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24 of My Favorite Wayfair Sofas (by Price)

I'm a big Wayfair sofa fan. Amazing selection and the website is one of my favorite furniture websites to use for researching great furniture. I scoured hundreds of sofas and put together this list of my 24 favorite sofas by price available at Wayfair.

Photo gallery of amazing sofas available at Wayfair

I’m very excited about Wayfair because they now ship to Canada (I’m in Vancouver). Before they made their way north, I was always impressed with this online furniture store (actually, Wayfair sells pretty much everything for the home). There are two things I like about Wayfair:

The selection is incredible, especially for furniture.

The website is so user friendly it’s ridiculous. In fact, being a website publisher, I understand that a big part of their rapid growth and success is a result of their superior online shopping store (speed, user experience, ease-of-use, search filters, photos, etc.).

Yes, there are other online furniture stores, but if you’re in the market for a sofa, stop by Wayfair and have a peek. Or, better yet, check out my list of the top 25 Wayfair sofas below (organized by price). Yes, there are some beauties under $500.

Time to pick a great sofa

If you’ve decided to opt for buying individual pieces, chances are, one of those pieces will be a sofa. I spend a lot of time research sofas and other furniture. I’m a fan of Wayfair and spend way too much time on the site. Below I set out what I consider to be 25 of the best Wayfair sofas with price, style, customer feedback and quality in mind.

25 of the Best Wayfair Sofas

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Under $500

One thing I love about Wayfair is that you can find some great sofas under $500. Many furniture stores sell only high end designer furniture, but not Wayfair. The budget-minded can find many great options. I found a good number that I liked, but here are my favorite under $500.

1. Dark over-stuffed leather sofa

First up is a dark overstuffed leather sofa that would work in most living rooms. I think it’s a cool look and is definitely comfortable.

Dark brown leather sofa for 3 people under $500

Learn more here

2. Dark grey upholstered with rolled arms

This sofa looks more expensive than it is. It’s your basic rolled arm sofa, but the color gives it a richness that appeals to me.

Dark gray three person sofa with flared arms and plush cushions under $500

Learn more here

3. Upright Elegance

My third pick for under $500 is a sofa that moves into the more elegant sphere with exposed nail studs, wood legs and has a solid upright look with a moderately high back.

Blue gray sofa with exposed wooden legs

Learn more here

4. Highback comfort

I love off-white and light beige sofas and this one all the more because of it’s tufted back, thick cushions and overall elegant design. With deep seating it’s both elegant and comfortable – a great fit for any living room.

Tufted high back light beige sofa with exposed wood legs under $500

Learn more here

5. Stylish Napping Couch

With low cushioned arms, this sofa is an ideal napping couch, but of course it’s also a great option for sitting in and putting in any living room. It’s a classic, simple design. I love the light grey color. I knew immediately that this sofa would make my list when I saw it.

Ligh gray rolled arm sofa with exposed wood legs

Learn more here


Under $1,000

When you have a budget up to $1,000 for a sofa, you’re getting into the sweet spot with the amount of selection and quality. They may not be designer sofas, but there many to choose from that look fabulous in all styles, colors and materials. Wayfair’s selection of sofas under $1,000 is excellent. I spent a lot of time narrowing down my favorites to just 5. Here they are.

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6. Substantial style

With very short, almost invisible legs, this solid and comfortable sofa offers a grounded look to any living room. I wouldn’t classify it as modern, but it has a modern touch to it via the straight lines and short legs.

Large comfortable flush sofa with detachable cushions

Learn more here

7. Understated beauty

It’s not flashy, but it’s gorgeous. The slight sofa arms, long wood legs and flush back create an elegant but not stuffy sofa that would look great in any formal living room.

Elegant off-white curved arm sofa with long exposed wood legs

Learn more here

8. Bring on the Chesterfield

Here’s the first Chesterfield in my list. I love this masculine-looking Chesterfield sofa with classic tufted back and arms. It’s solid with texture in its design that is a showpiece for any living room. It can fit nicely in a more formal or casual setting. As you can see below, it also works well in a rustic room.

Gray upholstered chesterfield sofa under $500

Learn more here

9. Smooth n’ Casual

Try to picture the following without the nailheads. It’s not the same, is it? It makes this otherwise simple sofa a showpiece in any living room as the nails frame the entire frame. I love the dark grey too.

Dark gray elegant sofa with narrow arms, deep seat and short wood legs

Learn more here

10. Mid-Century 

Any sofa list would be lacking without at least one mid-century sofa offering. The one I chose is a green/blue color which is a bit different which I like with mid-century furniture. The design is classic mid-century with angled wooden legs, and clean lines.

Blue mid-century style sofa with tufted back and angled narrow wood legs

Learn more here

Under $2,000

With a $2,000 budget for a sofa, you start wading into higher-end materials and craftsmanship. You’ll see below that these are truly exceptional sofas (at least I think so because they’re my favorites out of hundreds available).

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11. Gorgeous n’ Comfy

I’ll admit it, the red and white pillows make this sofa look more fabulous (which is a great decor tip, BTW). Pillows aside, I like the high back and thick cushioning which is a design not all that great for a formal living room, but this one works.

Gorgeous overstuff, comfortable sofa with large cushioned arms.

Learn more here

12. Basic Contemporary

There really isn’t anything special about this sofa yet to me it’s very nicely design. It’s proportionate throughout. The detachable back cushions give it some texture. The dark brown works in most color schemes. It’s an understated sofa that I think is a good pick if that’s what you seek.

Dark brown sleeper sofa with concave arms and detachable back cushions.

Learn more here

13. Cottage Cozy

With chunky nailheads and thick cushions all in off-white, this is a lovely sofa option that can grace a formal living room or fit in a more casual cottage design.

Stunning off-white overstuffed casual sofa for three people

Learn more here

14. Smooth Elegance

This is one of my favorite sofas in my list. I love the smooth surfaces outlined with a rich blue stripe. It’s solid (not fussy), but has a touch of delicateness to the style. It’s a truly gorgeous sofa.

Incredible off-white sofa with dark blue outline and high arms

Learn more here

15. Minimalist

Sloping arms give this sofa a minimalist look to it but then there are nailheads around the legs that give it a splash of ornate design. I admit I’m a bit of a sucker for white or off-white sofas, but the curves on this one make it a stand-out option.

Off white sofa with downward curving arms and exposed wood legs

Learn more here

Under $3,000

At the $3,000 price range you start getting into the designer level furniture where you’re paying for panache. You likely end up with a sofa that few other people own. Materials are top-notch. I do find that at the higher end of the price range for sofas that some are way too gaudy or they’re a concept design that may look cool, but wouldn’t work in most homes. Below are my favorite 4 sofas from $2,000 to $3,000.

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16. Deep and Modern

This modern sofa with straight lines still presents a warm style to it with the large detachable back cushions.

Deep beige sofa in plan design with detachable back cushions and round wood legs

Learn more here

17. Leather Chesterfield

Here’s another chesterfield with rave customer reviews and a distressed look. If it’s a leather Chesterfield you want, this is a great option. It’s a stand-out piece of furniture.

Striking rich leather chesterfield sofa with tufted back, arms and lower front.

Learn more here

18.High Arms

I like the high arm look where it’s flush with the back. It’s like a big nook you can jump into but it can also be very comfortable such as leaning against the high arms that provide a lot of support.

Light gray high arm modern sofa

Learn more here

19. Low Arms

From high arms to low arms. Both work (I prefer higher arms though). I found this sofa below an intriguing design with a tiered look to it and exposed bottom frame.

Interesting sofa design with a tiered look from front cushion to arm to rear cushion to sofa back

Learn more here


The sky is the limit when you can drop more than $4,000 for a sofa. Many are too concept oriented for my liking or off-the-chart gaudy. However, I did find 5 that I think are truly exceptional sofas with respect to design and materials that would fit in most home designs.

20. Contemporary 

Here’s a classic contemporary sofa with high arms flush with the back, nailheads on the top of the arm (interesting), ornate round legs and gray upholstery. The seat cushion extends full width of the sofa (a look I like) which gives a sleeker look.

Gray sofa with high arms and long ornate wooden legs

Learn more here

21. Modern Chesterfield

Here’s a new take on the Chesterfield. It’s a delicate Chesterfield with a more narrow frame giving it a more delicate look. I love it. But, it’s definitely more suited to a more formal living room design.

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Cream colored chesterfield style sofa with elegant exposed wooden legs

Learn more here

22. Rustic Comfort

Here’s an upholstered sofa that would work great in a rustic room. With its dark brown color (in a gray sort of hue) along with nailheads, this is an intriguing sofa that I appreciated immediately. It really could work in a lot of room styles.

Simple upholstered brown sofa designed for comfort and looks good in most room designs

Learn more here

23. Distressed Leather

This sofa is a great pick for that masculine, rustic room such as a chalet great room or home office.

Distressed leather rustic sofa with chunky wooden legs

Learn more here

24. Overstuffed Leather

I love overstuffed leather furniture including armchairs and sofas. Here’s one in black and while I’m not crazy about black sofas, this one works really well as it’s offset with the silver nailheads. It’s a striking sofa.

Black leather sofa with nailheads

Learn more here

Should you buy a furniture set for your living room?

The pictures of furniture sets look great, don’t they? It’s enticing and an attractive offer to think with one purchase you get all the seating you need for your living. Plus it matches, ain’t that great?

I’m not going to totally knock buying furniture sets, but generally you can do better with your living room furniture design. With a little effort and research, you can buy individual pieces that together take your living room to the next level plus you get the seating arrangement/options you love. Here’s a brief pros and cons of living room furniture sets.


  • Convenient:  It’s certainly easy and convenient. With one purchase you pretty much totally outfit a living room.
  • Save money:  Often sets can cost less than buying the equivalent individually.
  • Matches: You don’t have to worry about clashing furniture picks. When you buy a set, it matches color and style wise. It’s a safe decision.
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  • Cookie-cutter look:  It’s all the same. You can quickly tell when a room is furnished entirely of a set. It’s not bad, but it could be better.
  • Fail to take your living room to the next level: You miss out on an opportunity to mix and match individual pieces to enhance your living room decor with an exceptional combination of pieces. Sometimes even mixing styles can be used with great effect.
  • Compromise configuration and seating options: Sets usually come with a sofa and loveseat and maybe a chair. You get what you get. When you buy individual pieces, you can get the perfect seating arrangement, whether it’s a sofa and two chairs, two sofas, a sectional and a chair, etc.