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10 Best Vegan Cookies Recipes (All Types)

A delicious and sweet vegan cookies

Finding the perfect vegan cookie recipe can seem like an overwhelming task for anyone who’s new to this lifestyle. Yet, the sweet tooth cravings can’t be simply ignored because of choosing a healthier lifestyle.

I’m a firm believer in finding the right amount of balance in everything that we do. In this case, a healthier plant-based lifestyle still needs a little bit of sugary treats on days when the world is a bit much to deal with.

But, it doesn’t end with just finding the right recipes. In most cases, being vegan means spending a lot of time experimenting with ingredients to find what’s best suited for our taste buds. 

Fortunately, there are loads of recipes that we can try to ensure that we can enjoy a sweet treat whenever we feel like it. And, since we don’t need any dairy products, our prep time is usually faster. With most of my recipes taking less than an hour to perfect, it makes the baking part so much easier than anticipated. 

Let’s learn more about these easy and tasty vegan cookie recipes that everyone can enjoy, even if they aren’t strictly vegan. 

1. Vegan Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies Recipe

A brown cookie in a small bowl

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Switching to a vegan lifestyle isn’t something that should be a challenge. I’ve noticed that most of us try too hard to give up a lot of the things that we once enjoyed before choosing a plant-based diet. But, this is where I think we mostly get it wrong. 

Why should I give up enjoying chocolate chip cookies now that I’m vegan? I shouldn’t, and nor should anyone else. My vegan chocolate chip Tahini cookies will also convince anyone in doubt that it’s okay to enjoy sweet treats, no matter the diet that we choose. 

When I bite into this freshly-baked goodness, I even forget that they aren’t made with butter and eggs like the traditional chocolate chip cookies that we all grew up loving. My non-vegan friends are always surprised, in a good way, when they taste these for the first time.

My recipe is an all-time favorite that anyone who is or isn’t vegan should try.

2. Vegan Peanut Butter And Banana Cookies Recipe

A bowl of vegan cookie with chocolate chips

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The one thing that I’ve found to be interesting and surprisingly enjoyable about a vegan lifestyle is that I’m always exploring new flavors. In case anyone was wondering about how I came to combine the nutty flavors of peanut butter and a sweet banana.

It’s also a simpler way that I’ve managed to get the rest of my family to enjoy eating their fruits and veggies. Finding the ingredients for any plant-based diet isn’t the difficult part.

Making sure that the flavors come out tasting right can be the challenging part that I never knew before. Thankfully, we all want to try until we get it right. These cookies are what I go for when I’m feeling adventurous, and want to wow my guests with a punch of flavors.

These cookies are what I call a culinary explosion that we should all experience at least once in a lifetime. Plus, pulling off these flavors means that I get to be the most talked about cookie maker in town. 

3. Chewy Vegan Ginger Spice Cookies Recipe 

A bowl of chewy vegan cookie

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There’s nothing that I love more than a chewy cookie. Better yet, when it’s chewy and spicy because of the ginger and cinnamon flavors in it. I’m convinced that this take on a ginger cookie gives the traditional gingersnap one a run for its money. 

These are the cookies that I enjoy making when it’s the holiday season. The smell of the different spices filling up my kitchen lets me know that there’s a certain level of warmth and love in my house. In fact, anything baked in my home will likely be part of our holiday festivities.  

While having lots of baked goodies is an amazing way to feast during the holidays, I still worry about my weight from time to time. So, having a healthier alternative to snack on during tea time or before bedtime is an ideal solution for those looming extra calories.

This is where this chewy deliciousness comes in to save my waist. I can enjoy them all the more because they’re made from wheat flour. The natural spices have great nutritional value, and a dollop of liquid honey to add to the sweetness.

For anyone who has more of a sweet tooth than I have, I’d suggest coating these cookies in natural cane sugar for an enjoyable and warming decadent experience. My go-to vegan cookie recipe to create this magic in my mouth.

4. Chewy Molasses Cookies Recipe 

A chocolate vegan cookie in a plain table with cloth

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The fact of the matter is that molasses is the glue of many vegan treats. On wintry days, I love to bake something that gives me the kind of nostalgia that takes me back to my grandmother’s house. Growing up, I used to enjoy having any chewy cookies with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. 

The warmth that I used to feel is unexplainable. This is why I’ve decided to bring back this baking tradition in my house. With a molasses twist, of course. These cookies are a great idea when I’m looking for something sweet, but that won’t take up a lot of my time when I make it.

But, it all comes down to my vegan friendly ingredients. When choosing my molasses, I always go for the unsulphured kind. This helps me to get the dark color that I need once I’m done. To give them a chewy texture with a sweet taste, I combine equal parts of my dark brown and white sugar.

With any baking that I do, I always ensure that I give my full attention to mixing my ingredients. If I mess up any crucial steps, my entire chewy molasses cookie recipe along with my fond childhood memories will be tainted.

This recipe helps me to ensure that I stay true to my vegan baking techniques. 

5. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies Recipe 

A vegan cookies formed like a bear

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The thing is that choosing to eat differently from the way I used to while I was growing up has changed a lot more than how I look at the world. It also means that I have to take every recipe that I know, and find the right ingredients to ensure that it still tastes similar.

Moreover, my recipes should always remain true to my healthy and vegan lifestyle. Let’s take the classic gingerbread cookies that we all love. I can still bake them to perfection, and with the same wholesome taste that we all love about them.

Yet, I make mine with plant-based ingredients such as almond butter, coconut oil, and coconut sugar. And, since I don’t use eggs or dairy products in my dough mix, I can nibble at it without worrying about any food bacteria upsetting my tummy.

I can’t stress enough how important the spices are when it comes to making gingerbread cookies. So, adding them to the mix is as important as my actual baking. 

Having this recipe can save anyone who wants to enjoy vegan gingerbread cookies, but who doesn’t know where to start or how to make ground flaxseed.

6. Vegan Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies Recipe 

A plate of vegan cookies with choco chips

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I don’t think that my list would be complete without a cookie recipe that’s authentically vegan. These cookies are what I enjoy making when I want to have a sweet treat without feeling any guilt about packing on any calories. Even though they’re mainly inspired by my strong love for chocolate chip cookies. 

In fact, sometimes when I feel a little more daring, I do add the cranberries and chocolate chips together. The infusion of these flavors is something that I never expected that I needed in my mouth. 

The oatmeal gives these cookies the texture that I love the most about them. Plus, it leaves me feeling better about indulging as much as I do when I’m done baking them. However, my cranberries are the real stars of this incredible cookie recipe because they’re so tasty and juicy. 

To get a better idea of how to enjoy this absolute favorite cookie recipe of mine, click the recipe above. 

7. 1-Bowl Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe 

A bowl of vegan cookies with milk

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Just imagine having cookies that look like little fluffy pillows. These 1-Bowl Snickerdoodle cookies are my favorite thing to look at, and bake. I love how easy they are to bake, and that they don’t require a lot of prep time as well. 

These cookies are a great reminder that I can enjoy food with the same vigor when it’s plant-based. Not only are they my healthy go-to snack, but I’ve also decided that this is a better version of the Snickerdoodle.

This vegan foolproof recipe still gives me the kind of fluffiness and sweet taste that I look for when I crave a Snickerdoodle cookie. Did I mention that the prep and baking can be done in just under an hour?

Yep, it won’t take forever to discover why I love these vegan goodies so much with the step-by-step recipe.

8. Almond Butter Vegan Cookies Recipe 

A plate of rounded vegan cookies

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I still can’t believe that there was a time in my life when I would go into a frenzy when I didn’t have any butter when I wanted to bake or cook something. Fortunately, when anyone spends as much time in the kitchen as I do, a lot of great discoveries happen. 

This is how I found out that almond butter cookies are a great alternative to any other butter cookies that I’ve ever had. It goes without saying that the almond butter is what makes these cookies a delightful snack for my family and I to enjoy.  They make a great substitute for the usual penalty butter cookies that I normally bake.

 Moreover, they don’t even take more than 30 minutes for me to prepare and bake them. If a tasty, sweet, and quick cookie snack is what I’m looking for, this has become one of my preferred recipes. I love how yummy and smooth they feel when I bite into them.

It’s so easy for anyone to learn how to make these easy almond butter cookies.

9. Carrot Cake Vegan Cookies Recipe 

A plate of file vegan cookies

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What’s not to love about any carrot cake recipe? This is one of those recipes that I can whip up during any time of the year. The spicy, tangy, and nutty flavors are always a welcomed taste in my home. I enjoy making a wholesome recipe that I know that I can indulge on at any time of the day.

And, this is what I always think of when I make these vegan carrot cake cookies. Plus, I always make the cream cheese frosting to give them that extra dose of personality to wow anyone who wishes to try them out. 

They’re honestly so much easier to make since I don’t have to worry about adding any eggs or dairy products when I make them. Even my cream cheese frosting is strictly plant-based to ensure that I don’t cut any corners on my vegan lifestyle. 

To find out how vegan carrot cake tastes like, I’ve selected the great recipe above to try out.

10. Pumpkin Chocolate Vegan Cookies Recipe 

A bowl of vegan cookies with baking sheet under

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The one thing that I’ve grown to appreciate about vegan cookie recipes is that they’ve taught me all that I didn’t know about using the right amount of spices. And this is what I like about this pumpkin chocolate cookie recipe.

It has the spiciness from the pumpkin and the delectable sweetness of my vegan chocolate. These are usually two main ingredients that I wouldn’t normally think of combining. However, they create a gentle and exciting kind of magic once I snack on them.

These cookies are soft and full of rich flavors that everyone will want more of. This is why I end up making more than one batch to ensure that we have more than enough going around. 

To learn how easy it is to create this amazing recipe, I’ve included my ultimate go-to recipe above for these cookies.