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12 Different Types of Truck Boxes for Tool Storage

Types of truck boxes for tool storage.

Pickup trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles that can be found in the market. They are perfect if you are fond of taking off-road trips or if your work involves the frequent transportation of heavy items. These people who do use it for their work often find too many free moving items in their car such as tools or equipment.

However, no one really likes the constant rattling of tools on the truck bed while you are driving. It is unpleasant and disturbing. Keeping in mind the inconvenience the noise can cause, Truck boxes for tool storage are your savior.

Pickup trucks are designed to be as practical as possible, and if utilized appropriately, they can be the best vehicles to move heavy items around.

What Are Truck Boxes?

Truck boxes are specially designed boxes for pickup trucks. They are durable boxes that are mounted on the truck bed. Their installation may vary, but the purpose remains the same. They are installed to accommodate the tools that may otherwise be left scattered, unorganized and prone to damage.

Benefits of Truck Boxes

There are many reasons why you should install truck boxes in your vehicle. A truck box:

  • Protects your tools from harsh weather conditions. You won’t need to buy new tools to replace those that have been damaged by external elements. Whether the sun is bright or it’s raining, your tools will be protected.
  • Keep all your tools organized. Your tools won’t be scattered around the place. Keeping the tools organized ensures the quick and easy retrieval of equipment whenever it may be needed. Moreover, the likelihood of tools getting lost will reduce significantly.
  • Protects your tools from getting stolen. If your tools are scattered on the truck bed, they become more prone to theft. Keeping them stored inside a truck box will keep them safe.

In a nutshell, a truck tool box is a one-stop solution to a number of concerns that most pickup truck owners face.

Types of Truck Boxes for Tool Storage

 stainless steel truck box

There are different types of truck boxes for tool storage that are available in the market, based on the material used and the location of installation.

Based On the Material Used

There are four major types of truck boxes for tool storage based on the material used, which are as follows:


39"x13"x10" Aluminum Pickup Truck Bed Trailer Key Lock Storage Tool Box (Black)

Aluminum truck tool boxes are made using aluminum sheets. They are lightweight and do not rust. Aluminum tool boxes do not deteriorate. They are strong and durable. They keep the rust and moisture out of your toolbox. They are strong enough to withstand rough usage over several years.


Dee Zee DZ8370B Red Label Gull Wing Tool Box

Steel truck boxes are heavier than aluminum ones. Truck boxes made of steel are the most widely used type. They are tougher than aluminum truck boxes, which mean they resist dents better than aluminum boxes can. The walls of these types of truck boxes are powder coated to prevent corrosion.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tool boxes for trucks are not very common. They are rarely used because of their price. They are far more costly than aluminum and steel tool boxes. They are premium tool storage boxes that do not need any corrosion resistant coating. If polished, they can end up looking spectacularly shiny.


Dee Zee DZ6163P Poly Crossover Tool Box - Mid-Size 63"

Plastic is less durable and rough as compared to steel and aluminum tool boxes. However, their lightweight nature makes them very popular among truck owners. As they are extremely lightweight, they don’t exert any pressure on the truck body. Moreover, they do not rust which is another advantage of getting plastic tool boxes for your truck.

Based on Location of Installation

Based on the installation technique required for the truck box, truck boxes can be categorized under 888 different types:

Crossover Boxes

Dee Zee DZ8170LB Red Label Crossover Tool Box - Low Profile

Crossover boxes for tool storage are installed behind the cab. They run through the entire width of the truck bed. They rest on the sides of the truck bed. Crossover boxes do not extend till the floor. In some cases, a slide may be mounted on the sides of the floor bed which allows the box to slide through the length of the truck bed.

Side Mount Boxes

Better Built 63012334 48" Side Mount Tool Box

Side mounted truck boxes are installed on either right or left side of the truck bed. They are mounted on the bed rail and run along the length of the truck bed. They extend down into the bed but do not touch the floor. You can easily access the box while standing next to the truck.

Chest Tool Boxes

Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Chest (6.3 Cubic ft.)

Chest tool boxes are installed behind the cab. They are placed on the floor of the truck bed. Unlike crossover boxes and side mount boxes, they are not installed on the side bed rails. Moreover, they don’t even rise above the sides. They cause zero obstruction of the view from the rear view mirror.

The only drawback of this type of tool box is that it limits the space on the floor of the truck that can be used.

Top Mount Boxes

Better Built 64210149 Top Mount Tool Box

These tool boxes are mounted on the top of side bed rails. They do not extend into the floor area of the truck bed. They extend upwards instead. They are extremely accessible. They do not take up any space on the truck bed. However, one major drawback with these types of tool boxes is that they can cause blind spots for the driver.

Storage Drawers

UWS EC20041 22-Inch Aluminum Truck Bed Tool Box with Drawers

Storage drawers sits on the floor bed. They are a flat, horizontal assembly that is placed on the floor bed. The upper flat surfaces serve as the new floor for the storage of items. There are drawers between the top and bottom surfaces of the assembly.

A drawback of storage drawers is that they can not accommodate any bulky items. A plus point of storage drawers is that they cause zero hindrance for the driver in the rear view mirror.

Wheel Well Boxes

Dee Zee DZ95P Specialty Series Poly Plastic Wheel Well Tool Box

These kinds of storage boxes are narrow and tall. They are mounted on the floor bed and occupy the space behind the rear wheel well humps. Some Wheel Well boxes are designed as such that they can swing on the hinges, which make access from behind easier.

Fifth Wheel Boxes

UWS FWB-58-BLK Black 58" Fifth Wheel Box with Beveled Insulated Lid

Fifth wheel boxes are designed in such a way that they are not a hindrance when a trailer needs to be attached. They are designed to be placed on the floor of the truck bed. It can come in various shapes, but none come as a fifth wheel attachment.


Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier | Cargo Carrier Hitch Mount Basket - 500lbs Folding Cargo Carrier Luggage Basket with Cargo Carrier Net & Hitch Stabilizer - Thick Steel Constructed Fits to 2" Receiver

Hitches are storage boxes that do not take up any space on the truck floor bed. They are not made of metal. Their storage capacity is not like other truck boxes. They are attached to a trailer hitch opening.

Lids of Tool Boxes

The lids of tool storage boxes can either be single, double or gull-wing. Single lids are similar to a door in a house. Double lids are divided into two, similar to a cabinet door. A gull-wing lid is divided, but opens using a hinge that is inside the box unlike other lids, which open along the side.

Features of Good Truck Boxes

There are certain features that are indicative of good truck boxes for tool storage. There are numerous varieties of tool boxes that are available, but not all are good. The following features indicate that the truck box is good enough for long-term use.

  • Dimensions
    If the dimensions of a tool box match the dimensions of your truck bed, it shows that the tool box will be a good fit, quite literally. Also, considering the depth is important since it tells you a lot about the storage capacity.
  • Water Resistance
    A good tool box is water resistant. You would not want your tools to get wet and rust. A water-resistant tool box will withstand rain and protect the stored items from any external sources of water.
  • Sturdiness
    A good tool box will be sturdy. The sturdiness indicates how resistant the tool box is to dents. The sturdier the box is, the more rigid it will be. It is important for a tool box to be hard and rigid. Trucks are used for the transportation of heavy and specialized items. If the storage box is not rigid, it won’t last long.
  • Vehicle Compatibility
    Some tool boxes are designed for specific truck beds. Before you select a tool box for your truck, make sure that it is compatible with your truck’s floor bed. A tool box that is not compatible with your vehicle is of no good use to you.

Truck tool boxes are essential for any truck owner. Who wouldn’t like their tools to be kept safe, protected and organized? With so many different types of truck boxes for tool storage available in the market, you can definitely find the one that matches your needs and fits well on your truck.