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What Goes with Jackfruit?

This is a close look at ripe jackfruit on a plate.

From jackfruit gum, since it is sticky and can be used as a tasty gum without having to do anything, to jackfruit tacos and jackfruit pies and cakes, the possibilities when it comes to what goes with jackfruit are plenty.

The jackfruit grows on a tropical tree in places, such as Asia, South America, and Africa but is native to the rainforests of India. The skin of this fruit is prickly and is normally peeled away from the jackfruit pulp then thrown away in most cases. The official name for jackfruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus but it is also known as kathal or fanas.

You can purchase jackfruit at larger grocery stores as well as fruit and vegetable markets or farmer’s markets. Since I reside in Ohio, I usually have to wait until jackfruit is in the season to be able to purchase it at the grocery store. You can also buy frozen jackfruit or canned jackfruit which is normally an option all year-round.

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Unripe Jackfruit

This is a close look at young unripe and fresh jackfruits on the tree.

Unripened jackfruit is very nutritious and stocked full of several essential vitamins and nutrients that are very healthy for your body. Some of those include phosphorus, zinc, and niacin, all of which promote good health overall.

What is Jackfruit?

This is a ripe piece of jackfruit sliced and plated.

The skin of jackfruit is very thorny on the outside which is the reason you do not want to eat that part, but the inside is not only very sweet and delicious but the part of the jackfruit in which all the good nutrients are can be found. You can eat raw jackfruit, cooked jackfruit, or canned jackfruit depending on your preferences and how you will be using your jackfruit since it can be used in a variety of dishes and in an array of different ways.

Let’s explore some of the options that are available when it comes down to what goes with jackfruit.

BBQ Jackfruit

These are barbecued pieces of jackfruit flesh.

You can barbeque jackfruit on your grill to make a vegan version of pulled pork. This is just one of many vegan jackfruit recipes you can create and is a great bbq jackfruit recipe. The fun part is that you can also create an amazing bbq sauce that goes with it using the pulp of the jackfruit.

It gives your barbecue sauce a sweet and delicious flavor and it can be used on a variety of meats if you prefer, including chicken, pork, and beef. Shredded jackfruit with some garlic powder added for more flavor can be used to make a bbq jackfruit sandwich for a luncheon or an evening meal with your family.

Jackfruit Sauces

This is a plate of jackfruit barbecue with sauce.

Not only can you create an amazing BBQ sauce with jackfruit, but you can also create other sauces and syrups. You can make a great teriyaki sauce by using the pulp of some fresh jackfruit or even canned jackfruit or an adobo sauce. You can use these sauces with an array of different types of meat to create savory dishes that will leave your dinner guests going back for second helpings.

Pulled Jackfruit

A serving of vegetarian pulled jackfruit tacos.

You can use shredded jackfruit in place of beef, chicken, or pork to create an amazing vegan recipe that will be delicious as well as different and unique at your next party or family reunion. Just shred some ripe jackfruit pieces, cook them in any type of barbecue sauce that you like, and add the jackfruit meat to a bun or even taco shells or a corn tortilla with a side of sour cream. Top it all off with some refried beans and red onion and you will then have an amazing meal prepared that is very healthy and delicious.

Jackfruit Syrup with Ice Cream

This is a tropical dessert with jackfruit, ice cream and durian.

You can make a wonderful jackfruit syrup to pour over ice cream or pair coconut ice cream with some fresh jackfruit slices along with some avocado pieces and frozen mango to make a delicious sundae. This dish makes a great treat for your kids that is not only good but healthy or you can serve it as the dessert for your next dinner party.

Jackfruit Pot Pie

A close look at a vegetarian pot pie.

Mix some jackfruit pieces with some vegetable broth, olive oil, sweet potato, and a variety of other veggies to create a jackfruit pot pie that will delight even your pickiest eaters. It is a healthy dish that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients along with a ton of flavor.

Jackfruit Seeds

A bowl of boiled jackfruit seeds.

You can either bake up a batch of jackfruit seeds in your oven sprinkled with salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, and garlic for a tasty snack or you can boil them in sea salt for even more amazing flavor before you munch on them between meals. Jackfruit seeds are healthy and easy to make so definitely a great option for this versatile fruit. You can also add jackfruit seeds to your morning smoothie for added flavor or to top off a cake or pie.

BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

Jackfruit pizza slices on a dark table with flour.

You can chop some jackfruit up into pieces that resemble bell peppers to add to your favorite pizza toppings, such as red onion, pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, chicken, or any other toppings you prefer. The jackfruit will add an amazing flavor to jazz up your pizza for movie night or for a party you are throwing for your friends on your backyard deck.

Jackfruit Drinks

A cold glass of pineapple and jackfruit smoothie.

You can add some coconut milk to some fresh jackfruit slices along with pineapple and other fruits and some yogurt to create a breakfast smoothie that will get your day off to a great, healthy start. You can also use blended jackfruit puree to make alcoholic beverages to serve at your next party by adding vodka, rum, or any other alcohol of your choice and some grenadine or lime juice for some added flavor.

FAQs About Jackfruit

How do you clean a jackfruit?

If you have access to a jackfruit tree, you can harvest a baby jackfruit or you can just purchase one from the vegetable market. You are then ready to cut the jackfruit in half but keep in mind it contains a sticky SAP inside so you will want to apply some type of oil to your hands and to your knife before you start cutting.

You can use a variety of different types of oils including olive oil or coconut oil to combat the jackfruit sap that is a lot like white sticky latex that is actually known as jackfruit latex. Using the knife that you oiled you will first trim away the thorny skin and then cut the skinned fruit into small pieces.

The center stock of jackfruit is not edible so you can remove the center stock from all the pieces of your jackfruit pieces and throw it away. You can then cut the fruit into small pieces about a quarter of an inch in size then wash and clean the cut pieces before draining out the water.

To clean canned jackfruit that is normally prepared in a brine solution that will preserve it, you will need to rinse it well before you use it. It may also contain the jackfruit seed so you will want to remove those by rinsing well also. When you take it out of the can, it will more than likely be in large chunks but you can create shredded jackfruit before you use the canned jackfruit in a recipe.

You can also simply eat the canned raw jackfruit after you clean it well. You can mix it with lime juice, mustard oil, or maple syrup if you prefer and can even create barbecue sauce using shredded jackfruit.

Why is jackfruit a meat substitute?

Jackfruit is very large in size and is a delicious tropical fruit often used as a meat substitute. You can cook it as slices or shred it like chicken or pork to use an array of dishes to make the vegan versions of those and the great part is, it tastes great. You can even add BBQ sauce to the jackfruit and use it in place of pulled pork or chicken for sandwiches or tacos.

What is durian?

Durian is the actual fruit, the meat if you will, of a variety of tropical fruits, including jackfruit. It is tasty and delicious and can be used in a variety of recipes. Durian tends to have a bad odor and is associated with the part of jackfruit that smells bad but is mixed with better scents.