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What Goes With Passion Fruit?

A collage of passion fruit.

By all accounts, passion fruit not only smells delicious it tastes delicious it can be eaten raw, frozen, or in a variety of recipes but what exactly are the different foods that go well when paired with passion fruit?

A passion fruit is a round sort of egg-shaped fruit that is normally small although there are larger varieties and it has a hard purple or yellow casing on the outside while boasting a very tangy, delicious, and sweet pop on the inside that’s normally yellow and color and sports edible seeds that you can also eat.

The seeds make a nice crunchy snack while the pulp can be used to create a variety of different dishes.

While this tropical fruit grows best in tropical climates, you can find fresh fruit in the summertime in your area if you live in a colder climate at grocery stores and fruit and vegetable markets but the purees and juices that are made from passionfruit are available year-round at the same locations.

The amazing flavor of passionfruit can be found in a variety of desserts, poultry glazes, drinks, and even condiments. It’s a great fruit to play around with within your kitchen when you’re trying out new recipes from around the world.

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Much like guava, passion fruit is a great option to use in many of the recipes and dishes you are already making for yourself, your family, and your friends to change up the flavor and make it unique and even more divine to enjoy.

Below we have listed a variety of different ways that you can use passionfruit in your recipes to create delicious dishes that you may not have even thought about before that will not only appeal to your taste buds but be a hit when you have a family get together a barbeque with neighbors, or a large party with family and friends in attendance.

Check out our list of what goes with passion fruit and try out some amazing passion fruit recipes that boast an amazing flavor for you to enjoy.

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Passion Fruit Juice

Glasses of mango passion fruit smoothies.

From passion fruit smoothies two enjoy on your way to the office to alcoholic beverages that taste delicious with the added flavor of passionfruit and an array of juices you can create, passion fruit is amazing when it comes to beverages.

Passion fruit juice is a favorite among many adults and kids as well. The passion fruit pulp can be de-seeded then used to create a delicious fresh passion fruit juice that will be a favorite with your family and friends too.

You can even mix some purple passion fruit with some lime juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice or other flavors to change of the flavor of the juice you are creating so use your imagination and enjoy.

Cocktail Recipe

A glass of passion fruit mojito with a sliced fruit and mint.

Throw some crushed ice in a glass along with some passionfruit juice and some alcohol to create a passion fruit cocktail that you will want to drink over and over again.

Add in some vodka or rum depending on the type of alcohol you like the most and drink up. From a passionfruit pina colada to a passion fruit mojito, you can create an array of different adult beverages with passion fruit.

Passion Fruit Syrup

This is a plate of sliced passion fruit cake with coffee.

From tapioca pudding with some divine passion fruit caramel syrup poured over the top to an ice cream sundae topped with passion fruit mixed with a nice simple syrup, passion fruit can be used in a variety of ways when made into a syrup.

You can even bake up a delicious lemon or chocolate cake then add passion fruit seeds and a little sugar to make a sweet dessert that will have your guests talking about your amazing party or cookout for years to come.

Passion Fruit Puree

This is a parfait with passion fruit puree.

Passion Fruit Sauces

This is a plate of baked salmon with passion fruit sauces.

Use passionfruit to create an amazing barbeque sauce that you can use on a variety of meats, including chicken, beef, and pork. Salmon topped with passionfruit seeds and sauce makes an amazing entree too.

You can also opt to create dishes that feature a delectable white chocolate passion fruit sauce that will jazz up basically any type of dessert.

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

A plate of passion fruit panna cotta on a wooden table.

The word panna cotta means cooked cream in Italian and is basically like a custard. It is easy to make since it does not have a lot of ingredients.

Simply mix together some vanilla, cream, and sugar with some gelatin to help it set and it is ready to go. You can top it with a passion fruit sauce or syrup along with some passion fruit seeds for an amazing flavor and serve it at your next family event.

Passion Fruit Curd

A jar of homemade passion fruit curd.

Puree up some passion fruit pulp to create a passion fruit curd that will be delicious to serve at your next gathering or simply for family movie night.

This curd is sometimes referred to as passion fruit butter and tastes amazing as a dish by itself or spread over toast, biscuits, or pieces of homemade bread.

You can create this amazing curd by mixing together the pulp of the fruit, passionfruit seeds, lemon juice, butter, and sugar with some eggs. This passionfruit preserve can be stored in your fridge to use for several different dishes.

Passion Fruit Agave Nectar

A glass of eggnog passion fruit cocktail at a bar.

Passion fruit agave nectar is a great option to use in your cocktails since you can mix this up quickly then simply add in your choice of alcohol.

You can create margaritas or other amazing alcoholic beverages to delight your guests at a party or to simply enjoy while sitting on your deck after a hard day’s work.

You can change up the flavor of your agave nectar by adding in some clove, ginger, or cinnamon. This amazing passion fruit agave nectar can also be used in a variety of recipes to create amazing dishes to serve to your family and friends.

Passion fruit Cream Tartlets

A whole sliced passion fruit cream tarlets.

You can use the pulp of passion fruit to create a passion fruit tartlet or even cheesecake that is out of this world delicious.

You can find a variety of recipes for tartlets and cheesecake and you can even use some of your passion fruit puree in the recipe to give it the amazing flavor it deserves. Top your tartlet or cheesecake with a strawberry or two or even some fresh mango for even more deliciousness.

FAQs About Passion Fruit

Where can you buy passion fruit?

You can purchase passion fruit at a variety of places, especially when it’s in season. Some of these places include department stores like Wal-Mart, online stores such as Amazon, markets like Whole Foods, or even farmers markets in vegetable and fruit markets.

How can you tell if passion fruit is ripe?

You will know if passion fruit is ripe if it is plump when you gently squeeze it and it has a slight give to it. Also, it should be fully colored which means it should be a darker purple or dark yellow color, depending on the type of passion fruit it is, and can even be an orange or red color.

If the passion fruit is a bit wrinkled, that just means it is extremely ripe and will have a much sweeter taste than other smooth-skinned fruits you can buy.

What are the health benefits of eating passion fruit?

Passion fruit not only can help in lowering your cholesterol level in your body along with your risk for diseases, such as heart disease, certain types of cancers, and heart disease, it is packed full of essential nutrients for your body, including magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, folate, and potassium.

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