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7 Different Types of Toilet Cleaners

A collage of different types of toilet cleaner.

Cleaning products, including soaps and detergents, play a key role in our daily lives. These toilet cleaners help eliminate germs, bacteria, and contaminants, and help keep the toilets in optimal condition.

The invention of toilet bowl cleaners in the 18th century gave way to the use of toilet cleaning in everyday life. The original toilet cleaner was first invented by Harry Pickup – based in Roscoe Street, Scarborough, in North Yorkshire – who eventually named his brand – Harpic (a popular toilet bowl cleaner). This was also a time when large-scale soapmaking was taking place.

A French chemist – Nicholas Leblanc – was behind the process of making advanced kinds of soaps for different uses. He started the process of combining fats with soda ash to form soaps. This invention made soapmaking the fastest growing industry in America.

Smiling woman cleaning a toilet.

Today, you can find a wide variety of toilet cleaning products on the market. To get a low-down on each type of toiler cleaner, continue reading this article.

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1. Liquid CleanersA close-up of toilet bowl cleaner

A common form of toilet bowl cleaner, a liquid cleaner is a chemical solution used for toilet cleaning. The mist of the cleaner helps clean the rim and the bowl of the toilet with the help of a toilet brush. You need to spray the cleaner over the area that needs to be cleaned and then scrub it hard using a toilet brush. Scrubbing is an essential step to ensure the removal of tough stains.

In modern times, the use of automatic toilet bowl cleaners has become quite rampant. These bowl cleaners have to be clipped onto the rim of the toilet, automatically cleaning the toilet with every flush. But some people feel more satisfied when they clean their toilets by themselves. In such cases, the use of a spray bottle is ideal.

Some of the most popular commercial liquid cleaners that you can consider investing in include Lysol and Kaboom. These two hygiene brands make some of the most effective liquid solutions available. Their thick, powerful formulas help remove limescale, rust, and hard water build-up in the first cleaning session, making your toilet instantly clean and stain-free.

Unlike other toilet bowl cleaners, you won’t need heaps of liquid to get rid of unwanted grime or toilet bowl rings; a small squeeze is all you need to achieve the desired result. Owing to their angled nozzles, you can easily get rid of hard-to-reach spots and stains.

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner TabletsToilet cleaning tablets

Clean and sanitize your toilet bowl and toilet bowl water with every flush. With toilet bowl cleaner tablets, all you need to do is drop the tablet into the toilet tank and flush it out! This helps kill harmful bacteria such as staph, strep, Salmonella, and E.Coli that commonly populate the toilet water and bowl.

An essential ingredient in toilet bowl cleaner tablets is bleach. As you flush your toilet, bleach is released from the capsule. This prevents grime and tough stains from sticking around for a long time. You may be required to scrub the front area of the toilet bowl; but for the most part, the tablet will do the job.

Not only do these tablets kill household germs, they also leave your washroom with a fresh scent as well. For some people, the smell of bleach may be unpleasant, but the way these tablets work in keeping the toilet clean will hardly be a nuisance to anybody.

One of the best products to consider when it comes to cleaning toilets is Clorox’s Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets.

3. Toilet Wipe DispensersA Toilet Wipe Dispenser on a Display

Toilet wipe dispensers come with wet wipes that can be used to clean the ins and outs of a toilet bowl. These dispensers also feature dry tissue wipes, which can also be used for cleaning the toilet. However, you will need to get a foamy soap that can help maximize the sanitization process of the toilet.

Once you have used the toilet wipes, you can dump them in a dustbin, which means that you will need to have a small trash can in your bathroom. Some also toss away the wipes in the toilet and flush them down the drain. We suggest avoiding doing this as the disposal of these wipes in the drain may cause a plumbing issue.

The best kind of toilet wipes to invest in is Clorox’s Disinfecting Wipes. These extraordinary wipes not only eliminate debris and grime but also kill almost 100% of viruses and bacteria for up to two days! The best part? These wipes have a refreshing fragrance to them, unlike the bleachy after-smell of most toilet cleaning detergents.

Apart from wet wipes, some toilet wipe dispensers come with many other exciting features such as storage holders and paper holders. You can find these products in a wide range, with unique designs, sizes, colors, and additional elements. Get the one that suits the interior of your bathroom and goes well with your toilet cleaning needs.

4. Toilet Powder CleanerCleaning Toilet with Toilet Powder

Another popular type of toilet cleaner includes one that comes in a powder form. It is important to have toilet cleaning supplies like rubber gloves and a microfiber cloth or a sponge if you intend on cleaning your toilet.

A pair of rubber gloves will protect your hands from the harsh chemicals involved during the cleaning process. It is always ideal to have a separate pair of gloves for the kitchen and bathroom. This will prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Once you have peppered your toilet with a powder cleaner, you will need to scrub it all over using a cloth, sponge, or brush. It is always a good idea to use a high-quality cleaning product to ensure the best result. This will also prevent you from having to purchase new appliances frequently.

What is the ideal toilet powder cleaner? According to experts, Earthborn Elements’ Pure Borax Powder is the best of them all. The active ingredient of this chemical-free cleaner is sodium borate – a mineral commonly found in soaps, detergents, and deodorizers. In order to remove stubborn stains, you will have to create a paste of borax and water and apply it on your toilet.

Let the paste sit for a few minutes and then scrub it with the above-mentioned cleaning products. The end result will be a sparkly fresh toilet without any imprint of chemicals or stains.

You can also create some easy DIY powder for toilet cleaning. Baking soda can act as your ultimate toilet cleaning powder. Add a teaspoon of baking soda in water and mix it well to create a solid paste. Rub it on the inside and outside of your toilet seat and scrub it with a cleaning tool. Let the mixture stay for at least 20 to 30 minutes before washing it away with water. For rust stains or the toughest spots, use vinegar instead of water and scrub it with a good-quality scrub brush.

5. Gel-Based Toilet Cleaners

Gel-based toilet cleaners come in two major types; one of them come in the form of a bottle that needs to be squeezed to get the content out onto the toilet while another one is a gel disc that needs to be fixed inside the toilet bowl rim to function.

Once properly stamped in the required area, the gel disc gradually releases a cleaning solution that serves to disinfect your toilet. While both of them are a popular choice among modern buyers, the latter one is considered to be more convenient.

Out of so many gel discs available for cleaning toilets, it can be hard to pick one, which is why we have selected the best of the lot for you; and that is the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner. This gel disc keeps your toilet in the best condition for a whole week. All this while, you can expect your bathroom to smell fresh and fragrant. Plus, there won’t be any formation of toilet rings.

The most admired quality about gel cleaners is that the formula instantly clings to the bowl of your toilet and attacks any and all grime, breaking it down so that it can be flushed away with ease. Your toilet will get cleaned without you having to touch your toilet even once. These gel discs are often regarded as the best friend of lazy housekeepers.

Frequent customers of gel toilet cleaners suggest that a small amount of the product goes a long way, which is quite unlike liquid toilet cleaners.

6. Scented Toilet CleanersA Person Using a Scented Toilet Cleaner

This is the kind of toilet cleaner that comes in both gel and liquid form. Unlike most typical toilet bowl cleaners, these cleaning products do not leave behind an unpleasant odor. Since they are scented with natural ingredients, you can expect them to have a fresh fragrance that will keep the toilet space in its best condition.

You can find plenty of scented toilet cleaners on the market, such as Lysol’s Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner that is scented with lavender. This is the kind of cleaner that is filled with different essential oils, releasing a lovely lilac scent as a result. In order to use this product, you will have to press the applicator that is usually fixed inside toilet bowls.

Customers believe that it is a much better alternative than heavy chemicals or bleach-based cleaners as the latter tend to leave behind an ugly, rotten egg-like smell. If you are creating your own toilet cleaner, you can add your favorite essential oil in it for a nice scent.

For instance, if you are creating a cleaner using a mixture of baking soda and water, you can add two tablespoons of Castile soap, 20 drops of sweet orange essential oil, and 30 drops of tea tree essential oil. You can spray this homemade bathroom cleaner on your toilet and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Then, wipe it away with a wet cloth.

If a strange odor is not your primary concern, but you still want to ensure that your toilet doesn’t reek of ugly smells, you can consider getting the “Poo-Pourri” toilet deodorizing spray. This helps keep all kinds of unwanted odors locked inside your toilet for a long time.

7. Chemical-Free Toilet CleanersA Spray Cleaning Agent on a White Background

Over-the-counter toilet cleaners are usually packed with harsh chemicals that may adversely affect the environment. This is why it is so important to invest in eco-friendly toilet cleaners to avoid the release of toxic chemicals.

If you are on the lookout for the best eco-friendly toilet cleaners, you can consider getting the Green Works Toilet Gel Cleaner. Although this cleaning solution contains gentle ingredients, it is tough on the unsanitary elements you may have in your toilet, such as hard-water stains, mineral deposits, etc.

Since it is a plant and mineral-based product, it is ideal to use if you have pets in your house. In order to use this antibacterial product, you will need to squirt a small amount of gel in your toilet bowl and let it stay for five to ten minutes. In the case of stubborn stains, you may need to use some elbow grease. But in most cases, that isn’t necessary.

You can also create DIY toilet cleaners that are free from unwanted chemicals. For example, you can combine borax, white vinegar, and lavender and lemon essential oils, and clean stale, ugly toilets at once.

When cleaning your toilet, keep in mind some important tips besides using an excellent-quality toilet cleaner. Remember to apply the product under the rim of your toilet bowl; always use gloves to protect your skin; allow the toilet cleaner to sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes before flushing or scrubbing it away; and last, but not least, use paper towels to clean the outside of the toilet and disinfect it by using a cloth or sponge.

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