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Where to Buy Coffee Makers Online

A collage of coffee maker.

If you have been looking for a new coffee maker, chances are the ones in stores are not exactly exciting or what you are trying to find.

Getting the right coffee maker that has the best price point you are looking for, style and even making your preferred coffee can be a big decision. The goal is to purchase a coffee maker that will make your life better and allow you to look forward to that first cup of the day. 

Coffee makes now come in a variety of coffee options as well as colors to fit your theme. You can get different types of coffee makers in retro styles, contemporary or classic options. With so many retailers available online, there are so many different types to choose from and the prices are pretty competitive.

If you are ready to make an upgrade, consider browsing through the retailers below to buy coffee makers online and get the one that is right for you and fits all of your boxes when shopping. 


Amazon coffee maker.

Source: Amazon

Of course, we will start the list off with one of the biggest online retailers, Amazon. A quick browse through their site and you will find hundreds of coffee makers available for purchase. You can choose from the most basic coffee makers, making small pots at a time, to specialty coffee makers that require a bit more work and make single cups.

When you make these purchases through Amazon, you can choose from various brands and styles. Also, if you are a prime member, you can get these coffee makers relatively quickly and with free shipping. 


While many coffee makers are available in-store at Target, you can see exactly what options you have when you shop online. Target advertises that more options for kitchen accessories needs are available online, and these extend to coffee makers.

They have the leading brands for coffee makers, such as Mr. Coffee, KitchenAid, and Nespresso. If you want a single-cup option, consider the latest Keurig model available online. With Target, you have the option to either have the coffee maker shipped to your home or to the store closest to you. 

Source: Target


Keurig coffee maker.

Source: Keurig

If you prefer the Keurig brand and want to get accessories or the latest model, then you can purchase it directly from the source. As industry leaders, Keurig offers smart coffee makers that will remember your coffee and schedule it for your convenience.

You can choose from a number of categories and colors. if you need a commercial grade one, you can also make that purchase here. Create an account and you can order your pods directly from them, also. Both new and classic Keurigs are available for purchase online. 

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Best Buy

Best Buy coffee maker.

Source: Best Buy

Adding home appliances to their collection, Best Buy has become one of the best places to get coffee makers in the last few years. They seek out products that are electronic and offer SMART options, so if you are looking for one of the smart coffee maker brands, then Best Buy will have what you need.

Choose from Keurig, Ninja, Breville, and Nespresso among other brands. Single-serve and pot options are also available if that is what you prefer.


Nespresso coffee maker.

Source: Nespresso

If specialty coffees are what gets you up in the morning, then you need to visit the Nespresso website for coffee maker options. You can expect to get one-touch technology in these machines, which is quick heat-up and sustainable capsules.

Nespresso also seeks to offer more energy-efficient coffee makers. There is an energy-saving mode available on most of the models so that you can be cost-efficient with each cup.

Depending on the model Nespresso, you may need to purchase some accessories to improve your coffee-making experience, and they are available and ship quickly to your home. 


Walmart coffee maker.

If you are looking for more diversity when you are shopping for coffee makers, then you should visit Walmart’s website. All options that the retailer offers is available online. You can compare prices, brands and even reviews to see which coffee maker fits your personal needs.

In most cases, you will find some of the best prices on coffee makers that are standard and do not have a lot of technology. These are also great for those coffee drinkers who are on a budget. Enjoy your coffee maker shipped to your home or to the nearest Walmart to pick up at your convenience. 


Kohls coffee maker.

Source: Kohls

While Kohl’s doesn’t carry every brand of coffee makers, they do have a few of the most popular brands for you to choose from.

When you search the website, you can search from several categories that include combination brewers, multi-cup coffee makers, single-serve coffee makers, specialty coffee makers and iced coffee makers for those who like to start their days off with chilled coffee.

All of these coffee makers are innovative and have some of the most advanced technology available. When you have it shipped to your local Kohls location, you will not have any shipping fees and it can be there in a few days with most orders. 


KitchenAid coffee maker.

Source: KitchenAid

While KitchenAid hasn’t been around as long as some coffee maker brands, they have really made moves when it comes to kitchen appliances for the home. Their coffee makers come in all types and varieties. You can even choose to purchase them in various colors and styles to fit your kitchen aesthetics.

When you order it online, you can have it shipped directly to your home. In the last few years, KitchenAid has moved into making specialty and espresso coffee makers which can compete with some of the biggest names in the industry. 


If you are looking for premium coffee machine brands that offer luxury, then scroll through Macy’s website and see what coffee maker stands out to you. All of the coffee makers are offered in stainless steel to give that contemporary vibe to your kitchen.

Also, you can choose from more classic options or smart coffee makers that can be connected to other electronics. French press coffee makers and tea kettles are also offered for those who want to maximize their coffee experience and options for guests. 

Source: Macy’s


BrAun coffee maker.

Source: BrAun

One of the big names in coffee makers and other household appliances is BrAun. For several decades they have progressed their products towards technology and becoming more innovative to match the needs of customers.

If you want a BrAun coffee maker specifically, you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer. Visiting their website gives you access to all the different types of coffee makers that are available in this brand.

You can get coffee makers that work for home and the office. When you purchase from them directly, there are warranty options available to protect your investment. 

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

Source: Mr. Coffee

One of the more affordable brands and well-known is Mr. Coffee. They have been making coffee makers for home and commercial use for several decades. No matter what type of coffee you like to drink, there is a coffee maker for it and Mr. Coffee has it.

Choose from retro or contemporary styles of coffee makers. You can even get them in a variety of colors to spice up your kitchen and give it that pop. Enjoy your Frappe, latte, or Americano with your next Mr. Coffee purchase. 


Walgreens coffee maker.

Source: Walgreens

I know that you think of medicine and pharmacy when you see Walgreens, but they do have a variety of coffee makers available online.

While Walgreens doesn’t have all of the high-end brands of coffee makers, they do have a number of options that will fit into your budget and help you get through until you can upgrade your coffee maker to something stronger or higher quality.

Not only is the base price for these coffee makers affordable, but they pair with Walgreens rewards, so you could get even more off of the cost of them. Have them shipped to the store for free shipping. 

Home Depot

Not only does Home Depot have large kitchen appliances, but they also carry some of the best coffee makers. You will not find a lot of these in stores, however.

Their biggest selection of coffee makers and various brands are found online, especially if you are looking for specialty coffee makers. They have a variety of iced coffee makers, espresso and single cup to choose from. Consider a combination coffee maker at a great price when you shop with Home Depot. 

Source: Home Depot

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond coffee maker..

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

With much of Bed Bath & Beyond moving online, the coffee maker selection has grown. They have categories such as single service, drip, pour over, French pres, auto espresso machine, and combination options.

They also offer leading brands like Breville, Mr. Coffee, Ninja, Cuisinart, and Keurig so that you are only getting the best in the industry when you make your purchase.

If you shop by price, you could find a coffee maker that is on clearance. You can do a same-day delivery for customers living in certain areas as long as you place the order by 5pm. 


Overstock coffee maker.

Source: Overstock

One retailer you cannot forget about is Overstock. With a surplus of options for nearly everything, coffee makers are no exception. They not only have an array of brands available but styles and types of coffee makers.

When you search and find your preferred coffee maker, you can usually find accessories and order them as well. There is free shipping available so feel confident in the purchase you make. You can search your coffee maker based on the features, colors, and sales if you are purchasing on a budget. 


HSN coffee maker.

Source: HSN

If you are looking to spend at least $75 at HSN, you can get your coffee maker and accessories with free shipping to your home. Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid, Mr. Coffee, and Ninja are just a few of the brands that are available and can only be purchased online.

When you are searching through the coffee makers, make sure you pay attention to the number beneath the star rating. That indicates how many of that product is left and you don’t want to miss out. You can search by brand, price, and style. Every color available will be listed for you to select, as well.

Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Kitchen coffee maker.

Source: Ninja Kitchen

One of the leading brands that you can get for kitchen appliances and coffee makers is the Ninja brand. These appliances come in a variety of different sizes and preferences, especially when it comes to coffee makers.

The Ninja is known to be innovative and efficient, so when it comes to coffee, you can expect it to be right and to be quick. Much of Ninja’s new appliances are met with sustainable options and focus on becoming more environmentally friendly.

Hot and cold coffee options are available if you want to mix it up or have it as an option for guests. You can purchase directly from Ninja so that you can access any necessary accessories. 


DeLonghi coffee maker.

Source: DeLonghi

One of the more premium coffee maker brands is DeLonghi, while you can find it with a few online retailers, you will often have to purchase directly from them. DeLonghi uses only the best materials to design their coffee makers and offers lifetime warranties.

You can choose from either residential coffee makers or commercial coffee makers. When you purchase with DeLonghi online, you can have it delivered directly to your door and have access to a support system around the clock. Search by color or type of coffee when you navigate the site and make your purchase. 


Williams-Sonoma coffee maker.

Source: Williams-Sonoma

One of the more popular brands for coffee makers is Williams-Sonoma. They offer quality coffee makers that are also affordable and meant to last in your kitchen. They have small and large sizes, and they come in various colors.

You can choose a combination of coffee makers so that you can have coffee available for all the different coffee drinkers in your home. These are also easy to use and available in standard styles and more innovative options.

When you purchase these online you can expect free shipping, and you have the ability to track your order so that you know where your coffee maker is at all times. 


If you have visited a local Lowes recently and didn’t see a lot of coffee maker options, you should give their website another look. Most of the small kitchen appliances, like coffee makers, have more options online and they are available at all different price points.

Choose from some of the most well-known brands in the industry or more affordable options. Everything from standard coffee makers to specialty options are available and ideal for your home.

You will be able to ship and track these coffee makers when you purchase them. You can also pick these up in the store if you  have a Lowes nearby and want to save on shipping. 

Source: Lowes