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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wallpaper Hanger Contractor

Don’t Just Throw It Against The Wall to See What Sticks

You’re in the spring of it and you’re considering adding a feature wall or transforming an entire room with wallpaper. If you’ve seen any of the home remodeling shows involving wallpaper, you know that people don’t want to deal with it! There are complaints about installation, and removal. Many times decorators and homeowners alike opt for alternative decorating ideas. However, the sheer beauty of what can be done with wallpaper is endless. 

Wallpaper Comes In A Variety Of Designs   

According to Wallpaper there are a plethora of wallpaper types to choose from: 

  • Grass cloth wallpaper
  • Pre-pasted wallpaper
  • Easy-walls wallpaper
  • Non-woven wallpaper
  • Vinyl-coated fabric wallpaper
  • Solid-sheet vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper – Vinyl wallpaper is thought to be the most versatile and is thusly, the most popular type. 

Notes From a Wallpaper DIY’er

Due to my cutesy nature I have to admit that I love intricate details. This is a huge pro of wallpaper. They are designed from an artist perspective. Literally, you can put anything on wallpaper and there are custom designs, as well. Though I am not much of a do-it-yourself person, I have had extensive experience with wallpaper. Even on a shoestring budget, you can find a piece or remnant of wallpaper anywhere for pennies. Some dollar stores have wallpaper remnants, as well. Always a spendthrift, I’ve had experience with it.

It is an extremely difficult decorating idea. Getting the paper on the wall straight is the most difficult part of the project. Suffice it to say, I’ve resorted to just cutting out heart shapes – I said I was cutesy before – and then applying them to the wall. It wasn’t the way the project started, I wanted to put the whole pattern on the wall in a straight vertical line. Professionals agree that this is a daunting challenge.

When it was time to remove the wallpaper – because my whimsy shifted to another decorating idea, I had to purchase a plethora of items just to remove the wallpaper – or should I say the heart shaped cut-outs. In fact, the cost of the removal product cost 10 times what the wallpaper cost to begin with. Next time I will go professional.

  • It’s a time saver. Because professional wallpaper installers have more experience with wallpaper, they’re going to do it right the first time. It will get done quickly and more efficiently than doing it yourself. There are no distractions. The professionals are there for one purpose – to put up your wallpaper. Telephone calls and crying babies will not distract them from their job.
  • It’s a money saver. Let’s be honest, mistakes are going to happen whether you do the job or the professional does the job. We are human. However, professionals will err less. Most likely they will not charge you if they have to procure more wallpaper due to an error. It is already built into the price because it is a foregone conclusion. Due to their expert precision, you will spend less on adhesives, if necessary, as well as other supplies that go along with your wallpaper installation. Many of the items you have to purchase to begin this project like a wallpaper trough, will not cost you anything. The professional has these items and will bring them along for the job.
  • A professional will get the paper straight. The professional is going to install the wallpaper correctly. That means, you get what you had in mind. Many professionals guarantee your satisfaction.
  • In addition to a guarantee, a professional wallpaper installer should have a warranty. This warranty on the product will pass on to you. If there is a defect down the road, you will be able to have it taken care of due to a manufacturer warranty. Some manufacturer warrantees stipulate that the wallpaper must have been installed professionally. 

What do professional wallpaper installers do?

What Do Professional Wallpaper Installers Do?

Professional wallpaper installers do a lot more than install wallpaper. Let’s face it, wallpaper installation is a tedious project. It takes time and patience. More than that, wallpaper installation takes skill. Professional wallpaper installers do the following:

According to, before the wallpaper is installed a professional wallpaper installer:

  • Will take away pre-existing wallpaper, if present
  • Remove the gloss from enamel paint
  • Remove debris and dirt from the walls
  • Fill holes that may exist on the wall
  • Repair and fill cracks that may exist on the wall
  • Take away texture that may exist on the wall
  • Prepare and prime newly installed drywall

Professionals will ensure that the walls are in the best condition before wallpaper is installed. Professional wall paper installers proceed with their installation according to the product that is being used. For example, pre-pasted wallpaper must have an additive (generally, water) added to activate the adhesive. Manufacturer guidelines must be followed to the letter to ensure the best results. A professional wallpaper installer is trained and experienced in these different techniques. Having the tools for the various application techniques is just as critical as doing the actual install right. Qualified professionals ensure that your wallpaper installation will be correct. Wallpaper applied correctly can be enjoyed for years and years. This is the goal of a professional wallpaper installer. Familiarity with the product is key. An experienced wallpaper installer will be able to differentiate between types and would have worked with different types.

Make the Right Inquiries When Choosing Your Professional Wallpaper Installer

Angie’s List is a reputable resource for finding professional contractors and other home remodeling workers. Angie’s List staffers encourage you to ask questions of prospective workers prior to hiring. They offer the following list of five pertinent questions to ask your prospective wallpaper installer:

  • Do you guarantee my satisfaction with the finished product?
  • Are custom requests permitted?
  • How much prep work is involved?
  • Have you used the wallpaper material I’ve chosen before?
  • How experienced are you with wallpaper installation?

The Day Has Arrived, What to Expect   

Your wallpaper installer will let you know if there is some preliminary prep work that you must do before the installation occurs. If there is some prep work you must do, make certain it’s done in the timeframe the professional recommends. Making sure the wall is clean and free of grime, grease and dirt is imperative. Make certain the area to be wallpapered is free from obstacles, noise and distractions. Your wallpaper installer will let you know the type of atmosphere they require for their work.

Rest Assured, Your Professional Wallpaper Installer Is Qualified

Like most home project workers, many wallpaper installers are not certified. However there is a resource the Wallcovering Installers Association or WIA is the only trade association for professional wallpaper installers. Having a professional who has taken the time to become certified through the Wallpaper Installer’s Association The WIA also offers courses. Through their Wallcovering University, professionals interested in becoming great can take professional instruction. As they continue through the coursework, they become accredited in that particular skill. The WIA works closely with manufacturers of wall coverings and design techniques. Wallpaper installers have much on the job training and can also learn under a makeshift apprenticeship basis.

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