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19 Different Types of Wood Cutting Tools

A photo collage of different types of wood cutting tools.

Wood is the top choice for most do-it-yourself projects and cutting it is a skill many DIY enthusiasts would loathe not to have. They want something that cuts wood easily. Naturally, there are tons of tools that are designed for cutting wood.

As long as you’re using the right wood-cutting tool for the task, this task can be quick and uncomplicated.

Check out this list of hand tools below for slicing through a wide range of wood.

Types of Wood Cutting Tools

Below you will find the following:

  • All types of tools to cut wood
  • Tools used to trim and shape wood
  • Cutting tools in carpentry
  • Wood-cutting tools for home use
  • Precision wood-cutting tools

1. Lathe

A woodworker uses a lathe to shape a piece of wood.

Owning a lathe is essential if you want to be able to work with wood as easily as possible. These lathes can be used to cut wood in many different ways. You can attach many different types of tools to the lathe and will be able to use it as a sort of all-encompassing woodworking tool.

Whether you need to make precision cuts, or you are looking to plane a piece of lumber, this is going to be the right tool for the job.

Lathes are not going to be simple to buy when you’re on a tight budget, though. A good lathe can be a bit costly, but it will definitely be worth the investment.

You will simply have to make sure that you can afford to buy one of the better ones on your current budget. It isn’t prohibitively expensive, but it will definitely be considered a major purchase by most.

2. Table Saw

An electric table saw is being prepared for usage inside a woodwork factory.

If you need to cut a large number of different planks or other pieces of lumber, then using a table saw is really going to expedite the process. You can make very precise cuts using a table saw.

When you have one of these table saws available to you, it will be easy to make many cuts one right after the other. This is the type of saw that professionals use when they are preparing their lumber in many different circumstances.

Buying a professional table saw is going to be useful if you run any type of construction business. Businesses that work with lumber will benefit from having a table saw that is ready to use on the job site.

The table saw that is being shown here can be transported to the job site very easily and will help you to make the cutting part of your job a lot quicker. Saving time is always a good thing, and this saw will prove to be well worth the investment because of it.

If you want to own one of these table saws, then you should be aware that there are some variations. Some of the table saws will be a bit smaller and won’t stand as tall.

Others will have legs like the model that is being shown here. Just be sure to buy one that suits your needs, and you will be cutting boards much more swiftly than ever before.

3. Hacksaws

HacksawHacksaws are more commonly used to cut pipes and other things inside of the home in modern times. Regardless, they can be quite handy when you need to see through a log.

A good hacksaw is going to be very affordable, and you’ll be able to find one at just about any hardware store. They’re easy to use and very reliable, making them an essential saw to own.

One interesting thing about hacksaws is that you can remove the blade and insert a blade that is meant for the type of material that you are cutting. The tooth count on the blade is going to differ depending on what you are using at the time.

If you want to cut through wood, then you will want to get a blade that is meant for this material. Once you have everything that you need, this is going to be a really useful saw to have around for its multi-purpose nature.

4. Coping Saws

Coping sawThis saw is easily recognizable as it has an interesting design that isn’t quite like any other type of handsaw. Coping saws are really important to own when you need to make more intricate cuts.

These handy saws are used to make curved cuts and can even be used to cut intricate shapes. Using one of these saws to its full potential may require a little bit of know-how, but once you get it all figured out, you will be really glad to own one.

The blade on a coping saw is really thin, making it simple to change directions when you need to. You should be able to get a really clean cut when you’re using a coping saw properly.

You can even make cuts inside of the wood if you want when you have this saw. It will be necessary to drill a hole into the wood and then reinsert the saw blade, but it’s very convenient to be able to do this.

5. Bow Saw

Bow sawA bow saw will be a tool that you will rely on for woodcutting purposes time and time again. This saw has a fairly long blade for a handsaw. It features many teeth in a cross-cut design, and this allows it to cut tree limbs very swiftly. It will cut both when you are pushing with the saw and when you are pulling.

Saws like this can be used for many different tasks. You will be able to prune your trees with this saw if you so choose. Many people prefer to use the pruning saw, as it is a little easier to hold with one hand while you’re on a ladder. Even so, it can be very good for cutting tree limbs.

People also use bow saws to cut through logs. It’s a really good handsaw when you need to make some rough cuts.

You will want to keep one of these in your wood cutter tool collection if you do a lot of work outside. This saw is definitely one that will see more use outdoors than indoors, but it is perfect for your outdoor woodcutting purposes.

6. Crosscut Saw

Crosscut saw

You are going to want to have one of these saws when you need to cut through rough wood. This saw is characterized by having a large and thick blade.

The teeth are also quite large and will be able to be used for cutting large limbs or even trees. If you need to cut through tough pieces of wood on a regular basis, then you will want to own a quality crosscut saw.

Saws like this will be invaluable when you’re looking to make your cuts efficiently.

You need to have access to tools that are durable and reliable. A high-quality crosscut saw will be able to be used for many years. It will serve many purposes for you and is going to be your preferred saw for many outdoor woodcutting tasks.

7. Jigsaw

A carpenter uses an electric jigsaw to get the desired shape from the wood.

When you need to cut curves into a piece of wood, you’re going to want to have your jigsaw at the ready. A jigsaw is very useful for cutting curves and can also be great when you just need to cut lines into a piece of lumber.

These saws are very commonly used for many purposes, so owning one will be a smart choice that will come in handy in several areas. When it comes to woodcutting, you will love being able to cut curves without it being a real hassle.

You can use a jigsaw for most materials, such as plastic, wood, laminate, metal, etc. All you need for fast cutting is to choose the right blade.

Here are a few helpful tips on choosing the right jigsaw blade types: use carbon steel blades to cut wood and PVC, bi-metal blades for thin metals, fine-toothed blades if you want to make accurate and clean cuts, and use coarse blades for cutting wood faster.

All of these tips will help you to cut through your material and you will enjoy the final results.

Of course, there are some variations to consider when you go to purchase a jigsaw. Some jigsaws will be corded while others will be cordless. The cordless options can be more convenient in some ways due to their increased portability.

Corded options will allow you to use the saw for long periods without having to worry about things such as battery life.

Which type of jigsaw is going to work best for your purposes will depend on what you need.

If you are going to be close enough to a power source at all times during your jobs, then buying the corded model can save you some of the trouble that is associated with batteries.

Think about the jobs you are going to be doing and make an informed decision. Either way, you will be getting an excellent tool that will work great for cutting curves into the wood.

8. Two-Man Crosscut Saw

A two-man crosscut saw is about to be used to cut up a log.

There are also two-man crosscut saws on the market that you can purchase. You have probably seen saws like this being used in popular movies by lumberjacks.

Two men stand on opposite sides of a tree and they push and pull in an alternating fashion. This allows them to cut down trees very swiftly and it makes the task less taxing than it would otherwise be.

This saw has two large handles for the men operating it to hold. You can grip the handles with both hands and this will allow you to put more strength into pushing and pulling the saw.

Admittedly, these two-man crosscut saws are not as commonly used in modern times. They are still used in certain situations, and some people prefer cutting down trees using this method rather than using power tools.

If you want to fell some trees, then it might be a good idea to seek one of these saws out. They aren’t nearly as common as the normal crosscut saws that are mentioned above.

You will be able to find two-man crosscut saws at certain hardware stores, though. Owning one will be useful when you want to cut down a tree using manpower rather than power tools.

9. Pruning Saw

Pruning sawPruning saws are used extensively by tree surgeons to make specific cuts to tree limbs. You might also see your landscaper carrying around one of these.

These saws are generally pretty long and feature a curved blade. It has very coarse teeth that are able to make quick work of tree limbs by cutting from both sides.

If you want to be able to cut down tree limbs swiftly with a manual tool, then buying a pruning saw is highly recommended. They are going to be easy to use and will save you time when compared to other manual options.

Some people prefer these pruning saws even over chainsaws, as they feel safer using them. The decision on what will work best for you will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

10. Japanese Saw

A man using a japanese saw to cut a small piece of wood.

Taking a look at one of these Japanese saws will definitely pique your interest. They have a very unique design and are actually quite visually appealing. Saws like this are referred to as pull saws. They are capable of making woodworking much simpler for people.

These saws are very lightweight, and you simply pull the saw to make it cut the wood. This requires a lot less strength than something like a hacksaw or many other hand saws that you could use for this purpose. It has become a very desirable saw among woodworking enthusiasts and is quite practical for many reasons.

If you possess less upper body strength than you would like, then using a Japanese saw is likely going to be significantly easier for you than other types of handsaws.

11. Rip Cut Saw

Rip-cut sawSometimes rip cut saws are simply referred to as hand saws. They are the most traditional and typical hand saw that you could possibly think of. Almost everyone who works with wood owns one of these saws. It is great for cutting boards quickly, and it is easy to take with you to different job sites.

A saw like this will require a bit of arm strength in order to use it properly. There is also a bit of technique involved, but once you understand how to put your weight into the sawing motion, this will be an easy task.

Tools like this are affordable to own and are always useful. You might even want to own a couple of saws like this for the sake of convenience.

12. Router

A skilled carpenter uses an electric router to cut through pieces of wood.

Routers are powerful and durable tools that many people make use of on a daily basis. These wood cutter tools are used extensively to make fine cabinets. You can do really intricate work when you have access to a high-quality router.

This is being included in the list in the interest of being thorough. It is definitely a woodworking tool, but whether or not it is considered a woodcutting tool is up in the air.

You can use a router to cut wood, and it does make cuts into the wood in order to do its intended task.

So, strictly speaking, it is a woodcutting tool. This is just woodcutting of a different nature. It is a tool that is meant to be used to hollow out an area in your wood, and this will definitely come in handy for many projects.

13. Chisels

A chisel is being used to chip away the edges of a wood.

Chisels are used for the purpose of carving wood by hand. This can make creating works of art and very fine products a lot simpler. You have probably seen a few beautiful wood sculptures at some point in your life. These sculptures were likely created using wood chisels.

If you are interested in carving wood to make certain items, then you should purchase a quality set of chisels. This set of chisels is made in the Japanese style.

They will prove to be very reliable wood cutter tools and will help you to make your woodworking project turn out excellently. You’ll definitely love how precise you can be when you have access to these quality chisels.

14. Planes

An old wooden plane tools used for woodwork,

Planes are an important tool to have at the ready when you need to shape a piece of wood. Manual wood planers like the one shown here will require a certain amount of muscle power.

It can be a bit difficult to use if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength. Even so, this is going to be very important when you need to shave down certain parts of your board.

Buying a good wood planer is necessary for completing certain jobs. This will help you to prepare your boards properly, and the idea behind using a planer is simple to understand.

This tool should be in your collection if you work with wood frequently. It is very affordable, and it’s going to be useful in several different situations.

15. Band Saw

An electric band saw is being used to create circular pieces of the available wood.

Band saws are excellent woodworking tools that you will want to have around if you do a lot of projects. If you want to be able to cut precise and smooth curves into your wood, then you need to have one of these saws.

Interestingly, band saws come in both portable and stationary versions. The version being shown off here is one of the stationary models.

People use band saws to make cuts in things other than wood, too. This is a wood cutter tool that will prove useful to you in multiple ways. They aren’t inexpensive, though. You will want to think about how badly you need this tool before you decide to make a purchase.

16. Chainsaw

A lumberjack uses a chainsaw to cut the log.

If you want to be able to cut down trees as fast as possible, then you’re going to need a good chainsaw. Chainsaws are very important for those who need to cut through thick trees.

A good chainsaw can cut through wood very effectively, and they are fairly easy to use overall. People also use these saws to simply cut through thick logs to make things easier to transport.

You can use chainsaws to cut through boards and make certain cuts, but they aren’t going to be as precise for that purpose.

This is something that you will mostly want to use to cut logs and trees. You can find chainsaws at most major retailers, and there will be some variations to choose from.

It’s important to choose a chainsaw that is light enough for you to be able to use it comfortably, so take some time to choose a chainsaw that works the best for you specifically.

17. Circular SawCircular saw

Circular saws are very important for people who want to be able to cut multiple types of materials. They’re great for cutting wood and will help you to make short work on many projects.

The portable nature of these circular saws makes them really popular overall. Many workers love using these saws because they’re just so convenient.

If you need a saw that can effectively cut through wood, plastic, masonry materials, and even metal, then this is going to be the purchase you will want to make. These saws are useful tools that anyone who works in construction will want to have available to them.

People who need to make a lot of cuts at home will find these to be really handy, too. Make your life a bit easier, and purchase a high-quality circular saw today.

18. Tree Loppers

A man is using tree loppers to prune the branches of a tree.

Tree loppers are a woodcutting tool of a different kind. They do indeed cut wood, but it isn’t for the purpose of felling a tree or construction. You use tree loppers in order to cut down branches on your trees.

This helps you to keep your trees looking as good as possible, and, in some ways, it helps your trees to stay healthy.

You want to be able to remove dead tree branches and keep tree branches from growing too far over the top of your home. Depending on the thickness of the tree branches, tree loppers might be the perfect tool for the job.

Thicker tree limbs will need a chainsaw to take care of the work, but tree loppers are often going to be able to do the trick. These tools will definitely prove to be a worthwhile purchase because they will help you to keep your trees looking their best.

19. Ax

An axe that is stuck on a tree trunk.

An ax is a traditional tool that people think of old-fashioned lumberjacks using to cut down trees. Many people still use small axes to cut down trees in modern times as well.

They can be very useful to have around, but they won’t be as simple to make use of as something like a chainsaw. Even so, when you know how to use an ax with the proper technique, it can be a very effective woodcutting tool.

Axes are also used to split logs in order to make wood bundles. This allows people to create perfectly sized logs to put in their fireplaces. You will want to have a good ax available to you if you plan on doing this. You’ll find many uses for an ax, so it will definitely feel like a worthwhile purchase.