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Where to Buy Gift Baskets Online

A gift basket filled with wine, bread, cookies, and jar.

Not everyone is great at giving gifts, and there are many different occasions in life where gifts are necessary and appropriate. It can become quite daunting if you don’t know what to buy and spend money on something that will never be used, and all hope is not lost. Gift baskets take a lot of the stress out of gift-giving.

The concept of baskets and gift baskets is a historical one that we are thankful for today. The modern gift basket concept came from France, where they gave “hanapiers” to the less fortunate, filled with clothing and food. Today we give gift baskets for many reasons, like when someone has a baby or a birthday.

There are certain types of gift baskets that are appropriate for specific occasions. For instance, you don’t send a gift basket full of baby clothing to someone who just lost a loved one. You might need to know that the person likes to send them a gift basket they will genuinely appreciate; thankfully, there are also generic baskets for every occasion.

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Where to Buy Gift Baskets Online

Top view of various gift boxes resting on a light wood table.

Buying or ordering a gift basket from a reputable source is very important. It would be disastrous if you are in a different state and order a gift basket online, and it seems like a great gift basket to you. However, when it shows up, the flowers are wilted, the chocolate is expired, and the basket looks pathetic overall.

That would not be sending the message you want to get across unless, of course, you are trying to convey some revenge message which, believe it or not, there are also options for. Vices Gifting has received some outstanding reviews that it is a reliable place to source gifts for your friends and family who are difficult to shop for.

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Vices Gifting has some beautiful and unique gifts, and they are on the higher end side when it comes to price. Not to fret, though, they have a system where you pay a monthly subscription where you pay a set amount every month, which allows you to receive significant discounts when you need to purchase gift baskets that may work out affordable.

If you subscribe for $100 a month with Vices Gifting, you receive a gift basket or box every month and a discount on specially ordered gift baskets. If you want to ship a package to someone out of state or even out of the country, it should not be an issue as long as you can pay the shipping fee; there may be some out-of-reach places, though.

Are you looking for a more cost-effective gift basket service? Happy Box Store seems like a decent option for this. When you access their website, you see stunning photos of the available boxes, and they even have a package available that a percentage of the profit is donated in support of breast and ovarian health.

With Happy Box Store, you can customize your gift basket, which means you are in control of paying for the gift basket. There are some reviews available for Happy Box Store, and it comes in with 4.2 stars. They stand out as a trendy brand that is on top of things in their customer service department.

Where to Buy Baby Shower Gift Boxes Online

Baby shower gift basket filled with shoes, toiletries, towel, and a plush toy.

No one has the time to go shopping anymore, and who wants to go into crowded shopping malls during a pandemic anyway? Gift baskets ordered online are a great solution to this dilemma. If you are planning to go to the baby shower, you don’t have the time to go shopping, and you could have the gift delivered to your home.

If you are unable to attend the baby shower but would still like to spoil the mommy-to-be and the unborn child, you could have the gift basket delivered to the baby shower. Gift baskets also take a lot of the stress out of buying gender-neutral clothing, as this could sometimes be a challenge to find.

While they may not be a dedicated gift basket service, has some fantastic options in many different price ranges. You can pay anything from $20 to $100 for a beautiful gift basket. There is a drawback to ordering from Amazon if you want to have it sent directly to the intended gift receiver’s home.

The drawback mentioned above is that if you would like to send it directly, it won’t have an excellent presentation. They would receive the beautiful gift box hidden in an ugly cardboard packaging box; for me, this takes away some of the magic. Using the site would be a good option when one is planning to deliver the gift yourself. is a well-trusted brand that many people use regularly; this counts in its favor, as you know you will get what you order in the time frame they specify. There are times where you may have a same-day delivery option and orders over a certain amount; you get free shipping, and you can ship to almost anywhere.

Where to Buy Bridal Shower Gift Baskets Online

Bridal shower gift box with spa essentials.

When you get to a certain age, it starts to feel like people getting married and having children are a constant thing. When you have several bridal showers in a short period, it may become difficult to have unique gifts for every bride. It is why we love the people who came up with gift boxes.

There are several options where one can find a unique bridal shower gift basket online. Etsy is one of these several places. Etsy is a giant online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world to buy and sell unique handmade items, vintage items, or even craft supplies.

There are many vendors on Etsy who make bridal shower gift baskets. You would be able to find a vendor whose baskets fit your pocket and fit the bride’s style. You may have to set aside some time to go through the different available options and choose which basket would best suit your needs.

The delivery time and costs would be specific to which vendor you decide to use. You also need to check the rating and reviews of the particular vendor to avoid disappointment or lousy service. Once you have chosen your vendor, ordered, and received your products, it is helpful to leave a review about your experience.

If you’re looking for a consumable gift basket for a bridal shower or even as a wedding gift, is an excellent option to use. They have five-star reviews all around. They also have different pricing options, some under $100 and others on the higher end range. No matter the price, all their gift baskets look pretty elegant.

Best Place to Buy Congratulatory Gift Baskets Online

When it comes to buying congratulatory gift baskets, one has to remember that there are many different reasons one would be congratulating another. Each other reason has a different appropriate gift basket. You don’t congratulate someone who just graduated high school with a box full of booze. They might not see college then.

An appropriate gift box for someone who just finished high school may contain some champagne and a few things that will help the teenager transition from high school to college and survive college. Once again, Amazon and Etsy are making their appearance, both decent options as they are well-known and trusted.

Gift Basket Village - Congrats Grad, Graduation Gift Basket For High School or College Graduates (Medium)

With the graduation congratulatory gift boxes, some come in the shape of a graduation cap, making it that much better. Things one can include in a graduation gift basket would be stationary, maybe being an adult for dummies book, and some things specific to the student you are dealing with.

When someone becomes a father, it is tradition to smoke a cigar and share cigars with those closest to them,  so a very thoughtful gift box to send to someone about to become a father is a cigar gift box/basket. A luxury cigar gift box may be a tremendous congratulatory gift for a new dad because the chances are that he won’t spoil himself for the next few years.

When someone purchases a new home, it is a great idea to send a gift basket containing a basket of champagne and other things that could be enjoyed on the first evening in a new home. Maybe some DIY tools wouldn’t be a bad idea if the house is a bit of a fixer-upper.

There are some beautiful champagne gift basket options from; they have a keepsake toast crate which could be the perfect gift for someone who has just moved into a new home or celebrating another significant milestone in their life.

Best Place to Get a Revenge Gift Basket Online

Wicker basket filled with large potatoes.

There may be people in our lives who we can’t stand, who rub us the wrong way in every interaction that we have with them. Sometimes there are reasons why this person annoys and frustrates us this much, and other times there aren’t any legitimate reasons why this person would hinder us to the extent they do.

As an adult, you feel like you should be too mature to do anything about the matter, but sometimes we can’t help but want a little revenge. Well, you’re in luck; there are places available that will anonymously deliver your payback. There are a few options you could look at, and there is a very childish option of mailing a drawing of male genitals.

Other revenge options include sending a raw potato with your desired message to your chosen recipient. This seems like a strange thing to do; however, people have been sending potatoes instead of birthday cards and have even sent potatoes with personalized images on them, and the profit margin of this business is nuts.

Another revenge idea is to send an envelope filled with glitter that will be everywhere for weeks. All of these revenge ideas are relatively harmless, and even if you’re above revenge, it may be helpful to you to send someone a ton of glitter. They won’t know it was you, and you can stop obsessing over whatever they did to upset you.

Best Gift Baskets for Kids for Christmas

Christmas gift basket with gingerbread, candy cane, pretzels, and Christmas decors.

As life gets busy, it becomes complicated to get all the Christmas shopping and Christmas stocking shopping done, yet another reason we should be thankful for online gift basket services. If you want to get your nieces and nephews something nice for Christmas but doesn’t have the time, a gift basket may be the perfect solution.

The best thing about it is that the baskets don’t necessarily need to be Christmas-themed; instead, they should be a gift that the kids would enjoy thoroughly. Dodo bird is one of the places that cater gift boxes and baskets for kids. They have several different options, from a glow-in-the-dark gift basket to a creative gift basket.

You could also look into getting a little bit of everything kind of gift basket that would be a gift basket filled with some snacks, some plush toys, and some creative activities. Some companies specialize in customized gift baskets for kids. Another unique and fun option for a kid’s Christmas gift basket would be a cookie basket.

Cookies by design have some very quirky and cute cookie baskets available at a range of different prices.  You will be seen as excellent in the kid’s eyes if you get the toilet paper-shaped cookies, well, depending on how the kid takes it. However, I don’t see anyone pulling up their noses to something that tastes great.

Gourmet gift baskets also make edible gift baskets for kids; the gift baskets for kids available from gourmet gift baskets are precisely that – gourmet. The kids that will enjoy the aesthetics of these gift baskets are the kind of kids who have very sophisticated tastes, and parents may appreciate the look of these baskets more than young kids.

Where to Find Healthy Gift Baskets Online

Healthy gift basket filled with breads, cheese, flowers, and a jar of honey.

We tend to get caught up in the idea that gift baskets should be chocolates, cookies, and everything sweet. Gift baskets have evolved over the years, and you could find a gift basket for pretty much anything nowadays. Healthy gift baskets, like fruit baskets, are great alternatives to the usual candy-filled gift baskets. has some excellent fruit gift basket options. Some even come with free shipping. They list their fruit baskets either by their weights or by the number of people it is estimated to feed. Their fruit baskets have been labeled as expensive, although a lot goes into why it would be costly.

There are many healthy options for gift baskets in today’s world. Another one of these healthy options is a high protein fitness snack box which you can find on amazon. This box is jam-packed with speciality goodies for those who are very into their fitness and concerned with their health.

You also get gluten-free gift basket options; these are available from gourmet gift baskets. Some are available on Amazon and even more available on the famous edible gifts sight Harry & David.

Best Places to Have Corporate Gift Baskets Made Online

Corporate gift box filled with bottle of  wine and pastry.

Many companies utilize gift baskets for several different reasons. Whether it be for charity events or Christmas gifts for their employees or clients, or employees attending a seminar. Many online options exist to have your gift basket customized, although some of them might not be as trustworthy as one would hope.

There is a fine line between making a profit and exploitation; just because a large corporation is placing an order does not mean the gift basket company is entitled to overcharge grossly. It is always best to do your research before committing to any specific company; online reviews can benefit.

Swag-up is a great place to start for an event like a charity golf day or a team-building event.  They will customize many different items from water bottles to hoodies to notebooks and pens, just about anything. They could customize these items with your company’s logo on them so your guests or employees may represent you well.

Olive and Cocoa stand out when you are looking for assistance in finding a corporate gift. They not only offer you great options for gift baskets to give either your employees or clients as Christmas gifts, but they also offer you a personal account specialist, so you know that you will be taken care of, not to mention the custom logo branding.

Olive and Cocoa also offer you a corporate gift wrap. They deal with orders of any size, meaning whether you would like to spoil your wife because you have been working so hard, so you only need one gift basket, or if you need to purchase Christmas gifts for your entire staff, they have got you covered, hassle and stress-free.

Why Send a Gift Basket

Woman holding a  large wicker basket filled with roses, a bottle of wine, sweets, and gifts.

I think we have covered that different occasions call for different types of gift baskets. We have covered that sending gift baskets is convenient when you do not have time; let’s explore some of the other aspects of sending a gift basket rather than sending nothing at all or going to the shop and getting something.

Gift baskets may seem impersonal to some; however, when you know someone well enough and know what they want, a gift basket may even become a very intimate gift. There are multiple websites on which you can customize the gift basket/box that you would like to send, from choosing the container to selecting the contents of the gift.

There is some truth to the idea that gift baskets may be sent as afterthoughts; when you forget to purchase a gift, you quickly source a gift basket. It is not always the case, though, and some gift baskets take more time and consideration. If you know the intended basket receiver’s drink preference, that can go a long way to find it.

By it, I mean the perfect gift, if it is a friend’s birthday and their drink of choice happens to be a gin, then you could source a gift basket that is a gin tasting kit, a few small bottles of different gins that they could taste and try out and see which one they like best before they purchase a large bottle of gin which they end up not enjoying.

If the intended gift receiver sees themselves as an amateur foodie, it would be straightforward to source them a unique gift basket featuring various exotic food items for them to try. An excellent option for this is the subscription boxes option that crate joy has targeted directly at foodies; this will send them a box with goodies to try every month.

DIY Gift Baskets

Woman hands assembling a gift basket.

We have looked at the different types of gift baskets and gift boxes that you can get online, where you can get them, and why you should purchase them; if you have the time and the creative capacity, it might be worth it at least once in your lifetime try to make gift baskets yourself. You can choose to use a physical basket instead of a box.

A profound joy comes from putting something together yourself, and it may end up costing you less. You can source less expensive items if and when necessary; you can add things that don’t seem like they should be in the same basket, but because you know the person would love it, you learn to add it.

You have free reign and can either have it mailed to the person or hand-deliver it, take it with you to the birthday party, bridal, or baby shower. It is relatively easy to make a basket look pretty. It would be best if you had some clear paper and some ribbon. Once the products are in the basket, close it up with clear paper and tie it with the ribbon.

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