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16 Different Types of Snow Shovels

Photo collage of snow shovels

Quicklist: Snow Shovels

  1. Traditional Snow Shovel
  2. Snow Scoop Shovel
  3. Snow Push Shovel
  4. Snow Pusher with Wheels
  5. Snow Sleigh Shovel
  6. Snow Shovel and Snow Pusher Combo
  7. Telescopic Snow Shovel
  8. Ergonomic Handle
  9. Spring-Assisted Handle
  10. Extra-Wide Snow Pushing Blade
  11. Collapsible Snow Shovel
  12. Plastic
  13. Aluminum
  14. Fiberglass
  15. Steel
  16. Wood

Shovels for clearing snow have been in use for millennia. One carved out of elk antlers, with a wood or bone handle, dating back 6,000 years, was found in a Shigir peat bog at an archaeological site in Russia’s Ural Mountains.

Dozens of patents for snow shovels were filed in the 19th century, with Lydia Fairweather promoting a scrape and scoop model she invented in 1889.

Snow shoveling, however, was not the only method used for snow removal. By the mid-1800s, horse-drawn snowplows were popular, and a rotary snowplow or snow blower was invented in Canada.

In the early 1920s, Norwegian brothers Hans and Even Overaasen, and New Yorker Carl Frink, devised car-mounted snow plows.

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Types of Snow Shovels

Traditional Snow Shovel

Suncast SN1000 18-Inch Snow Shovel, Navy

Source: Amazon

Traditional shovel designs, featuring blades with angled rib patterns, are still among the most popular options for clearing out snow. You can scoop plenty of snow with the Suncast model (pictured above) which has an 18-inch by 13-inch blade.

Most traditional snow shovels are made out of a combination of wood handles. and plastic, aluminum or steel blades. The larger the shovel, the more weight will needed to lift the snow.

Snow Scoop Shovel

Suncast SF1850 22-Inch Big Scoop Snow Shovel with Wear Strip

Source: Home Depot

Scoop shovels are designed to pick up a larger volume of snow at once. Some people use them to swiftly clear off their patios or decks after a snowstorm.

They are perfect for this purpose. Since you’re putting more snow in the scoop than you would on a normal shovel, the handle needs to be strong enough to pick up the increased weight.

The scoop shovels also require aluminum or steel blades — there are plastic models but they are prone to buckle under the weight.

Snow Push Shovel

24" Aluminum Snow Push Shovel [Set of 4]

Source: Amazon

Another way to move snow out of the way is to simply push it. This can be somewhat easier than lifting it and throwing the snow where it needs to be.

A snow push shovel is designed so that you can position it underneath a mound of snow and then push it up against the shovel blade to move it around.

This is going to be simple if the snow is light and fluffy. You will be able to move the snow around at a relatively quick pace and will clear your entire driveway in no time if all continues to go well.

Taking the time to plan out where you are pushing the snow ahead of time can be a good idea. You will want to push the snow to the sides of your driveway to clear a path effectively.

For many people, this is going to be simpler than traditional shoveling methods. Sometimes it is smart to use a combination of snow pushing and shoveling techniques to see the best results.

It should also be noted that if the snow is particularly hard and mixed with ice, then you won’t have a simple time pushing it. This is really going to be more effective when the snow you are dealing with is lighter.

If the snow is packed tightly, you’re going to have a tough time getting the snow push shovel positioned properly. You also might run into issues moving it but this is only when things are partially frozen.

Snow Pusher with Wheels

CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling 26-Inch Snow Pusher with 6-Inch Wheels and Adjustable Handle

Source: Amazon

Some snow pusher shovels are designed with wheels. This is going to make the act of pushing snow around even simpler. This type of a shovel is going to have a bar that you can hold onto.

You are able to position the snow pusher and get it underneath a large mound of snow. Then you simply push it forward and the wheels will make getting the snow out of the way that much easier.

Having wheels on a snow pusher really does make a big difference. This feels completely different to use than a standard snow push shovel.

You will still be pushing the snow around using manual power but it is just so much simpler to push it in this way. People who have problems getting down low due to back issues will prefer this method of snow pushing.

You should be able to clear out snow effectively with this tool being available to you. Using a snow pusher with wheels is relatively simple.

In many ways, it is similar to a manual snowplow device that you are able to use to clear large amounts of snow quickly. You can clear snow from driveways, patios, decks, and much more by using this effective tool.

This is prone to the same weaknesses as a normal snow push shovel, though. When the snow is incredibly packed down or partially frozen with ice, you aren’t going to have an easy time pushing it around.

In these cases, it will be important to break up the ice before attempting to move it. This is why a combination of shoveling techniques is often the best choice to make.

Snow Sleigh Shovel

Garant Poly Sleigh Shovel 0-1/2" Poly 42-1/2" Handle Length

Source: Amazon

This snow sleigh shovel has the same concept as a snow push shovel. The idea is that you are going to position this shovel properly and then push the snow where you want it to be.

Using a snow sleigh shovel feels a lot different, though. You are able to scoop so much snow into this snow sleigh shovel that you can clear a path quite swiftly. Snow sleigh shovels have a very wide blade. This allows the shovel to push around large amounts of snow all at once.

You can move big piles of snow to make significant progress in a short amount of time. This is definitely appealing but you need to be able to use this snow sleigh shovel to its full potential in order to enjoy the benefits.

If you have the leg power, then this can be an excellent method to clear snow. Many people like to get down low and really push through the snow with all of their power. It can actually be kind of fun depending on how you feel about getting a little workout in the cold.

The important thing to take away about this kind of shovel is that you need to be able to use your leg strength to push the snow effectively. This means that a snow sleigh shovel may not be as practical for those who aren’t going to be able to use it fully.

If you don’t have the strength to move this sleigh around properly, then you’re going to be better off with another method. Even so, this is an effective tool for those who can bring out its potential. 

Snow Shovel and Snow Pusher Combo

Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle

Source: Amazon

If you want to have the best of both worlds, then it will be to your benefit to own one of these snow shovel and snow pusher combination tools. You will be able to use this type of a snow shovel to both push snow and shovel it.

It is designed to be able to push snow effectively, but it has the right type of blade that shoveling it is still going to be an option. Being able to do a combination of these two snow clearing methods is going to make your experience much better.

There are going to be times where it makes more sense to push snow where it needs to go. You will also be faced with situations where pushing the snow simply isn’t going to be an option.

This tool is going to allow you to shovel stubborn snow piles and push the parts that are easier. You can use this combination method to help keep your property clear of snow all winter long.

Telescopic Snow Shovel

Power Small Telescopic Snow Shovel | 38.1” Overall Length | 30.3” Collapse Length (Black Color)

Source: Amazon

Telescopic snow shovels are capable of being adjusted down to different sizes. This allows you to choose between having a long handle or a short handle. Some people prefer one way or the other but each of these modes has its own benefits.

Short handles can be useful for shoveling snow quickly when you want to stay low to the ground. Longer handles are ideal for people who want to maintain a certain posture while shoveling snow.

The ability to adjust the handle size is useful for more than just the act of shoveling, though. Being able to make things smaller makes this type of snow shovel more portable. You will easily be able to fit one of these telescopic snow shovels in the back of your car.

If you live in a place that is known for having harsh winters, then you will know that it is possible to get your car stuck after a snowstorm. Being able to have a shovel in your trunk to help you get out of a bad situation is going to be very beneficial.

These telescopic snow shovels have proven themselves to be popular options that are quite capable of effectively clearing snow.


Ergonomic Handle

Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Shaped Handle And Wear Strip, Green

Source: Amazon

You will find many of the most popular models sold today are designed ergonomically. Buying a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle makes the job significantly easier for many people.

The handle has a bent design, allowing you to position your hands differently when you are shoveling. For people with back issues, this can be convenient as it makes it easier to maintain a comfortable posture while working.

Spring-Assisted Handle

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 18-IN Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/Spring Assisted Handle

Source: Amazon

It’s important to buy the right snow shovel that is going to allow you to keep your driveway clear throughout the entire winter.

If you have back issues or difficulty lifting large amounts of snow at once, then you may need some extra help. Spring-assisted handles supply additional lift to press down and fling the snow with a powerful force.

Extra-Wide Snow Pushing Blade

Extra-wide snow pushing blade shovelSource: Home Depot

Sometimes it is appealing to be able to get a job done as quickly as you possibly can. If you want to make short work of clearing some snow, then buying a snow push shovel with an extra-wide blade can come in handy.

This is going to allow you to move a lot of snow really fast. This particular snow push shovel has a blade that is 36 inches so it can definitely cover a lot of ground.

If you want to be able to use this type of a snow push shovel, just keep in mind that pushing more snow at once can be difficult. If you feel as though you have the strength to move around this much snow, then it will prove to be a great option. 

Collapsible Snow Shovel

ORIENTOOLS Collapsible Folding Snow Shovel with Durable Aluminum Edge Blade (Blade 6")

Source: Amazon

This snow shovel has a handle that completely collapses to rest on top of the blade, making it extremely portable and perfect for fitting in a car trunk. The lightweight design also means that this shovel will not be ideal for moving a lot of snow at once.

It might feel a bit too lightweight to be able to comfortably handle a heavy load of snow. This is mostly meant to be a handy little snow shovel that you can keep in your car and use whenever there is a need.



Plastic snow shovelSource: Home Depot

Most snow shovels on the market will have plastic blades. Some people think of plastic as being of lesser quality but this isn’t necessarily the case.

You will find that snow shovels that have plastic blades are still quite durable. They’re also usually a bit more inexpensive than ones that are made out of other materials so you can save a bit of money if you go this route.


The AMES Companies, Inc UnionTools 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel - 1640400

Source: Amazon

Some of the sturdier snow shovels will be made out of aluminum. Aluminum blades are good for shoveling snow as you will be able to use them to break up bits of ice.

These types of snow shovels may be the most useful tool when you live in an area that gets significant amounts of snowfall. You want to be able to make short work of even stubborn snow and an aluminum snow shovel blade will work wonders.


Fiberglass snow shovel

Source: Home Depot

Some snow shovels are made with fiberglass handles. These feel really nice to use and you will always be able to rely on them to hold up to regular use.

When you want to buy a quality snow shovel or snow push shovel that is going to stand the test of time, getting one of these is recommended. They feel good in your hands and you will be able to put them to good use.


Steel snow shovelSource: Amazon

Steel snow shovels are going to be the strongest type that you can buy. Obviously, steel is a very powerful metal that is going to last you for a long time.

You can use a steel snow shovel to chop up ice when you need to and you will never feel as though a steel blade is going to have trouble handling heavy loads of snow.

If you want to have the easiest time possible when shoveling your driveway, then buying a steel snow shovel is highly recommended.


Rustic Wood Snow Shovel - 15.5 inches

Source: Amazon

As you might expect, wood is used to make many different parts of snow shovels. Wood is most commonly used to make the shaft of the snow shovel but it may sometimes be used to make the handles, as well.

A good solid piece of wood is going to work perfectly as the shaft of an effective snow shovel. You should feel confident that it is going to be able to handle lifting heavy scoops of snow without having problems.

Top Brands of Snow Shovels

Snow Joe

A man with a snow shovel.

Snow Joe is a reliable snow shovel brand, and the Shovelution is an excellent option for shoveling heavy snow. This shovel has a durable, 18-inch-wide blade with a sturdy metal lip and an aluminum handle that snaps together.

It also includes an extra lift-assist handle to make pushing heavy snow across the driveway as easy as possible. It also helps to make scooping and lifting snow up and away from stairs or railing a cinch.

This snow shovel is easy to use, and you won’t have to bend over as often as you might with a “regular” snow shovel. It provides lots of leverage to help with scooping, and the lightweight design makes it great for kids and adults of all ages.

The shovel from Snow Joe is a breeze to assemble, which makes it a great option for those who don’t deal with tools (or snow for that matter) very often.

True Temper

A man with boots shoveling snow.

True Temper is one of the oldest manufacturers of outdoor tools in the United States, and it offers an extremely high-quality snow shovel at a great price.

This snow shovel features a heavy-duty polyethylene plastic blade that’s 18 inches wide. It also features a durable steel handle with an oversized, D-grip design that makes it easy and comfortable to lift.

This is a lightweight shovel that can easily handle almost any light snowfall. This particular snow shovel from True Temper doesn’t require any assembly and comes ready to use right out of the packaging. It’s extremely lightweight yet can easily handle light to moderate snow.

The blade won’t scratch your deck or brick, but the narrow width means it may take you a bit longer to get the job done. Overall, this is a terrific snow shovel for people who live in an area with just occasional snow.

JM Enterprises’ “The Snowplow”

The Snowplow "the Original Snow Pusher" 36" Wide Model 50536

JM Enterprises prides itself on being a leader in snow removal tools. The brand’s Snowplow is also dubbed “The original snow pusher,” and for good reason.

This ultra-wide snow shovel comes in a 30 or 36-inch blade design and can move a lot more snow than a traditional shovel, which is perfect for large driveways and wide walkways. The lightweight fiberglass handle is not only comfortable to maneuver, but it’s also quite strong and durable, too.

Its sleek blade is made of polyethylene which resists most wear and tear. The unique design of the Snowplow helps you throw snow forward, so clearing driveways, decks, and roads is fast and easy.

Its blade is thick and tough, making it ideal for those who live in a climate that deals with a lot of heavy snowfall throughout the winter. The unit comes ready to assemble and you can find it on Amazon as well as other retailers.


Manplow PRO42 PRO Snow Pusher, 42"

Manplow makes a variety of snow pushers, including its RevolutionX Snow Pusher with a u-shaped design. This model is ideal for scraping and removing snow from driveways and features a two-handed design with a padded grip that makes it extremely easy and comfortable to use.

The durable metal handle is built to last, as is its polypropylene blade. You can use heavy force with this snow pusher to chip ice and snow away from your driveway or sidewalk in minutes. Not only is the padded grip comfortable, but it also helps to keep your hands insulated from the cold metal material.

Thanks to the unique shape, using this snow pusher helps to minimize the need to bend over, which may help to reduce fatigue after several minutes of shoveling.

Manplow makes several models of its snow pusher, including the PRO which features an extra wide 42-inch blade. The company has been making snow removal products since 2008 and is constantly evolving.


Outsunny Snow Shovel with Wheels, Heavy-Duty Metal Snow Pusher, Cushioned Adjustable Angle Handle Snow Removal Tool, 29" Blade, 10" Wheels, Orange

If you’re concerned about the constant bending required to shovel snow, give the Outsunny Metal Angle-adjustable Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel Rolling Pusher a try.

This handy snow shovel has large, 10-inch rubber wheels that help you maneuver the shovel much more easily than a traditional shovel. 

It features a wide, 29-inch blade that pushes snow away while you walk upright, and a steel-reinforced blade has the capability to shovel five inches of snow at once. The handle is able to adjust to five different angles to fit people of varying heights.

You can also angle this snow shovel/pusher right or left to help you clear snow in both directions as you go. A reinforced edge on the blade makes scraping ice a breeze.

Best Type for Various Purposes

Bad Back – Ergonomic Shovel

YeYeBest Ergonomics Snow Shovel, Assisted Handle, Stainless Steel Material, Light Weight, Removable, Portable

Shoveling snow is a demanding activity that involves a lot of bending and heavy lifting. That can put a strain on your lower back. Therefore, if you have a bad back, you need to consider a snow shovel that takes the pressure off your back.

That’s where an ergonomic shovel comes in. This type of shovel is designed to eliminate the need to bend too far. Some features of ergonomic shovels include:

• A second handle grip midway along the shaft
• An adjustable shaft
• A bed along the length

These features go a long way in balancing any weight in front of your body with both hands, making the shovel easier to lift. That protects you from potential injury and helps reduce back pain.

Ergonomic shovels can also have additional features like cushioned handle grips and light materials like plastic or fiberglass. These materials can absorb shock and vibration, a feature that goes a long way in reducing stress and fatigue in your body.

Decking – Snow Sleigh Shovel

Snow Pusher with Metal Strip,Portable Heavy Duty 16” Wide Aluminum Metal Snow Shovel for Driveway,Lightweight Emergency Car Snow Shovels for Walkway,Decking,Collapsible Metal Snow Shovel Pusher

A shovel comes in handy when you want to remove snow from your deck. However, you need to use the correct type of shovel to make work easier. Consider using a snow sleigh shovel.

These types of shovels have a deeper blade and a wide handle, making it easy for you to push the snow away from the deck. Most of them also have wide U-shaped handles that make it easy for you to shift your weight and use both hands.

With a snow sleigh shovel, you can use your leg muscles to push so that you will relieve some of the weight off your back. Using a shovel with a rubber tip would be a good idea to avoid damaging your deck’s surface.

Scraping – Push Shovel

Garant APP30KD Alpine 30-Inch Poly Blade Snow Pusher-Yellow

A snow pusher, also known as a push shovel, is a good idea when you want to scrape heavy snow loads easily. As the name suggests, the shovel allows you to work in a push-along motion.

Therefore, it doesn’t require much effort.
However, the shovel works well with fresh snow. It would be more difficult to dig the blade into packed snow.

Portable to Keep in your Car – Telescopic Shovel

BIRDROCK HOME 34" Folding Emergency Snow Shovel for Car | Small & Compact | Tool for Snow Camping, Skiing, Snowmobiles, Avalanche Survival | Lightweight Aluminum & ABS Plastic | Red

If you are looking for a shovel to keep in your car, you want something with a very compact design. A telescopic shovel would do the perfect job.

As the name suggests, a telescopic shovel is very tiny, so you can easily stash it in the trunk of your car. Most of them are collapsible, with an easy-to-use button slide mechanism.

They are made of very light materials, some as light as under 2 lbs. When folded, the shovel can be as tiny as 6×4 inches, which is very economical for storage space.

Since the handles are adjustable, you can choose a comfortable length for your height. That will lessen the strain on your back since you might not need to bend over while shoveling.

Pushing – Snow Push Shovel

TUFFIOM Snow Shovel with Wheels for Driveway, 29" Wide Metal Snow Pusher Plow for Snow Removal, Heavy Duty Wheeled Push Snow Shovel Ergonomic Angle & Height Adjustable for Garden Pavement

Heavy snowfall is inevitable during the winter months. In order to leave the house, you will need to push the snow from the driveway. In that case, you will need a snow-push shovel.

It pushes the snow straight ahead, making it pretty straightforward to use. All you need to do is push the shovel on the ground. These shovels are not meant for lifting or flinging the snow, so they might not be made of the lightest materials around.

Most of them have a wide blade to allow you to work on a large area at a time. Some snow push shovels have wheels. The wheels make pushing heavy loads of snow easier with much less effort. However, they might not be effective on hardened snow.

Budget – Standard Shovel

Earthwise SN001 18" Poly Lightweight Snow Shovel, Green

A shovel is a necessity if you live in an area that snows. So you might be wondering what options there are for you if you are o a tight budget. While you might have to forego some features like a collapsing shaft, you can still buy a standard shovel and enjoy equal practicability.

Standard shovels are characterized mainly by plastic blades, which makes them ideal since plastic is not prone to rust. Besides, the plastic makes the shovel lightweight.

The handle can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. You can use a standard shovel to scoop snow and toss it out of the way. However, it might require more effort and cause more strain since the weight is not distributed evenly.

Where to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a snow shovel, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the scoop on where you can get the best prices on snow shovels and what kinds of options are available for you.

When you’re buying a snow shovel, there are a few important things to consider. The first is price. While it’s easy enough to find cheap snow shovels, you should make sure that they’re not so cheap that they’ll break under pressure.

You also want to consider size and weight—if you have trouble lifting heavy objects or have a large area to shovel.

Home Depot

Price Range: $35 – $70

Home Depot is a popular home improvement store that offers a wide selection of snow shovels. They have both manual and electric models, as well as a wide variety of sizes and features (some have wheels). If you are looking for a new shovel, Home Depot is one of the best places to shop.

In comparison to other companies, Home Depot’s prices are competitive and they offer frequent sales in which their prices are even lower than usual (but not as low as some competitors’ sale prices).


Price Range: $30 – $100

Lowe’s is a home improvement superstore, and it carries snow shovels. Lowe’s offers a wide range of snow shovels in different sizes, styles, and price points. If you’re looking for a specific brand or model of snow shovel, you can probably find it at Lowe’s.

If you live near one of their stores (located nationwide), then shopping there might be your best option if you need to buy one immediately!

Northern Tool

Price Range: $24 – $80

Northern Tool is a great place to buy snow shovels. They have a wide selection of snow shovels, and they also sell a lot of other tools. They have a good return policy if you don’t like the shovel you buy.

If you’re looking for a specific model or brand of snow shovel, then Northern Tool probably isn’t the best option. However, if you want to buy a wide range of tools and supplies and don’t care about brand names, then this is the place to go!

Ace Hardware

Price Range: $20 – $120

While Ace Hardware may not be the cheapest option, it generally has a good selection of snow shovels, snow pushers, roof rakes, and sidewalk ice scrapers at good prices. Online the shovels are categorized by price, blade material, blade width and type of shovel.

True Value Hardware

Price Range: $30 – $120

If you’re looking to buy a snow shovel, and don’t want to do any digging around, True Value Hardware stores are the ones to visit. True Value is a chain of retail stores that sell tools, hardware, and other home improvement products.

True Value sells snow shovels in all 50 states (as well as Puerto Rico) through more than 5500 locations nationwide—so there’s bound to be an option near you!


Price Range: $20 – $100

If you’re looking for a decent snow shovel at a good price, Walmart is one of the best places to look. They have an enormous selection of shovels and are known for their reasonable prices. Their return policy isn’t as generous as some places — 30 days, not 60.