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42 Different Types of Tulips for Your Gardens

A collage o different types of tulips.

Did you know there are actually over 3,000 varieties of tulips divided into 15 different groups. It’s an insanely popular flower for bouquets and gardens.

We decided to list out 42 of the most popular types of tulips which we feature and briefly explain below.

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Tulip Varieties Chart

Chart setting out the different tulip types and varieties

Single Tulips

These tulips are the typical, six-petal cupped variety that most people think of when they think of tulips. Depending on when they bloom – early spring or late spring – they can grow up to 30 inches in height.

Christmas Dream

Christmas dream tulips

These tulips are dark pink-red in color and grow up to 14 inches tall. They usually bloom in early spring.

Purple Prince

Purple prince tulips

With a mid- to late-spring blooming period, these tulips are a deep purple and can be up to 14 inches in height. They also have a very strong stem that can easily withstand wind and rain.

Apricot Beauty

Apricot beauty tulips

These are peach in color and can get up to 16 inches tall. They do best in areas where the winters are cool and the summers are warm and dry. They are also an excellent flower to place in flower beds with other types of flowers and have a sweet scent.

Queen of Night

Queen of night tulips

A tulip that is extra-deep red, mahogany, or dark maroon in color, this is one of the prettiest deep-purple cultivars. It grows up to 26 inches in height, has a sturdy stem, and looks most attractive when planted in large groups to highlight its beautiful color.

Blushing Beauty

Blushing beauty tulips

This type of tulip blooms in late spring and grows up to 30 inches tall. It also prefers cool winters and warm, dry summers. Its petals are large and are soft pink with lilac highlights.

Pink Diamond

Pink diamond tulips

Perfect when planted with other late spring-blooming flowers, this type of tulip is rosy pink and goblet-shaped, but is slightly lighter in color around the edges. Their color is but one of the many aspects that help this tulip stand out in a flower bed.

Double Tulips

These are often called peony tulips because their petals can be as wide as 10 inches. Double tulips are sensitive to the wind and rain and therefore, they do better in sheltered spots around your home. Below are a few of the double tulip variety.


Foxtrot tulips

Beautifully variegated in dark and light pink, these tulips bloom in early spring and have strong stems. They are short and grow only to about 12 inches, but they are easy to grow and look beautiful with tulips of other colors and other types of flowers.


Monsella tulips

Monsella tulips are bright red and yellow in color, and each bulb can produce up to 3 blooms. They grow up to 12 inches in height and their flowers open 4-5 inches when they bloom.


Mondial tulips

These tulips resemble peonies because their feathery petals grow in double rows. They have yellow centers and are a creamy-white color, and they are typically 8-12 inches in height.


Annelinde tulips

One of the most popular types of tulips, the Annelinde grows up to 18 inches in height and consists of various shades of light pink. They bloom in late spring and last a lot longer than a lot of other tulips.

Orange Princess

Orange princess tulips

Another peony-shaped flower, its colors are a mixture of bright orange, reddish-purple, and warm pink. The petals are large and bowl-shaped, and they typically grow 12-14 inches tall.

They should also be planted in a sheltered location because they can be damaged in the wind and rain. In addition, they have a wonderful aroma for you to enjoy.

Double Sugar

Double sugar tulips

These resemble roses because of their ruffled petals, and they are variegated shades of pink, ranging from light pink to dark pink, but they can include colors such as pale green and pale yellow. The Double Sugar tulips grow up to 18 inches in height and need to be planted in a sheltered location because of their delicate petals.

Fosteriana Tulips

These tulips are bowl-shaped and have petals that are approximately 5 inches wide. They sometimes have striped leaves and they bloom in early- to mid-spring, so they are some of the first tulips you’ll see each year. They include varieties such as:

Orange Emperor

Orange emperor tulips

An extraordinary-looking tulip, it has large, wide petals and is bright orange in color with a pale-yellow base and black anthers. It grows up to 16 inches high and comes back year after year, much to the grower’s delight. It also has a strong stem that easily withstands the wind and rain.

Exotic Emperor

Exotic emperor tulips

Lovely white tulips with light green stripes and sometimes cream color mixed in with it, these flowers come back year after year and grow up to 16 inches in height.

Flaming Purissima

Flaming purissima tulip

This tulip is creamy-white in color and brushed with a lovely raspberry-rose color; they also grow up to 16 inches tall. They look best when planted in groups of 12-15 bulbs, and they work great in beds, borders, and containers.

Kaufmanniana Tulips

Kaufmanniana tulips are well-known because they contain several contrasting colors, which makes them stand out in a beautiful way.

They open up when it’s sunny, and their shape resembles a star, but when they close up, their colors become even more extraordinary. They typically grow only 6 to 12 inches high, and they bloom in early- to mid-spring. They include the following.

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi tulips

These tulips are stunning because they are bright gold and have wide red stripes on the inside and carmine stripes on the outside. They typically grow 8 to 10 inches high and prefer mild temperatures.

Heart’s Delight

Heart's delight tulip

These tulips are the earliest hybrid to bloom and contain red petals with creamy-white edges on the outside. Their interior is pale pink with a yellow center, and their mottled foliage makes them an eye-catching variety indeed.


Ancilla tulips

On the inside, these tulips are creamy-white and have yellow centers outlined in red, while on the outside they are rose red and soft pink. Their foliage is wavy-edged and gives the flower an even more unique and beautiful look. They are also very easy to grow.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips

These tulips were developed in The Netherlands and are a result of excellent cross-breeding. Because of this, the tulips have large petals and strong stems, produce blooms for up to five years, and grow up to 28 inches in height. Below are some of their varieties.


Acropolis tulips

Dark pink or red in color, these tulips grow up to two feet tall and look best when planted in groups of 12-15 bulbs. They bloom in mid- to late-spring and are stunning in color and stateliness.

Ad Rem

Ad rem tulips

With large petals in very rich colors such as dark red trimmed in yellow, these tulips brighten up any garden and can grow up to 24 inches in height. They prefer milder temperatures all year around.


Daydream tulips

Daydream tulips are white-yellow in color and have won many international awards thanks to their unique look. They bloom in mid-spring and can easily withstand wind and rain.

Greigii Tulips

Blooming in early- to mid-spring, Greigii tulips have single, bowl-shaped petals and usually come in yellow, red, and white. They grow low – only around 12 inches in height – and usually have leaves that are either striped or spotted. Their variety includes the following.


Calypso tulips

With orange-red petals outlined in yellow, these tulips have mottled purplish leaves that are very decorative. They grow up to 12 inches in height and open up fully in the sun. When they open up, they can be as wide as 4 inches, and they make any garden sparkle and shine.


Winnipeg tulips

These tulips contain 3-5 flowers per bulb and grow up to 12 inches high. They are bright yellow in color and highlighted in red, and they come back again every spring.


Pinocchio tulip

Pinocchio tulips are ivory white and bright red, with a bronze-colored heart. Their mottled leaves put a finishing touch on an already beautiful flower, and when they open during the day, they can be as wide as 4 inches. They are a striking flower.

Fringed Tulips

It is easy to figure out how these tulips got their name, because they have petals with fringed edges. They can grow up to 30 inches tall, but since they are a mutant, they vary in both height and in their flowering period. They include the following.

Bell Song

Bell song tulips

These tulips grow approximately 20 inches in height and range from violent-pink to coral in color, with white edges and large leaves.


Davenport tulip

Davenport tulips have crimson-red petals trimmed in bright yellow, so they are quite striking. They make an especially attractive addition to beds with other types of flowering bulbs.


Cummins tulip

Beautiful lavender-purple petals trimmed in white. These tulips can be as wide as 4 inches when they open up and grow to approximately 20 inches in height.

Triumph Tulips

Triumph tulips are the largest tulips by far, and their single, cup-shaped petals come in a wide variety of colors. They only grow up to 16 inches high and are strong enough to withstand April’s endless showers. They come in varieties such as:


Gavota tulip

This is a bi-color cultivar that truly stands out among tulips, in part because of its vibrant colors of deep maroon edged with a creamy yellow. It is easy to grow and looks best coupled with 12-15 other Gavotas.


Shirley tulip

These tulips change color as they open and close, with an ivory-white petal trimmed in purple when it’s open and a light lilac one when closed. They are great for forcing and as cut flowers.


Attila tulip

Large petals colored in dark purple and trimmed in shades of rose and pink. They also have an amazing aroma for you to enjoy, in addition to a strong stem to withstand the elements.

Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulips have unusual colors, large petals, and fringed edges. They resemble a parrot’s plumage and have green buds that eventually open to show off their colors. They bloom in late spring and can reach 26 inches in height. They include varieties such as:

Bright Parrot

Bright parrot tulip

These contain over-sized bright-orange petals that are trimmed in gold, and when they open in the daytime they open so wide that they look almost flat. They are also very easy to grow.

Black Parrot

Black parrot tulip

These tulips bloom in late spring and have dark purple petals trimmed in black. It is a spectacular tulip with absolutely dazzling colors.

Estella Rijnveld

Estella Rijnveld tulip

Also called Gay Presto, these tulips are whimsically shaped and come in bright, dark-pink petals, pink-rose edges, and feathery white spots throughout. They can grow up to 24 inches high.

Lily-Flowered Tulips

A little different from other tulips, these are slender in shape and often come to a point, with thin stems that won’t withstand heavy rains, which means they should be planted in a sheltered location. Lily-flowered tulips include varieties such as:


Ballade tulips

These tulips are shaped like goblets and have yellow centers, as well as royal purple petals that are trimmed in ivory. When swaying in the breeze, the Ballade tulip is slender and elegant.


Mariette tulip

Mariette tulips are long-stemmed and colored in deep satin rose which includes a white base. They are graceful and elegant, and they can grow as high as 22 inches in height.

Fly Away

Fly away tulips

Their goblet-shaped petals are scarlet in color with a golden yellow edge, and they make beautiful borders and cut flowers.

Botanical Tulips

These are tulips that stay low to the ground and have a very natural look. They bloom as soon as they emerge from the ground, and they come in a variety of bright colors, some with stripes. They bloom in early spring, are sturdy and strong, and are real eye-catchers. They are available in varieties such as:


Cynthia tulip

The Cynthia tulips are pale yellow and rose red in color, and they close at night. However, they open during the day to reveal a star-like pattern, which makes them quite striking.

Alba Coreulea Oculata

Alba Coreulea Oculata tulip

Beautifully designed and containing white petals and deep-blue centers, they are only 4-6 inches in height, but their star-like appearance when open will certainly catch your attention.

Lilac Wonder

Lilac wonder tulips

As their name suggests, these tulips are a dark lilac and have bright yellow centers, making them one of the most eye-catching botanical tulips around.

Viridiflora Tulips

Viridiflora tulips have one uncommon characteristic – each one contains petals that include some green coloring, and their cup-shaped petals can be up to 3 inches across. Their varieties include the following:


Florosa tulip

Slender and elegant, these tulips resemble the lily-flowered variety and are multi-colored: soft pink, deep rose, creamy white base, and lime-green flames running through them. They look stunning in a vase and last approximately 3 weeks, making them a long-lasting tulip.


Artist tulips

With large, 3-inch-wide petals, these tulips are golden orange laced with soft green streaks. They, too, are long-lasting and allow you to enjoy their full blooms for roughly 3 weeks.

Doll’s Minuet

Doll's minuet tulip

Magenta-pink pointed petals and featherings of purple and soft green. They are elegant, long-lasting, and grow up to 20 inches tall.