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15 Most Common Types of Soft Cheese

Photo collage of soft cheese; camembert; gorgonzola

Quicklist: Soft Cheese

  1. Roquefort
  2. Gorgonzola
  3. Boursault
  4. Boursin
  5. Brie
  6. Buchette
  7. Buffalo Mozzarella
  8. Camembert
  9. Coeur de Chevre
  10. Cottage Cheese
  11. Cream Cheese
  12. Feta Cheese
  13. Goat Cheese
  14. Neufchatel
  15. Ricotta Cheese

As you graciously spread a thick layer of herbed cream cheese over a crispy cracker at a cocktail party, ever stopped to wonder how truly rich and delectable soft cheeses are?

Soft cheeses really offer a highly rich and unique taste, flavor, and aroma to every cheese connoisseur out there. They are known for their amazingly mild taste and creamy, moist, and buttery textures that just seem to melt in the mouth.

Paired with the right kind of wine or the best type of cracker, they are likely to explode and burst in your mouth with impeccable and unparalleled flavor.

Soft cheese is called so because of its moist and soft texture and also the process of making soft cheese differs from that of hard cheese. The largest difference is that soft cheeses are not aged so they are able to retain all the moisture, unlike hard cheese.

For any die-hard cheese lover, the list of types of soft cheese below is absolute creamy cheese heaven. 

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Types of Soft Cheese

Blue Cheese

A wedge of blue cheese on a chopping board.

As the name suggests, blue cheese has bluish-green veins of mold that makes it highly distinctive from other kinds of cheese. Some of the most popular types and varieties of blue cheese include Italian Gorgonzola, English Stilton, and French Roquefort cheese.

Blue cheese is known to contain a very crumbly and soft texture with a very piquant and sharp kind of flavor. If eaten raw or in large quantities, this cheese can taste very salty.

The unique smell and taste are essentially due to the fact that bacteria and mold are allowed to grow on the cheese.

There are two main types of blue cheese: Roquefort and Gorgonzola.


A slice of roquefort cheese on a chopping board.

Made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk, Roquefort cheese is a type of blue-veined, semi-soft artisan cheese that has a beautiful crumbly and creamy texture. It has a characteristically sharp, salty, and tangy flavor.

A favorite of noted foodie, Emperor Charlemagne, Roquefort cheese traditionally matured for at least five months in caves around the Roquefort-sur-Soulzon region of southern France.

One of its key features is that the soft cheese is amazingly moist which makes it break into little pieces easily. Some of the most common and popular uses of Roquefort cheese is in dressings and salads.


A close look at a wedge of gorgonzola cheese.

This is a popular veined Italianblue cheese that has originates in Gorgonzola, Milan. A hallmark of Italian cuisine, the soft cheese made from pasteurized milk, is commercially produced in the northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Gorgonzola cheese can be served in various ways, such as melting it in a risotto, sprinkling the cheese over pasta, or as a pizza topping.

Made with cow’s milk, Gorgonzola offers a milder flavor compared to other types of blue cheese. 


Created by Parisian cheesemaker/maître fromager, Henri Boursault, Boursault is a triple-cream cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. 

Due to growing demand for the soft cheese, Boursault and his family founded a dairy farm in the Loire Valley in 1953 to produce and market the product.

Boursault contains a very high amount of fat, almost 75 percent, and has a rich buttery taste. The combination of the exotic taste and soft texture make it a favorite dessert cheese.


 Balls of boursin cheese on a plate.

This cheese is also made from pasteurized cow’s milk and has a crumbly, creamy texture that is similar to that of cream cheese.

It comes in a variety of different flavors that are often infused with herbs and spices. Some of its popular flavors include maple bourbon, pepper, basil and chive, red chili pepper, and cranberry and spice.

The very first Boursin cheese flavor was Garlic and Fine Herbs which was created in 1957 by François Boursin, a cheese maker in Normandy. The inspiration behind the creation of the cheese came from “fromage frais,” a traditional party dish in which people take cheese and add herbs for flavor.

The savory-sweet flavor of Boursin Cheese makes it a great choice for a cheese dip to go with vegetables and fruits. 


A sliced wheel of brie cheese with fresh basil on the side.

This famous French cheese is made from cow’s milk and sports a pale color with a hint of light gray under a layer of white mold. Brie cheese has an incredibly buttery texture which makes it a soft, spreadable cheese for a variety of different foods.

Several varieties of Brie are made all over the world, some of which include herbed varieties, plain brie, and double and triple brie.

The maturation process for Brie ranges from several months to a whole year which results in a strong taste and flavor of the cheese. 


A sliced roll of buchette cheese with a side of tomatoes.

A raw-milk goat cheese (“chevre”) that originates in Anjou, the Loire Valley, France. In English, the cheese literally means “a small log from Anjou.” 

The use of goat milk gives Buchette cheese a slightly acidic flavor and the best way to serve it is when it’s fresh and creamy. It also has a strong, pungent scent reminiscent of lemons. The texture of the cheese is very soft and easily spreadable on bread, crackers and other similar foods.

The hazelnut-like taste and the creamy texture  get even better and stronger as the cheese ages.

Buffalo Mozzarella

A sliced buffalo mozzarella cheese on a cheeseboard.

Also called “Mozzarella di Bufala” in Italian, Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of Italian Mediterranean Mozzarella, originating from Campania, Italy, and the provinces of Salerno and Caserta.

This cheese belongs to the “pasta filata” family and has quite a fresh, moist, and semi-elastic texture. Unlike most cheese, it is rich in calcium and protein and is lower in cholesterol because it is made from buffalo milk.

The word ‘mozzarella’ comes from ‘mozzare’ which is a process that literally means “cutting by hand”, followed by a separation of the curd and serving the cheese in individual shapes.

This process makes the buffalo mozzarella cheese quite versatile and elastic in texture, two qualities that gave it unique names like “the Queen of the Mediterranean cuisine”, “the pearl of the table” and “white gold”.


A sliced wheel of Camembert Cheese.

Pronounced as ‘CAH-muhn-BARE’, this is another illustrious French soft cheese first made in the 18th century in the Camembert region of Normandy, northern France, by cheesemaker/fromager Marie Harel.

The soft-ripened cheese, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, and contains an incredibly rich, buttery texture perfect for slathering onto a piece of hot French bread. 

One of the best combinations for Camembert is pairing it with light red wine, or a cider.

Coeur de Chevre

A look at a heart-shaped Coeur de Chevre Cheese.

Defined as an artisanal, unpasteurized, and soft-ripened cheese that comes from Quercy in France where herds of goats roam around and feed on the lush grasses of the Gatinais.

Couer de Chevre cheese has a salty, spicy flavor with a super soft, smooth, and creamy texture. As the name translates to ‘heart of goat’, it is actually hand-molded into the shape of a heart, too. It has a rich, succulent consistency which makes it a soft, spreadable cheese for a variety of different foods.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this cheese is that it is wrapped in a chestnut leaf and often served with fruity red wine or sparkling white wine.

Cottage Cheese

A wooden bowl of homemade Cottage Cheese.

Cottage cheese is a soft, fresh cheese with a very mild flavor and creamy texture. It is made from the curds that are left behind in pasteurized cow’s milk but can also be made with the help of other kinds of milk.

Interestingly, cottage cheese was extensively promoted during World War I as an excellent substitute for meat because it contains a large amount of protein. It is also low in calories, unlike several other types of cheeses, which makes it a very healthy kind of cheese.

Cream Cheese

A bowl of freshly-made Cream Cheese.

New York state dairyman William A. Chester is credited as the first known producer of cream cheese back in 1872. Made from a combination of cream and milk the soft cheese has a mild taste and buttery soft texture.

Most people don’t think of cream cheese as an actual “cheese”, but it is, in fact, a very rich kind of cheese that is also easy to make at home. It is popularly and commonly used as a spread for bagels, crackers, different types of bread, etc.

Cream cheese can accompany both savory and sweet foods, and works well as a dip for snacks and also to make cheesecake.

Feta Cheese

Cubes of Feta Cheese in a bowl.

Greek Feta cheese is a brined white soft cheese often made from a combination of sheep and goat milk. EU legislation limits the official name Feta to cheese produced in the traditional way in mainland Greece and the islands of Lesbos Prefecture. Outside the EU, Feta is commonly used in many different variations.  

The aged, crumbly cheese has a salty, tangy flavor and is perfect for salads, flatbreads and pizzas.

Goat Cheese

A slice roll of goat cheese on a paper sheet.

Goat cheese (“chevre” in French) comes in a number of varieties with different flavors and textures, including salty and crumblyaged cheese to super moist and creamy, soft, spreadable cheese.

Goat cheese has been made for millennia and is divided into several categories, according to its regions of origin. The high quality, nutrient-rich soft cheese is loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and protein.


Heart shaped Neufchatel cheese on autumn leaves.

One of France’s oldest types of cheese, Neufchatel dates back to at least the 6th century, originating in Normandy.

Neufchatel cheese has a soft and slightly crumbly texture and has an aroma and taste that is very similar to that of mushrooms. Its flavor can also be described as a little nutty and creamy, which makes it ideal to be spread on crackers and toast.

In the United States, Neufchatel cheese is commonly referred to as “farmers’ cheese”.

Ricotta Cheese

Fresh Ricotta Cheese on a wooden spoon.

Italian whey cheese made from sheep, water buffalo, or goat milk. The word ricotta literally translates to “re-cooked,” and is produced by coagulating the proteins that remain behind after the casein from the milk is used to make other cheese.

Ricotta originally comes from the Italian peninsula and dates back thousands of years. The cheese has a slightly sweet flavor and an extremely soft, buttery texture.

Common culinary uses of ricotta cheese include desserts, such as cheesecake. It can also be used in a variety of savory dishes, like pasta, pizza, lasagna,and ravioli. 

Top Brands of Soft Cheese


President Brie Plain 60% Wheel 2.2 Pounds (1 Kilo)

Source: Amazon

Président Cheese is one of the premium cheesemakers in the world and is considered one of the best brands of brie cheese in France. Founded in 1933 in the town of Laval, France, Président has been making delicious cheeses for almost a century.

With a focus on French artisanship and tradition, Président sells more than just brie cheese. The cheesemaker also offers a wide assortment of other products, including feta, goat cheese, cheese fondue, and a wide range of other specialty cheeses and butter.

The company has the largest assortment of AOC (appellation d’origine controlee) cheeses available. You can find President cheese at many grocery stores throughout the United States as well as online through various retailers.

You’ll discover delicious brie cheese wrapped with herbs, creamy brie, brie logs, and many other versions of this delectable soft cheese.

Glacier Ridge Farms

Glacier Ridge Farms Smoked Gouda Gourmet Spreadable Cheese 8oz (One Cup)

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for a versatile form of spreadable cheese, try offerings from Glacier Ridge Farms. The brand’s spreadable smoked gouda goes great in pasta recipes, as a warm and melty potato topping, vegetable dip, or as a sandwich spread.

This cheese is microwaveable so it’s easy to soften in just 30 seconds. Just remove the lid, microwave, then stir the cheese and repeat as needed. 

Every product from Glacier Ridge Farms is made from 100% natural cheese with no excess chemicals or other ingredients. You can find these products on Amazon and in select grocery stores. The brand also sells a spreadable aged cheddar that’s great on crackers and in a wide range of recipes, too.


Saint Andre cheese.

Source: Saint Andre

Saint-André makes triple crème cheese featuring a smooth, rich, and buttery flavor and texture. This soft white French triple cream cheese is made from cow’s milk with a 75% butterfat content.

Spread it on toast, crackers, or bagels for an amazingly heavenly flavor and texture. You can find Saint-André at many gourmet food and cheese stores, select grocery stores, and online at

The cheese is typically covered with a bloomy, white rind and is enriched with pure, sweet cream for a delicate and subtle sweetness. Hailing from the Normandy region of France the cheese pairs beautifully with some crusty French bread and a nice glass of wine.


Boursin Garlic Herbs Cheese - Creamy, 5oz.

Source: Amazon

Boursin is a brand and type of cheese that is derived from a savory party dish called fromage frais. This soft cheese blends a variety of herbs and rich flavors with gourmet Gournay cheese which has a crumblier texture.

You can find Boursin in a wide range of flavor profiles, including fig and balsamic vinegar, garlic and fine herbs, shallot and chive, cracked black pepper, caramelized onion and herbs, and more. The Boursin brand also offers miniature cheese bites, spreadable dairy-free cheeses, and cooking cream for all your favorite recipes.

The brand got its start when a young Normandy cheesemaker started a cheese factory all the way back in 1957 in a small community nestled in the northern region of France. In 1961, a French newspaper said that Boursin was infused with garlic. After the public loved the idea, Francois Boursin decided to make his line of cheeses with garlic, herbs, salt, and pepper. It wasn’t until 1963 that he was able to perfect his creation and introduce it to the world, but today, Boursin is widely known as one of the best soft cheese brands in the world.


BelGioisoso cheese.

Source: BelGioioso

Although the name sounds Italian, BelGioioso hails from Wisconsin, where a cheesemaker has created some of the best fresh mozzarella cheeses available. The founder moved his family from Italy to the United States in 1979 with a dream of creating delicious, Italian-style cheese for Americans.

He began his dream in the heart of America’s dairy land, Wisconsin, thanks to the availability of exceptional grass-fed milk. This soft burrata cheese is made from local, fresh milk that is gathered just a few hours after milking.

The cheese is then pulled and stretched into a ball until it reaches a smooth, porcelain-white finish. Burrata cheese has a delicate, milky flavor. The cheese “pouch” is filled with a rich filling of cream with bits of mozzarella, and the truffle flavor includes bits of Black Summer truffles for added savoriness with a creamy interior.

The cheese is soaked in heavy cream to give it a sweet, milky flavor that is gentle on the palate. Each ball of this cheese is hand-formed and packaged to ensure maximum freshness.

Where to Buy Soft Cheese

Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese.

Source: Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s is one of New York’s most unusual cheese shops, but today it’s owned by Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States (based on revenue). Murray’s sells a wide range of soft cheeses as well as other items like charcuterie items including smoked meats and fish and more.

As for the cheese, you’ll find a huge variety of both soft and hard kinds of cheese, including wheels and other products. The wheels are sourced green, then aged into a variety of different creations in Murray’s very own cheese caves in New York City.

This is what makes this cheese retailer stand apart from the crowd. Whether you want brie, Parmigiana Reggiano, cheddar, or some other variety, there are many options to choose from.

You can buy a wide assortment of products online as well as fabulous gifts for the cheese fan in your life. Check the website to see what they have new in stock, as there’s always something different to try.


igourmet Wensleydale with Cranberries (7.5 ounce)

Source: Amazon

iGourmet offers a massive selection of both domestic and international cheese that comes from small producers and widely recognized brand names. This online retailer has a massive amount of soft and hard cheese available, which can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the various types of cheeses out there.

However, if you have been looking for something rare or unique, then there’s a good chance you will find it at iGourmet. The website has about one dozen buffalo milk options, while most cheese shops typically only offer one type of buffalo milk cheese, if that.

In fact, iGourmet also sells buffalo milk butter, buffalo milk gouda cheese, and more. You’ll also find a wide range of international cheese options to choose from, as well as a lot of cheese in bulk.

Remember to check the sale section often and you’ll get some great discount prices. If you need gift boxes or gift sets for a loved one, then iGourmet is also a great place to shop.

Harry & David

Source: Harry & David

When it comes to giftable soft cheese (and much more), Harry & David is an excellent choice.

This popular retailer has gifts for almost every occasion and includes a variety of options that range from traditional snacks and sweets to artisanal selections.

While they’re most well known for their delicious and juicy pears, Harry & David also sells a broad range of awesome snacks, including football sausage and cheese gift boxes that include an all-beef football-shaped sausage.

Look for a wide range of incredible American brands, like Rogue Creamery, Beehive Cheese Co, and Sartori, just to name a few. And if you’re into the idea of craft ale cheeses, Harry & David has you covered.

For the cheese connoisseur, you’ll find a great variety of cheese and wine pairing gift boxes and deluxe options, as well as affordable cheese gifts for the budget shopper. Check their seasonal selections and look for discount codes to help you save money on all your gourmet gift-giving this year.

Caputo’s Market

Caputo’s Market.

Source: Caputo’s Market

Caputo’s Market sells a wide range of domestic and international cheeses as well as a unique selection of exclusive, cave-aged cheeses.

While there are lots of great options to choose from, it’s important to note that many of their cheeses go out of stock fairly often, so you’ll want to buy them sooner rather than later or check back to see what’s in stock.

The market is located in Salt Lake City and is one of the best-hidden secrets in the city when it comes to looking for fine soft cheeses. You’ll discover American originals, classic European cheeses, and a special cheese-aging program.

The program partners with small producers all over the country to help them perfect the cheese-making process. If you’re shopping for soft cheese online, Caputo’s Market has affordable shopping rates, too. Unless you want to your order overnight, you shouldn’t spend more than $30 on having the whole thing shipped.

Check out their house-aged cheddar. This cheese is aged for 10 months and produces a buttery, potato-like flavor with a small hint of horseradish for a little kick. Caputo’s prides itself on having a staff of friendly people who are also very knowledgeable about the food they sell.

They offer hands-on training and workshops with food artisans to ensure that their staff provides you, the consumer, with the best advice and the best flavors sourced from around the world, and from some local producers, too.

When you visit the shop in person, feel free to ask for a cheese sample or grab something from their cheese cave. They’ll also be glad to help you choose the best olive oil and other products as well.