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Can You Wash Weighted Blankets? How?

A collage of weighted blankets on washer.

It has not been all that long since weighted blankets became a popular item. They have been determined to be ideal for those that are restless or have anxiety or insomnia.

For those that have a weighted blanket, I am sure they love theirs as much as I love mine. My weighted blanket has been an excellent addition to my sleep routine. 

However, if you have a weighted blanket, you also know it needs to be cleaned. It is a blanket and absorbs sweat, oil, and anything that is spilled on it. It can also hold onto dirt.

Therefore, it is essential to clean your weighted blanket properly. Continue reading to find out more about the best way to clean your weighted blanket. 

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General Information About Washing a Weighted Blanket

Folded roll weighted blanket against the window.

It is always important to review the instructions from the manufacturer of your weighted blanket. There may be a tag on your blanket. If not, you can review the website of company.

A weighted blanket has a heavier construction than a regular blanket. Therefore, they are not as easy to wash. 

The instructions for washing your weighted blanket differ based on the fabric and filler of the blanket. When you want to wash your weighted blanket, there are some conditions to keep in mind. For example, if you have a stain on the blanket, only the area with the stain may need to be cleaned. 

To spot-clean the blanket, you should use a gentle detergent or gentle soap on the stain. You can also use a stain remover for the stain. First, you should rinse off the cleaning product with cold or warm water.

Then, it would be best if you air-dry your blanket. When it comes to removing stains, the sooner, the better. As soon as you know the stain is there, you want to remove it right away. 

If your weighted blanket has a duvet cover, you can remove the cover and wash that instead of the entire blanket. Most duvet covers can be washed and dried in a machine. But, again, you want to verify the instructions on the label first.

How Do I Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Folded weighted blanket in the washing machine.

You can wash your weighted blanket by hand in a sink or bathtub. You can also wash it in a washing machine if it is big enough to hold your weighted blanket.

If your weighted blanket exceeds the weight limit of your washer, you may consider going to a laundromat. No matter which way you choose to wash it, you want a mild cleaner or detergent that does not contain bleach. 

Then you want to wash the blanket in warm or cold water. You should know that your weighted blanket will not like hot water. Therefore, it is essential that your blanket is thoroughly rinsed.

Ideally, you want to air-dry your blanket. The best way to do this is to lay it flat and shake it out often. This ensures the filler dries and redistributes more evenly. 

If you cannot do that and you want to place your blanket in the dryer, be sure to use the lowest setting. You also want to remove your blanket as soon as it is finished. You want it to be completely dry before you use it. You do not want to iron the blanket. 

What Guidelines Should I Follow to Wash My Weighted Blanket?

Hand holding a blanket label.

Weighted blankets are considered bedding, and all types of bedding have varying care guidelines. The material of the blanket significantly impacts the care that your blanket needs. The blanket could be constructed from wool, rayon, cotton, polyester, or some other type of material.

It could also have fill that consists of plastic pellets, glass beads, or other organic material. You can expect that your weighted blanket will have one of these care instructions:

Machine Wash and Machine Dry

When you are machine washing your blanket, be sure to select a gentle detergent that does not have bleach. It is best to wash your blanket on a gentle cycle. It would be best if you did not use fabric softener.

In the dryer, you want to use a light or medium setting. It would be best if you fluffed the blanket as it dries. 

Machine Wash and Air Dry

Weighted blanket being air dried outdoors.

The washing process remains the same when you opt to machine wash, but air dry your weighted blanket. You should choose the gentle cycle and use a mild, non-bleach detergent. Remember to use cold or warm water.

The difference is during the drying process. When you air dry your blanket, you want to spread it flat to dry. While it is drying, you should occasionally shake it. This ensures the fill evenly dries and distributes. 

Machine Wash the Cover

There are some weighted blankets that have a cover. In this case, you remove the cover and wash it separately from the blanket. You should follow the care instructions on the label of the blanket.

Typically, you can wash a duvet cover in cold water in a normal wash setting. After that, you can dry it on the low setting in the dryer or air dry it. You can also dry it by laying it flat. 

Dry Clean Only or Spot Clean

Spot cleaning a blanket using a soft brush.

Some weighted blankets are dry-cleaned only. These must be taken to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning. You can also purchase an at-home dry cleaning kit to use on your blanket.

Some dry clean only weighted blankets can often tolerate spot cleaning. You can remove stains with a gentle soap or stain remover. You should use cold water only.

Massage the cleaner into the stain with your fingers, sponge, or soft brush. Then, thoroughly rinse out the cleaner. 

When Should I Wash My Weighted Blanket?

The more you use your weighted blanket, the more often you should wash it. If you use your weighted blanket every night, you should wash it every few weeks. This prevents body oil and sweat from building up.

If you are only using your blanket occasionally on your sofa or at a desk, you only need to wash it four times a year. If you wash your weighted blanket often, it could impact its durability and the way it feels. 

How Long Will My Weighted Blanket Last?

Closeup of gray weighted blanket

Generally, you can expect your weighted blanket to last about five years before it needs replacing. However, if you care for your blanket correctly, you could extend its life. It is a good idea to get a cover for your blanket.

This protects the blanket itself. The cover can trap dirt, sweat, and oils to prevent them from seeping into the blanket. In addition, the cover can be removed and washed without affecting the durability or structure of the blanket.