The 10 Most Popular Sofa Designs

We fired up some software and crunched some numbers to figure out the 10 most popular sofas.

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10. Camelback Sofa

We kick off with the camelback. Not my cup of tea but in the right house it's a great look.

9. Settee

A settee is a small, narrow sofa... the first generation loveseat.  It's a little precious for my liking.

8. Tuxedo Sofa

The Tuxedo sofa is an elegant design that's been around since the 1920's. 

7. Chaise Lounge

Chair or sofa? Maybe chair but it's could serve as a sofa. 

6. Convertible Sofa

Arguably the best type of sleeper... it has our vote just because it's solid and roomy. 

5. Pull Out Sofa Bed

It's almost always good to have some type of sleeper sofa in the house. Pull-outs do the job. They're better now than 20 yrs. ago. 

4. Recliner Sofa

Ugly? Yup. Comfy? Definitely. The ultimate TV room sofa. It's no surprise they;re popular.

3. Divan

The diva of sofas. Probably the least comfy too... it's a sofa without a back (aka a bench).

2. Chesterfield

The Chesterfield is my fave. It's regal. It evokes power but also provides comfort. 

1. Sectional Sofa

Functional, spacious, comfortable and looks great. No wonder it's the most popular sofa.