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Where Should You Put a Coffee Maker? Kitchen? Dining Room? Other?


A collage of different kinds of coffee maker.

We moved our coffee maker from the kitchen to the dining room… and we love it!

For years we had our Keurig coffee maker in the corner of the kitchen next to the sink under upper kitchen cabinets.  It worked fine there but the entire coffee station took up quite a bit of space.  The Keurig Elite is large and then we had a bowl for K-cups and a separate box of decaffeinated K-cups. 

Not only did it take up valuable countertop space but it looked cluttered.  The only saving grace was that it was next to the sink so it was easy to refill the water reservoir.

Custom coffee station in the house

Then we had a small party.  We wanted to set up a self-serve coffee and Baileys station outside of the kitchen.  We have a butcher block that we wheeled into the dining room and set it against the dining room wall.  We put the Keurig coffee maker on it with a small bowl of sugar and cream dispenser. 

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Beside the butcher block we had a small table on which we put the Baileys and two bowls for K-cups; one for caffeinated and the other for decaffeinated K-cups.  It looked great. It was easy for guests to access.  This was meant to be temporary.

However, the next day the coffee maker was still in the dining room. We didn’t clean up since the party went late.  My wife and I both immediately agreed that keeping the coffee station in the dining room was actually a great idea.  It freed up a ton of counterspace.  The kitchen looked much less cluttered.

How do we deal with refilling the water reservoir?

My wife came up with a simple solution. She put a large pitcher on the coffee station. We just fill that up at the kitchen sink and pour it into the reservoir.  It’s convenient.  Doesn’t get messy.  It works great.  So now our coffee maker is in our dining room.

Another big benefit of having the coffee maker in the dining room is when we have people over for dinner, it’s easy for guests to go make a coffee for themselves.  Refill? No problem. Plug in a K-cup and hit the brew button.

Why tell you about putting the coffee maker in the dining room?

Because it could be a great place for you to put your coffee maker.

The dining room isn’t the only place to put your coffee maker.  You have other options.

Here are more ideas for coffee maker placement in your home

We’ll kick off this issue with the kitchen since that’s where most people put their coffee maker.

Where to put your coffee maker in the kitchen?

Coffee maker in the kitchen

Next to the sink: If you’re going to put your coffee maker in the kitchen (as most folks do), it’s best to put it close to or next to the sink so that it’s easy to refill the water reservoir. If we ever put our coffee maker back in the kitchen it’ll go next to the sink as it was before for this reason alone.

Near an outlet: Where you place your coffee maker also depends on your kitchen outlet situation.  Coffee maker cords aren’t exactly long so if you don’t have an outlet near you sink you may have to put it elsewhere in the kitchen near whatever outlet(s) you have.

Under upper cabinets: IMO, the best kitchen placement for a coffee maker is anywhere under upper cabinets because that’s pretty much unusable space anyway.  That’s why you definitely want to make sure whatever coffee maker you buy will fit under your upper cabinets.

On the kitchen island?  I’m not sure I like coffee makers or any small appliances on a kitchen island.  The island is a focal point of the kitchen.  People sit at the island. Appliances obstruct the view and can be disrupted when people are at an island. It takes up a lot of space as well; island surfaces are usually ideal as a workspace instead of an appliance placement location.

Build it into the cabinetry: Did you know you can get coffee makers that are built into the cabinetry.  It’s like a microwave.  Our friends recently renovated their kitchen and bought a very, very cool coffee maker that’s built into the cabinetry. This coffee maker can make pretty much any type of coffee. 

You can program it to do many things including setting specific types of coffee with one-touch buttons.  If one person likes a strong latte, you can set that as one coffee setting and so on.  Fisher & Paykel is a high-end built-in coffee maker brand.

Be sure it’s at the right height:  Putting a coffee maker up an upper shelf isn’t that convenient.  You need to be able to see the settings which are often on top of the coffee maker.  You also need to be able to pour water into the reservoir or extract the reservoir to fill at the sink.  The bottom line is placing a coffee maker higher up is not a great location if you use it regularly.

Kitchen desk coffee station: Some kitchens have a kitchen desk area; often next to the fridge or off the kitchen nook.  It’s the place where you end up with the proverbial junk drawer, put keys and pile up whatever junk comes into the house until you figure out what to do with it.  This place can be a good location for a coffee station because it declutters your kitchen counterspace and yet is easy to access in the kitchen.

It also depends on how often you drink coffee.  We drink coffee daily.  Morning and after dinner so we need easy access to it.  If you drink coffee rarely, then you might better off storing away your coffee maker, perhaps in a pantry or an appliance garage.

Where should you put a coffee maker if you have a small kitchen?

A good start is to buy a small coffee maker or small espresso machine.

Obviously setting up a small coffee station in another area is a great solution but if you want to put your coffee machine in the kitchen, consider the following coffee maker space-saving solutions.  These allow you to tuck your coffee maker away and easily move it into position to use.

Sliding tray for coffee maker

Kitchen Caddy Sliding Coffee Maker Tray 12", Flyisland Premium Under Cabinet Appliance Coffee Maker Toaster Countertop Storage Moving Slider with Smooth Rolling Wheels (ABS, 12 Inch)

Source: Amazon

Rolling tray for coffee maker

Copco Coffee Cab Rolling Countertop Small Appliance Stand - 2555-0217,Black

Source: Amazon

Sliding mat for coffee machine

3-Pack Cooks Innovations - The Original Glide Mats for Moving Small Appliances - Coffee Makers, Blenders, Stand Mixers, Toasters & More

Source: Amazon

In the dining room

I already discussed putting your coffee maker in the dining room above.  For us, it’s a great solution. It’s where we have it now. We created a nice coffee station on a butcher block.  It looks great and works well for us.

Create a coffee bar

Coffee bars are catching on. In fact, our dining room coffee station is a makeshift coffee bar.  We use a butcher block, but you could make it more elaborate.  I think a small home bar station would do the job perfect in a dining room, family room, living room and/or hoe office. Consider the following coffee bar examples:

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Cabinet - Sliding Barn Door Kitchen Sideboard Buffet Storage Cabinet

Source: Amazon

FATORRI Industrial Wine Bar Cabinet for Liquor and Glasses, Farmhouse Wood Coffee Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack, Metal Sideboard and Buffet Cabinet (55 Inch, Rustic Oak)

Source: Amazon

Kitchen nook area

If you have a side buffet or any surface off the kitchen nook area where you have a small kitchen table, putting the coffee maker there can make a lot of sense.  After all, you probably drink coffee at the table so why not put it close to where you eat.  It clears up kitchen counter space as well.

You are not restricted to one coffee maker in the house

Currently, we have one coffee maker.  However, we are moving to a new house early in the new year and I plan on getting a second coffee maker and perhaps a third.  Here are places in the house to put a second coffee maker.

In the bedroom or en suite bathroom

Coffee maker next to bed in bedroom

Every morning I wish I had a coffee maker within reach of my bed. I’d love to roll over, tap the brew button and get a cup of coffee without getting out of bed.  I’m surprised more bedrooms don’t have a coffee maker in them.  I would have no problem setting it up each night so that I could enjoy a cup of coffee in bed every day without getting up and trundling to the coffee station in the dining room (or kitchen when we had our coffee maker in the kitchen).

Putting a coffee maker in the en suite bathroom would be okay but it’s not arms-reach of the bed so I’d have to still get out of bed. But it’s closer than the dining room so that’s not a terrible idea.  The only downside is it would take up quite a bit of space on the bathroom counter.

Home office coffee station

A lot of folks worldwide are working at home now and have home offices.  I’m sure coffee maker sales spiked in the last couple of years on account of this.  When I worked from home I did have a coffee maker in my office.  It was very convenient.  If I worked at home I would continue having a coffee maker in the office. 

My home office had a small sink area which was ideal for a coffee station but not all home offices have this (most probably don’t).  In which case you need to buy something for a small coffee station. I recommend something like a butcher block.  Get a pitcher that you fill up at a sink to fill up the coffee maker reservoir; that should set you up for a morning of work.

Coffee maker in a home bar

We don’t have a home bar.  When we entertain, we create a large bar area with folding tables with extendable legs so that it’s raised.  We put a large tablecloth on it so it looks good.  However, if we did have a home bar, especially if it had a sink, I’d definitely include a coffee maker in the bar.

What should you put your coffee maker on?

While a seemingly simple question to answer, there are far more options than you might imagine. We wrote an entire article on the topic. Check out our article titled “What should you put your coffee maker on?

Disadvantages of multiple coffee makers in the house

Having more than one coffee maker in the house can be convenient but it also creates more work. You need to stock the area with coffee (in our case K-cups) and figure out a way to easily fill the water reservoir.  It’s yet another appliance to manage and yet another outlet used (although when it comes to outlets, tower power surge protectors are a great solution).

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