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16 Different Types of Snow Shovels

Escape the rigors of snow removal by finding the best snow shovel to clear out the snow. We present the different types available in the market today.

Red snow shovel scooping up mounds of snow.

The snow shovel was invented in 1889 by a woman named Lydia Fairweather. Snow shoveling, however, was not the only method used for snow removal. By the mid-1800s, horse-drawn snow plows were popular but only until the Blizzard of 1888.

A rotary snowplow or the snow blower was invented in Canada. In the early 1920s, Norwegian brothers Hans and Even Overaasen and New Yorker Carl Frink invented the car-mounted snow plows. Historians noted, however, that in the 18th and 19th centuries, snow was not considered a threat but an asset for traveling in the US.


Traditional Snow Shovel

Suncast SN1000 18-Inch Snow Shovel, Navy

Source: Amazon

The traditional snow shovel design is still among the most popular options for clearing out snow. This type of snow shovel is something that you’re going to see most people using on a regular basis. It features a standardly designed shovel blade with an angled rib pattern. You will be able to scoop plenty of snow as this particular shovel has an 18”x13” blade.

Most traditional snow shovels will be made out of a combination of plastic and wood. You will see wood being used to make the shaft and plastic used to make the blade. It is also possible to purchase snow shovels that are made out of heftier materials such as aluminum, steel, and much more. Whatever type of traditional snow shovel you decide to buy, you should be getting a good product that will help you to take care of your snow shoveling needs.

When you want to be able to get your snow shoveling job done quickly, it is possible to buy snow shovels that feature even wider blades. For the most part, it is easier to handle a snow shovel that has a more standard length such as this. The larger the snow shovel, the more snow it is going to be able to hold at once. This also means that more weight will need to be lifted, making things significantly more difficult.

For the simplest snow shoveling experience, you should stick with a traditional snow shovel that is a normal size. If you are an average-sized individual, then this is going to feel comfortable and you won’t have a tough time getting the job done. You will be able to make short work of most snow shoveling jobs with this type of a shovel. This is definitely a no-frills type of snow shovel but it is a tried-and-true design that has endured for many years.

Snow Scoop Shovel

Suncast SF1850 22-Inch Big Scoop Snow Shovel with Wear Strip

Source: Home Depot

You might have seen one of your neighbors using one of these snow scoop shovels to clear his or her driveway at some point. These shovels are designed with a scoop and this allows them to pick up more snow at once. This can make the snow scoop shovel the ideal tool for clearing a driveway quickly for many people. Of course, the added amount of snow inside of the scoop is going to make things heavier.

People who are a little stronger than average will likely prefer being able to scoop up more snow at once. This snow scoop shovel is going to make it to where you will be able to get the snow cleared a bit more quickly. Some people like to use these snow scoop shovels as a way to swiftly clear off their patios or decks after a snowstorm. It will work wonderfully no matter how much snow you have to clear from your property.

The handles on these snow scoop shovels are designed to be really strong too. Since you’re going to be putting more snow in the scoop than you would a normal snow shovel, it needs to be strong to handle the increased weight. You won’t ever feel as if it is difficult to lift a scoop of snow because the tool wasn’t up to the task. Just remember to know your own strength and scoop a bit less if you are having trouble with back pain.

It is also highly recommended to purchase a snow scoop shovel that has a very sturdy blade. They do make snow scoop shovels that have plastic blades but it will be more effective to purchase one that is made of aluminum or steel. You don’t want to feel as though you’re going to have trouble with your scoop blade being able to hold heavy loads of snow. Aluminum works well because it has the right rigidity and it can be purchased at an affordable price.

Snow Push Shovel

24" Aluminum Snow Push Shovel [Set of 4]

Source: Amazon

Another way to move snow out of the way is to simply push it. This can be somewhat easier than lifting it and throwing the snow where it needs to be. This might not always be ideal but it can be very useful to be able to push snow around when you need to. This is why many people choose to buy a snow push shovel to make pushing snow around a simple task.

A snow push shovel is designed to be able to push snow effectively. It is made so that you can position it underneath a mound of snow and then push it up against the shovel blade to move it around. This is going to be simple if the snow is light and fluffy. You will be able to move the snow around at a relatively quick pace and will clear your entire driveway in no time if all continues to go well.

Taking the time to plan out where you are pushing the snow ahead of time can be a good idea. You will want to push the snow to the sides of your driveway to clear a path effectively. For many people, this is going to be simpler than traditional shoveling methods. Sometimes it is smart to use a combination of snow pushing and shoveling techniques to see the best results, though.

It should also be noted that if the snow is particularly hard and mixed with ice, then you won’t have a simple time pushing it. This is really going to be more effective when the snow you are dealing with is lighter. If the snow is packed tightly, you’re going to have a tough time getting the snow push shovel positioned properly. You also might run into issues moving it but this is only when things are partially frozen.

Snow Pusher with Wheels

CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling 26-Inch Snow Pusher with 6-Inch Wheels and Adjustable Handle

Source: Amazon

You will also notice that some snow pusher shovels are made with wheels. This is going to make the act of pushing snow around even simpler. This type of a shovel is going to have a bar that you can hold onto. You are able to position the snow pusher and get it underneath a large mound of snow. Then you can simply push it forward and the wheels will make getting the snow out of the way that much easier.

Having the wheels on a snow pusher really does make a big difference. This feels completely different to use than a standard snow push shovel. You will still be pushing the snow around using manual power but it is just so much simpler to push it in this way. People who have problems getting down low due to back issues will prefer this method of snow pushing.

You should be able to clear out snow effectively with this tool being available to you. Using a snow pusher with wheels is relatively simple. In many ways, it is similar to a manual snowplow device that you are able to use to clear large amounts of snow quickly. You can clear snow from driveways, patios, decks, and much more by using this effective tool.

This is prone to the same weaknesses as a normal snow push shovel, though. When the snow is incredibly packed down or partially frozen with ice, you aren’t going to have an easy time pushing it around. In these cases, it will be important to break up the ice before attempting to move it. This is why a combination of shoveling techniques is often the best choice to make.

Snow Sleigh Shovel

Garant Poly Sleigh Shovel 0-1/2" Poly 42-1/2" Handle Length

Source: Amazon

This snow sleigh shovel has the same idea behind it as a snow push shovel. The idea is that you are going to position this shovel properly and then push the snow where you want it to be. Using a snow sleigh shovel feels a lot different, though. You are able to scoop so much snow into this snow sleigh shovel that you can clear a path quite swiftly.

Snow sleigh shovels have a very wide blade. This allows the shovel to push around large amounts of snow all at once. You can move big piles of snow to make significant progress in a short amount of time. This is definitely appealing but you need to be able to use this snow sleigh shovel to its full potential in order to enjoy the benefits.

If you have the leg power, then this can be an excellent method to clear snow. Many people like to get down low and really push through the snow with all of their power. It can actually be kind of fun depending on how you feel about getting a little workout in the cold. The important thing to take away about this kind of shovel is that you need to be able to use your leg strength to push the snow effectively.

This means that a snow sleigh shovel may not be as practical for those who aren’t going to be able to use it fully. If you don’t have the strength to move this sleigh around right, then you’re going to be better off with another method. Even so, this is an effective tool for those who can bring out its potential. You will be able to make short work of snow shoveling jobs if you can use this properly.

Snow Shovel and Snow Pusher Combo

Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle

Source: Amazon

If you want to have the best of both worlds, then it will be to your benefit to own one of these snow shovel and snow pusher combination tools. You will be able to use this type of a snow shovel to both push snow and shovel it. It is designed to be able to push snow effectively but it has the right type of blade that shoveling it is still going to be an option. Being able to do a combination of these two snow clearing methods is going to make your experience much better.

There are going to be times where it makes more sense to push snow where it needs to go. You will also be faced with situations where pushing the snow simply isn’t going to be an option. This tool is going to allow you to shovel stubborn snow piles and push the parts that are easier. You can use this combination method to help keep your property clear of snow all winter long.

Telescopic Snow Shovel

Power Small Telescopic Snow Shovel | 38.1” Overall Length | 30.3” Collapse Length (Black Color)

Source: Amazon

A telescopic snow shovel is going to prove extremely useful to you. These telescopic snow shovels are capable of being adjusted down to different sizes. This allows you to choose between having a long handle and a short handle. Some people prefer one way or the other but each of these modes has its own benefits.

Short handles can be useful for shoveling snow quickly when you want to stay low to the ground. Longer handles can be ideal for people who want to maintain a certain posture while shoveling snow. The ability to adjust the handle size is useful for more than just the act of shoveling, though. Being able to make things smaller makes this type of snow shovel more portable.

You will easily be able to fit one of these telescopic snow shovels in the back of your car. If you live in a place that is known for having harsh winters, then you will know that it is possible to get your car stuck after a snowstorm. Being able to have a shovel in your trunk to help you get out of a bad situation is going to be very beneficial. These telescopic snow shovels have proven themselves to be popular options that are quite capable of effectively clearing snow.


Ergonomic Handle

Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Shaped Handle And Wear Strip, Green

Source: Amazon

You will find many of the most popular snow shovels that are being sold today are designed to be ergonomic. Buying a snow shovel with an ergonomic handle will make shoveling snow significantly easier for many people. The handle has a bent design, allowing you to position your hands differently when you are shoveling. For people with back issues, this can be convenient as it makes it easier to maintain a comfortable posture while shoveling.

These ergonomic shovels are generally the same price as a standard snow shovel, too. Some people may not like the ergonomic handle design as much as others. It really does come down to personal preference. This is a fine snow shovel and it will work excellently to help you to keep your driveway clear of snow during the long winter.

Spring-Assisted Handle

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 18-IN Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel w/Spring Assisted Handle

Source: Amazon

It’s important to buy the right snow shovel that is going to allow you to keep your driveway clear throughout the entire winter. If you know that you have back issues or that you have difficulties lifting large amounts of snow at once, then you might need some extra help. Thankfully, it is possible to buy a snow shovel that features a spring-assisted handle. If you don’t understand what this is, this is essentially another handle that presses down to fling the snow with a powerful spring.

You can make use of this spring-assisted handle feature quite easily. It will allow you to get the snow where you need it to be without having to work so hard. This is a simple but elegant design and it works superbly. Consider purchasing a shovel that has a spring-assisted handle feature if you know that it would help you out.


Extra-Wide Snow Pushing Blade

Extra-wide snow pushing blade shovelSource: Home Depot

Sometimes it is appealing to be able to get a job done as quickly as you possibly can. If you want to make short work of clearing some snow, then buying a snow push shovel with an extra-wide blade can come in handy. This is going to allow you to move a lot of snow really fast. This particular snow push shovel has a blade that is 36” so it can definitely cover a lot of ground.

If you want to be able to use this type of a snow push shovel, just keep in mind that pushing more snow at once can be difficult. If you feel as though you have the strength to move around this much snow, then it will prove to be a great option. You should be able to make perfect use of this tool to get your snow shoveling needs taken care of.

Collapsible Snow Shovel

ORIENTOOLS Collapsible Folding Snow Shovel with Durable Aluminum Edge Blade (Blade 6")

Source: Amazon

If you liked the idea of owning a telescopic snow shovel, then you will be interested to hear about the collapsible snow shovel as well. This snow shovel has the convenient feature of being able to be completely collapsed. The handle collapses down so far that it will be able to simply rest on top of the blade. This makes it extremely portable and perfect for fitting in your car trunk.

As you might expect, this snow shovel is very lightweight. You will be able to use it quite easily and will find that it is simple to carry around. The light design of this particular snow shovel is seen as a benefit because it makes it an ideal option for those who want a shovel that isn’t cumbersome in any way. You can even lock this snow shovel’s handle at a ninety-degree angle and use it that way if you would like.

The lightweight design also means that this shovel will not be ideal for moving a lot of snow at once. It might feel a bit too lightweight to be able to comfortably handle a heavy load of snow. You can still use it effectively but you aren’t going to be scooping up large amounts of snow all at once. This is mostly meant to be a handy little snow shovel that you can keep in your car and use whenever there is a need.



Plastic snow shovelSource: Home Depot

Most snow shovels on the market will have plastic blades. Some people think of plastic as being of lesser quality but this isn’t necessarily the case. You will find that snow shovels that have plastic blades are still quite durable. They’re also usually a bit more inexpensive than ones that are made out of other materials so you can save a bit of money if you go this route.


The AMES Companies, Inc UnionTools 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel - 1640400

Source: Amazon

Some of the sturdier snow shovels will be made out of aluminum. Aluminum blades are really good for shoveling snow as you will be able to use them to break up bits of ice. These types of snow shovels may be the most useful tool when you live in an area that gets significant amounts of snowfall. You want to be able to make short work of even stubborn snow and an aluminum snow shovel blade will work wonders.


Fiberglass snow shovel

Source: Home Depot

Some snow shovels are made with fiberglass handles. These feel really nice to use and you will always be able to rely on them to hold up to regular use. When you want to buy a quality snow shovel or snow push shovel that is going to stand the test of time, getting one of these is recommended. They feel good in your hands and you will be able to put them to good use.


Steel snow shovelSource: Amazon

Steel snow shovels are going to be the strongest type that you can buy. Obviously, steel is a very powerful metal that is going to last you for a long time. You can use a steel snow shovel to chop up ice when you need to and you will never feel as though a steel blade is going to have trouble handling heavy loads of snow. If you want to have the easiest time possible when shoveling your driveway, then buying a steel snow shovel is highly recommended.


Rustic Wood Snow Shovel - 15.5 inches

Source: Amazon

As you might expect, wood is used to make many different parts of snow shovels. Wood is most commonly used to make the shaft of the snow shovel but it may sometimes be used to make the handles as well. A good solid piece of wood is going to work perfectly as the shaft of an effective snow shovel. You should feel confident that it is going to be able to handle lifting heavy scoops of snow without having problems.