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23 Best Vegan Calzone Recipes (All Types)

Vegan Calzone Recipes

Dinner night doesn’t always have to be takeout. Get on board with eating at home and start with homemade Italian food by way of vegan calzones. These vegan calzone recipes are sure to be a smash hit in your kitchen, maybe even this evening.

It’s that easy to make your own pizza dough, I can do it in 12 minutes! That’s literally how long it takes for a stand mixer to whip together pizza dough from flour to the oven. I let the pizza dough rise, which gives me time to put together an insane smorgasbord of fillings, sauces, and toppings.

I enjoy going on to these recipe roundups and seeing what all of the options are out there in calzone land.

1. Vegan Calzone Recipe

Vegan Calzone With Sesame Seeds

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The use of plant-based ingredients is what makes a Vegan Calzone Recipe the star of the show. Making your own pizza dough for the calzone is also a winner for home chefs. It’s more affordable and saves you time and energy on going to the store just for a bag of dough.

Stop spending dough on dough, you know? The recipe also uses a vegan marinara sauce that has extra, and I do mean extra, spices and seasonings. Vegan Worcestershire sauce is used here to make for a more substantially meaty flavor.

The recipe also includes a homemade garlic cashew cream mixture that is used in place of cheese for the filling.

2. How to Make a Vegan or Vegetarian Calzone Recipe

Vegan Calzone With Dipping Sauce

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Here is a more thorough review on how to make a vegan or vegetarian calzone that gives several great suggestions. The vegan calzone, also called a kalzone if you are not using gluten, starts with a vegan pizza dough. By freezing the completed but still raw calzone before use, this helps make for a better baking experience.

Good to know! I like how they sprinkle cheese over the top of the calzone, but note that you need to use a vegan cheese for this to be a vegan calzone. I’ve found the vegan shreds to work quite well when baking vegan calzones.

3. Veggie Calzones

Veggie Calzones In A Plate

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This Taste of Home Veggie Calzones recipe serves a whopping eight people or makes enough for leftovers for a family of four. Taste of Home is one of my go-to recipe resources. They always have an ideal recipe for practically anything cozy and homemade.

Here I see they are not using pizza dough but instead opt for two loaves of frozen bread dough. You have to thaw it and then cut it into eight pieces that become 7-inch diameter circles. This is a great recipe to make for freezing and reheating during a busy week for school.

4. Vegan Calzone Recipe Gluten-Free Pizza Pockets

Cheesy vegan calzone

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These Vegan Calzone Recipe Gluten-Free Pizza Pockets are great for a cheesy vegan calzone. The recipe is filled with veggies and hearty, meaty mushrooms, which are the ideal solution for a vegan meat-free recipe. Also stuffed with vegan cheese, these calzones are gluten-free yet also bake up crisp on the crust.

If you are not a fan of mushrooms, the recipe creator suggests using eggplant, which I would second. Eggplant lends a thick and meaty texture similar to the way mushrooms do to a vegan calzone recipe. Plus, you get the nutrition factor of a naturally purple food.

5. Vegan Calzone With Mixed Veggies (Veggie Lover Style)

Mixed Veggies Calzone

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This is a recipe for a brown and cheesy Vegan Calzone With Mixed Veggies (Veggie Lover Style) by Peaceful Dumpling. Serving this as an appetizer is a great suggestion, right alongside your favorite vegan pizza made at home. Starting with their dough recipe, I can already say this is a special one.

The use of high quality sea salt, raw sugar, and olive oil is going to rev up the flavor in this dough for the calzone. You are only getting one calzone, though, which is said to serve two adults. I would double up on the dough, marinara, and filling to save time and then freeze the leftover calzone.

6. Best Homemade Vegan Calzones

Homemade Vegan Calzones


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The Best Homemade Vegan Calzones made by a 22-year vegan sounds promising. I will say they aren’t as brown as I would prefer my calzones to bake up. I would recommend adding some palm shortening or vegan butter to the top and browning before serving these calzones.

However, she uses Pamela’s pizza mix, which you may be a fan of using or have in your pantry. If so, this makes good use of that mix in these vegan calzones and this recipe shows you how to do it at home.

7. How to Make a Vegan Calzone (Easy)

Vegan Calzone


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How to Make a Vegan Calzone (Easy) goes into depth about how to make a calzone. The steps are quite extensive and include six steps for the dough and six steps for the sauce, plus another 10 steps to assemble and bake the calzone. If you are someone who craves the attention to detail that this extensive recipe provides, each step is broken down into an encyclopedia-like format.

It makes reading easier if you are more logical or looking to figure out how to improve your vegan calzone filling. They show you how to make a homemade garlic cashew cream that mimics ricotta cheese.

8. Vegan Calzones

Vegan Mushrooms Calzone

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These Vegan Calzones opt for homemade using spinach ricotta, which makes this a more grownup version. Unless you can get your family to eat spinach willingly, but I simply cannot. But I can make them eat spinach with this recipe because it’s sneaky!

The recipe also calls for no oil, which is nice. It’s a healthy alternative that lowers the calories, of which is 120 calories per tablespoon. When cooking, I prefer to minimize the oil and butter to reduce the addition of empty calories and try to use more spices.

I was not always like this, but after home cooking exclusively and cutting out all fast food restaurants and convenience packaged foods, it’s the only way to go.

9. Vegan Calzone

Vegan Pesto Calzone

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This Vegan Calzone includes a comparison between the fried version of a calzone, which is called a panzerotti. The panzerotti is as large as a pizza, while a calzone is the size of a sandwich. Great to know when making a calzone at home!

The recipe creator also makes a homemade vegan pesto to include in the fixings, and uses vegan pepperoni and cheese shreds and a homemade pizza dough.

10. Easy Vegan Calzones

Easy Vegan Calzones

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A recipe roundup must include these Easy Vegan Calzones that are made using a garlic-miso cream that is vegan. Ready-made pizza dough is the performer for the crust, so make sure to find a good grocer or pizzeria from which to get your dough. A tip is to let the dough rise for about 30 minutes outside of the refrigerator while the oven is preheating.

Also, stick your pizza stone in the oven while it’s heating up. This will help improve the crust and speed up the baking process for the vegan calzone.

11. Vegan Buffalo Chicken Calzones

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Calzones

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If you want to use a Vegan Calzone recipe that combines the flavor and texture of buffalo chicken with a Chinese wonton wrapper. It’s a crazy recipe that is perfect for a tailgating event or backyard barbecue. The result is a mini calzone that includes vegan ricotta and shredded cheese along with that crazy vegan food, jackfruit.

I personally am not sure this is a normal fruit that actually comes from nature, as I have never seen or climbed a jackfruit tree. That being said, jackfruit with buffalo sauce appears to be the winning star of this filling.

12. Vegan Calzones (Homemade Vegan Pizza Dough)

Vegan Pizza Calzone

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Homemade vegan pizza dough goes into this Vegan Calzones recipe, which is more of a vegan pizza pocket, as they call it. The dough is made and then filled with vegan meat alternatives like vegan bacon and meatballs to create any version of the calzone you want. They also call for adding vegan feta and parmesan, along with vegan pesto and fresh or dried herbs like basil or oregano.

13. Gluten-Free and Vegan Calzone Recipe

Gluten-Free Vegan Calzone

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This Gluten-Free and Vegan Calzone Recipe actually comes with a tutorial for DIY disposal cleaning bombs, so just bare with me. Once you get past that chaos, the recipe is very simple and has a six-step photo tutorial. Similar to the pizza pockets in the previous recipe in this roundup, this recipe forms individual sandwich-sized calzones that are authentic.

You are also baking them, which is also accurate to the original calzone recipe. Of course, veganizing the calzone recipe is all new and modern, but that’s a whole new world.

14. Vegan Broccoli Calzone/Pie

 Vegan Broccoli Calzone

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The Friendly Fig, not to be confused with Pig, is up next with the Vegan Broccoli Calzone/Pie. This is a hand pie filled with broccoli and maybe some vegan cheese if you are up for it. The recipe is very minimalist in ingredients and starts with a pre-made pizza dough.

Cooking the broccoli or using frozen-thawed broccoli is required, so plan accordingly. You’ll want to let the cooked broccoli, especially if it is steamed from frozen, come up to room temperature so it’s not wet.

15. Vegan Ricotta Calzone

Vegan Ricotta Calzone

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Another Vegan Ricotta Calzone, let’s see how they make their ricotta the vegan way. They do, too, by the way, as this is a common and easy to make vegan cheese. The tofu ricotta starts with soaked cashews and firm tofu and uses seasonings to boost the flavor.

A little Italian seasoning and it’s going to start tasting more like a pizza and calzone filling you are expecting. The recipe also calls for chopped green peppers and onions, which is added additionally to the tofu ricotta and pizza sauce. This is a very filling homemade Vegan Ricotta Calzone you can make with most pantry ingredients you have on hand.

16. Vegan Pizza and Calzone Recipe

Vegan jerky pizza calzone

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The Vegan Pizza and Calzone Recipe here starts with a well written introduction to the world of vegan pizza ingredients. Vegan jerky is the plant-based heavy hitter in this calzone. By cooking the vegan jerky, which is seitan in most instances, along with some vegetables, you are able to enhance the flavor and texture of the calzone.

This recipe only takes about one hour from start to finish. That makes it a great midweek recipe for a family needing to eat something comforting fast.

17. Vegan Calzones

Whole kernel corn calzone

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Vegan Calzones featuring corn, you say? No way! Way, and if you are up for whole kernel corn in your calzone, then keep reading. Their finished photo of a vegan calzone is quite impressive considering how well they got that outside crust.

Brushing the calzone with water before baking is evidently the trick! It definitely makes for an impressive finishing appearance. The recipe is also minimalist with the use of pizza dough, readily made, and store-bought jarred pizza sauce.

They use tofu with sweet corn off the cob and a variety of seasonings for the rest of the fillings. No vegan cheeses are used in this recipe. If you are averse to the use of cheese like tofu ricotta or vegan shreds, this will make a great recipe for your household.

18. Chef Joey’s Mexican Calzone (Vegan)

Mexican Calzone

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This recipe for Chef Joey’s Mexican Calzone (Vegan) claims to be affordable at only $5.52 per serving and it makes enough for four adults. The recipe starts with your own choice of a pizza crust, or dough, as I prefer to call it, which could be whatever your heart desires. This could be a cauliflower crust that is nice and thin, or a crust made using ready to use pizza dough from the freezer section.

Just make sure it’s vegan unless you make it yourself, and then you can be sure it is. Honey would be a no-no to add to a vegan pizza dough, for example, and this sweetener may be found in some store-bought doughs.

19. Quick Vegan Calzone Filling (GF)

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A gluten-free recipe, this Quick Vegan Calzone Filling is full of flavor with 14 ingredients, not counting salt or black pepper, which you should also add here. The use of Napa cabbage is unique, as is carrots, potatoes, and celery for a calzone filling. No meat-free substitutes like TVP (textured vegetable protein) because the recipe calls for mushrooms.

Tomato puree and tamari for soy sauce along with cilantro really amp up the flavor in this Quick Vegan Calzone Filling.

20. Mini Calzones

Mini Calzones

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Surprisingly, this recipe for Mini Calzones is all about that nutritional yeast aka nooch. The use of nutritional yeast goes well for cheese-flavored foods, yet I am sort of shook I haven’t seen it yet in any of these popular recipes for vegan calzones. However, that being said, it is clear why this recipe has to be included in this recipe roundup!

They also use liquid smoke, which is a flavor savor for anyone mimicking woodsmoke in a recipe that is vegan. This upgrades the mushroom and spinach filling that is sauced with tomato puree and fresh oregano. You end up with eight mini calzones from this recipe, which also gives you a homemade pizza dough recipe.

21. Calzone With Meatballs (Vegan)

Vegan Meatballs Calzone

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Calzone With Meatballs (Vegan) is by a recipe writer who worked in an Italian restaurant, so they know a few things about Italian foods that most of us home chefs do not. The recipe goes with a pizza dough ready-made from the store, which does not mean being baked by the way. The pizza dough you get at the store should be in a ball form.

If you do find a pizza crust, you can use it in a pinch, but only in a pinch. These are going to be a lot denser and drier than any pizza dough baked into a crust; they are more like a round cracker in my opinion. Here the use of frozen meatballs, the vegan kind, is also the winner.

22. Vegan Calzone Recipe

Italian-style pizza calzone

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This Vegan Calzone Recipe uses a thin crust, not a cracker, but something that resembles a thin crust Italian-style pizza. How do they achieve this thin crust without sacrificing flavor? They simply roll out the dough, which you need to find or prepare yourself beforehand.

From there, the filling includes five scallions, sweet peppers, baby spinach, and a homemade marinara sauce. Sprinkling in plant-based cheese transforms this calzone into a work of deliciousness.

23. Vegan Calzones

Vegan pizza dough calzone

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If you want another option for your own vegan pizza dough to make yourself, here is a recipe within a recipe. This Vegan Calzones recipe starts with a flavorful pizza dough that actually has the seasonings and spices tucked right into the rising dough. This is a stand-out way to make a dough that is different from all the rest in this recipe roundup.

The filling includes pizza sauce of your choosing, soy cheddar cheese, soy mozzarella, mushrooms, green pepper, onions, and vegan pepperoni. The use of cheddar flavored cheese shreds on a vegan calzone is also one of a kind! While not traditional, this is more Americanized and can really boost the otherwise sometimes boring flavors of a meat-free vegan calzone.