window installation. AWDI is known throughout the trade to be a trusted resource for window installation. According to, there are several steps to becoming a window installer. Obtaining a contractors license is the first step. This includes liability and Workmen’s Comp. on insurance. Home owners will want to ensure that their professional window installer is protected in the event they are hurt while performing their duties. If you are installing windows that were built prior to 1978, you may need Environmental Protection Agency or EPA certification. The certification is required due to the possibility of lead contamination.

There are other agencies that offer window installation certification. The Installation Primarys Training and Certification Program serves the entire country and offers a vigorous registration and certification program, as well 

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