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26 Different Tool Box Accessories

A collage of different tool box accessories.

What is the purpose of having a toolbox if it is not equipped with the tools you need? Whether you are working on a small project or a large job, you need to be able to put your hands on the tools you need, to get the job done.

Your toolbox should contain not just your everyday tools, but tools that are hard to come by. When you go to the hardware store, you might see some tools that you might not need right away, but eventually, you will. This is the time to stock up on those tools, so you can have them when the time comes.

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Toolbox Accessories

1. Craftsman Steel Cmmt99412 Magnetic Accessory

Craftsman Steel Cmmt99412 Magnetic Accessory

If you have a The Craftsmen magnetic toolbox, it provides an excellent magnetic force. You can store your tools without fear of them moving around during transport. The magnetic organizer attaches to most metal surfaces, and it holds heavy-duty tools in place as well. The Craftsman is available at:

Another popular toolbox organizer tray is made differently from the one above. This organizer tray holds cylindrical tools, sockets, and other tools.

2. Craftsman Plastic Magnetic Accessory

The Craftsman contains three aerosol cans, with three removable bins to accommodate nails, screws, screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools. The bin has plenty of storage space, and you can store medium-sized items as well.

The detachable hook makes this accessory the ideal choice for keeping your tools in one place. You gain quick access to its screwdriver storage, so you can put your hands on whatever you need when you need it. The hook on each side allows you to attach the organizer to a chest or cabinet. This Craftsman item is available at: for $44.98

3. Magnetic Toolbox Organizer

"Magnetic" Tool Box Organizer Labels (green edition) organize boxes, drawers & cabinets"Quick & Easy", fits all brands of 'Steel' tool chest including Craftsman & Snap-on

Keeping your tools in the right place is difficult if you are always transporting your tools. If you are doing a professional job, or even a do-it-yourself job, you want to be able to put your hands on any tool you need, without wasting time.

The set contains two sheets of individualized color-coated and dye-cut labels for your toolbox drawers. The back is magnetically lined with foil, so it can adhere to the steel drawers. The coating on the labels is permanent, and they are resistant to oil and gas. These labels are just what you need to organize your toolbox.

The color-coated inserts fit most if not all steel toolboxes, including Snap-On and Craftsman brands. The organizer is available at:

4. Tools Storage Foam Inserts

Tools Storage Foam Inserts

These particular storage tool foam inserts are special. They provide a cushion for the inside of the toolbox, so your tools can stay put. The foam inserts are perfect for toolboxes or toolbox cabinets.

They are perfect to house your tools, or you can custom cut your slots to accommodate your special tools. These foam inserts for your toolbox are available at:

5.  Magnetic Power Strip| Craftsman

Magnetic Power Strip| Craftsman

If you have electric tools like screwdrivers and grills, you want to make sure they are protected from electrical harm. This magnetic power strip has six electrical outlets and two USB power outlets. The power strip can be attached to a metal or steel surface.

You can place it on the side or in the back of a chest, cabinet, or toolbox. The strong magnetic rubber-coated finish provides protection and holds the magnets in place. No more looking for multiple outlets to power your tools. You can find this magnetic power strip online at:

6. Toolbox LED Lightening

Coolbox: World’s Smartest Toolbox | Portable Battery, LED Light, BT Speakers | Rolling, Portable Tool Chest on Wheels | Water-Resistant Travel Utility Box | Gadget Carrier Case and Organizer (Red)

It is hard to work in the dark, or with low light visibility. Now, you can see how to nail, screw or level your project with LED light strips. Instead, you can have the world’s smallest and most efficient toolbox with all the accessories you need to make any job easy.

It comes with a portable battery, BT speakers, LED lights, gadget carrier case, and organizer. This multi-functional toolbox contains all the accessories you will ever need to work in any climate or environment.

Listen to music on the speakers as you work, the display LED screen lets you keep up with the time, and never worry about your cellphone going dead, the USB charger will keep you connected with family and friends, and the four-hour power battery will get you busy in the event you lose power, or if you need to repair an emergency project.

The All-in-one multi-functional toolbox with accessories is available online at:

7. Toolbox Liner

B&C Home Goods Tool Box Liner - Drawer Liner w/ Black Anti Slip Toolbox Matting - Box Liners to Protect Your Tools - Easily Adjustable to Fit Any Size

A good toolbox liner will prevent the bottom of your toolbox from rusting away. Heavy tools and oily tools alike cause damage that cannot be reversed. This particular liner eliminates scratching and friction among tools.

Keeping your tools in place, whether they are in the trunk of your vehicle or on a bumpy surface, is vital for the protection of your tools. Other great benefits that the liner provides are it is easy to fit and cut, it has a built-in grid design that is slide-proof, it is heavy-duty, and provides increased protection from normal wear and tear.

This is an easy do-it-yourself project that takes so little time to complete and yet is so beneficial to both the longevity of your tools and your toolbox. The toolbox liner is available at:

8. Pac Tool Trac Lok Pak

The Trac Lok Inserts allow you to keep up with those tiny screws and bolts that sometimes get misplaced in the hustle and bustle of work. The Trac Lok inserts are made of glass-filled superior tuff nylon, that is durable and strong.

When the inserts expand, they lock in place and tighten the track to keep the screws and bolts in place. When the inserts are loosened, the screws and bolts can be removed, or repositioned. What a great idea. Every toolbox should have one. These inserts are available at:

9. Custom Cut to Size Tool Foam

Have you ever wanted a piece of foam that is easy to size and cut to place in your toolbox? The custom-cut foam allows you to measure your tools separately, and place them inside inserts or other organizers.

Your toolbox is your best friend when you have a small or large project in line. You want to have access to the tools you need without fumbling inside your tool chest.

Regardless of how small or large the space you need, you can measure and cut the exact size of foam piece or pieces you need. Your customized foam for your tools is available at:

10. PACKOUT Tool Tray with Quick Adjust Dividers

PACKOUT Tool Tray with Quick Adjust Dividers

Do you want to just reach your hands inside your toolbox and pull out the tool you need, without feeling around for it? Well, you can with the PACKOUT Tool Tray with Quick Adjust Dividers. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a special screwdriver, and not being able to find it inside your toolbox.

Your time is valuable. You realize that there was not enough room inside your toolbox, so you had to leave your screwdriver behind. How frustrating this is for you. If you have the PACKOUT Tool Tray, you can pack all of your tools, even your favorite screwdriver, in its compartment.

The compartment can store up to six individual tools with a weight capacity of 25 lbs. You can find this amazing toolbox tool tray with adjustable dividers now at:

11. 48 in. K-Body Parallel Clamp

48 in. K-Body Parallel Clamp

Depending on the size of your toolbox, and the task you have at hand, you are going to need a powerful clamp to get the job done. If woodworking is your business or hobby, having the right clamp is important to do a great job.

This powerful parallel jaw-breaking clamp has jaws to accommodate its 3-3/4-inch throat. It is ideal for gluing lamination, cabinets, and joints. The more pressure you apply the more secure the grip. The rugged handles allow you to easily pressurize 1300 lbs. of force to keep your pieces in place.

A removable end footer easily converts your clamp into a spreader, eliminating the need for two tools. To get your building project off the ground, and to the right start, get the 48 in K-body parallel jaw clamp now from:

12. 750 Lumen LED Ultracompact Magnetic Rechargeable Floodlight

750 Lumen LED Ultracompact Magnetic Rechargeable Floodlight

A light so powerful, and yet so small. It can fit in the palm of your hand and still delivers a magnificent glow. This little toolbox accessory is a necessity for any handyman. Your days of carrying around your bulky flashlight are over.

This light is so small, that it does not even take up enough space to miss. If you have an organizer inside your toolbox, you can store your rechargeable floodlight in a separate compartment, so you can put your hands on it when you need to.

It is ideal to use in dark places, or where there is low light visibility. This amazing, yet powerful floodlight is available at:

13. Craftsman Plastic Screwdriver Storage

Craftsman Plastic Screwdriver Storage

How many screwdrivers do you need? You never know, what complex situation you may run into when you start working on a special project. If you use a variety of bolts and screws, you are going to need several types of screwdrivers.

The Craftsman Plastic Screwdriver Storage houses both flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. There are two additional slots to accommodate onset screwdrivers.

The best feature of all is the construction of the storage bin. It is made from a durable polypropylene material that is tough, strong, and unbreakable. The plastic screwdriver storage bin is available at:

14. Utility Knife Sheath with Cut-Resistant Lining

Utility Knife Sheath with Cut-Resistant Lining

No toolbox is complete without a knife. However, your knife is sharp and dangerous and needs to be secure. This utility sheath has a cut-resistant lining that protects you and your most fragile tools from harm.

Keeping your cutting knife inside your toolbox without secure storage makes your knife dull, and when you need it, the performance is not what you expect.

The sheath’s lining has two utility pouches, a durable PVC liner, a carabiner quick clip for easy storage, and it attaches easily to a 2-inch belt loop for safe carrying. You must order this item in multiple twos. This cut-resistant knife sheath is available now at:

15. Six-Piece Set with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case

6 Piece Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit - With Plastic Toolbox Storage Case - Includes 8oz Claw Hammer, Slip Joint Pliers, Utility Knife, Screwdrivers, Fastener Assortment - DIY

If you enjoy doing lightweight jobs around the house, this 6-piece household set with a plastic storage case is the perfect solution.

You have every common household tool on hand when you need them. The storage case with the enclosed tools fits easily and securely inside your toolbox. This handy dandy tool set is available at:

16. Pocket Blow Gun

Pocket Blow Gun

Do you have a small job that requires a little air and not a lot of pressure? The Pocket Blow Gun is portable and lightweight, and it fits in your pock/et, or your toolbox.

The pencil design blow gun has a maximum input pressure of 150 PSI, and a maximum output pressure of 90 PSI. The airflow reaches 450 LM, and the plug type is universal, with a ¼-inch pipe threading. This portable blow gun is available at:

17. MagAttach socket Extension Storage Trays

MagAttach socket Extension Storage Trays.

Do you need to extend your socket collection to include more sockets? The MagAttach Extension Storage Trays allow you to do just that. The chrome extensions are magnetically forced to ensure that your metal tools stay in place, and do not slip and slide doing transport.

The starter set comes with six extensions of the most commonly used extensions; 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2, and a supporting shaft for each. The extensions are universal.

This means that 90 percent of the chrome extensions on the market are compatible with the MagAttach. And each extension holder contains two base magnets. You can find this chrome socket extension storage tray online at:

18. Magnetic Power and Air Tool Holder

What a great tool that allows you to keep your power and air tools in place with this powerful magnetic tool holder. If you have problems distinguishing between your air tools and your power tools, you need to get this handy dandy tool holder.

Powerful magnets hold the tool holder to the metal surface of a roller cabinet or the sides of the cart.  The precut holes can hold two standard-size tools and one huge tool.

The magnets are coated with rubber to ensure that the clamps do not damage the surface with scratches and nicks. This magnetic power and air tool set is available online at:

19. 18-inch H x 44-inch W Black Steel Pegboard 2-Pack

The pegboard sets contain a set of two mounting brackets that can be attached or mounted to the side or back of the rack. The two panels are constructed of durable steel, with a longer lifespan of wood or composite wood.

The surface of the pegboard is coated with an industrial powder coating material that will not fade or chip. The purpose of the pegboard is to allow you to expand your storage capacity or add on to an existing storage system you already have in place.

You can also use a diversity of magnetic storage accessories that you cannot use with non-magnetic materials such as wood or composite wood. This particular expandable pegboard is available online at:

20. Tools Dividers and Organizers

Tools Dividers and Organizers

You can separate your tools when you create your customized organizer. The organizer can divide the toolbox into two or three drawers. The material is constructed of durable material and can be cut with a sharp utility knife.

The foam is slotted to hold up to 19 individual wrenches. This is a great accessory to have in your toolbox. This customizable tool divider and organizer can be found online at:

21. K Tool International Lubrication Display

K Tool International Lubrication Display

Your tools can get damaged from rust if they are not greased regularly. Rusted tools do not do well when you are working on a project. Greasy tools are the best tools to have around. With this international lubrication set, your tools will last a long time.

Good lubrication extends the life of your tools and makes the hardest screws and bolts come out and go in easily. This lubrication kit is a must-have for any handyman or professional builder that uses dozens of tools regularly. This display set is available online at:

22. Drawer Organizer Pack

Made Smart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack - Granite | VALUE COLLECTION | Customizable Multi-Purpose Storage | Durable | Easy to Clean | BPA-Free

If you have loose parts that need to be stored, you can store them in one or more of these storage bins.  This organizer has eight different compartment sizes to accommodate a variety of accessories. It is easy to store small nails, bolts, screws, and fuses.

The pack interlocks, making it a single tray, or you can get the compartments separate. The customizable multi-purpose storage organizer is durable, easy to clean, and free of BPA. You can find this organizer online at:

23. Spray Gun w/Cup Black Hand- 1.8

Spray Gun w/Cup Black Hand- 1.8.

You can make the most of any small, yet simple paintwork with a black hand spray gun. This handy little tool is perfect for painting a small project that does not require a lot of paint. If you consider taking on a larger job or project that requires more paint, you can refill your spray gun as often as you need to.

The spray gun is easy to fill and use. Just put your paint inside the spray gun, point, and pain. The paint comes out evenly, so there is no mess and no drip. You can even coat the surface of your project more than once.

It paints the perfect layer time and time again, with no runs and no streaks. If you are looking for a portable spray gun that fits easily inside your toolbox, you need this black-handled spray gun. The spray gun is available online at:

24. Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit.

A spray gun will not work for a week without a good cleaning. After so many uses, your gun will become clogged and stop working as it should. If you have a spray gun cleaning kit, you can get your spray gun working well at all times, so you never miss an important spray project again.

This kit contains everything you need to open closed spouts and unclog your gun for ultimate use. The kit contains different types of brushes that can effectively clean air caps, threads, chemicals, and solvents. The spray gun cleaning kit is available online at:

25. Hansel Global Socket Holder

Hansel Global Socket Holder.

The socket holder eliminates clutter, clatter, and chaos. The kit is made from ABS plastic that is gas and oil resistant. The set is designed to last a lifetime. It comes with a set of three trays to accommodate many different sizes of tools.

The socket tray sizes are ½, 3/8, and ¼ perspective. The holder can store sockets in metric sizes, and it holds up to 13 wrenches. There are two peel-off labels included for sizes 6mm and 20mm, and other SAE sizes such as 1/8 inch through 1 inch.

The patent spring can be cut to customize and accommodate extra thick wrenches. The socket holder is available online at:

26. Toolbox Foam

Toolbox Foam.

If you are looking for a double-layer foam drawer liner, you have found it. The foam liners come in colors; blue or black. The darker color is normally on top, and the bright color is on the bottom.

This combination of colors functions like a shadow board, and the second layer shines through. When you customize your toolbox, you can create the space you need, and add the tools you need to do every project you attempt. This toolbox is available online for purchase at: – price is not available

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