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35 Different Types of Radishes

On the ground are various sorts of radish, including white, yellow, red, and purple.

Radishes are root vegetables that belong to the Brassicaceae family. They were domesticated in Europe even before the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids. Before the discovery of olive oil, the ancient Egyptians used radish oil as part of their diet.

The first written record of the radish dates back to the 3rd century B.C. Its name comes from the Latin word radix which means “root.”

Radishes make up roughly two percent of the world’s vegetable production with about seven million tons of radishes produced each year. Americans alone consume 400 million pounds of radishes in a year.

Below you will find all radish varieties including pictures and facts.

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Radish Nutrition Facts Chart

Radish Nutrition Facts Chart

Now let’s jump into your radish options.

Different Types of Radishes with Pictures

1. Black Spanish Radish

Black Spanish radishes

Black Spanish radishes are very round and have coal-black skins and flesh that is pure white in color.

2. Cherry Belle Radish

Cherry Belle radishes

The Cherry Belle radish is the round, red type often found in grocery stores, and it is a perfect addition to salads and many other dishes.

3. China Rose Radish

China Rose radishes in a bowl.

China Rose is one of the oldest types of radishes and is also very hardy. It has roots that get up to five inches in length and it has a nice rose color. It is also easy to grow and does best in mild climates.

4. Chinese Green Luobo Radish

Chinese Green Luobo radishes on grass.

These radishes are also called Qinluobo radishes, and they are an heirloom variety with lime-green skin and lime-green flesh.

5. Chinese Red Meat Radish

Chinese Red Meat radishes

This type of radish has a whitish-green skin and red flesh, and it gets up to roughly four inches in diameter. It is crispy and sweet and goes great in both stir-fry dishes and various types of salads.

6. Chinese Shawo Fruit Radish

The thing that makes this radish unique is its bright-green color, which you can find both inside and outside of the radish. They originated in North China and are often sliced thin and served at tea parties in places such as Beijing. They are a beautiful green color and tasty as well.

7. Crimson Giant Radish

Crimson Giant radish against a blue background.

With an average diameter of 1.5 inches, the Crimson Giant radish is bright red in color and can average over six inches in height. They mature in roughly 30 days and have a mild crispy taste and globe-shaped roots.

8. Daikon Long White Radish

Daikon Long White radishes on a rustic table.

There is a reason for the name given to this radish because it can get up to 18 inches in length and three inches in diameter. Although usually cooked, Daikon Long White radishes are also excellent eaten raw and placed in salads, and their look can resemble a whitish-colored eggplant.

9. De 18 Jours Radish

In less than three weeks, you can harvest these abundant types of radishes because they mature in roughly 18 days. They are round to cylindrical in shape and are red with white tips. Their taste is juicy and their texture is crispy, and they are easy to grow in most locations.

10. Early Scarlet Gold Radish

This type of radish has red skin, white flesh, and a tender and juicy flavor. Early Scarlet Gold is an heirloom variety with a round shape and a very crispy texture.

11. Easter Egg Radish

Multicolored Easter Egg radishes

Easter Egg radishes come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, white, or purple, and it looks and tastes best when it’s cut very thin and added to dishes such as salads. They look just as good as they taste.

12. Fire and Ice Radish

This radish is oblong shaped and has a bright red top half and white bottom half. They are sweet, but mild and have a delicate texture and flavor.

13. French Breakfast Radish

French Breakfast radishes on grass.

The French Breakfast radish has an extra crunchy and mild flavor. They also have a slightly pungent flavor and can be eaten either raw or cooked, and they are red and white in color.

14. French Dressing Radish

French Dressing radishes are long and wide, roughly two inches in length and ¾ inch in width. It is a red radish with a white tip, and its flesh is pure white in color. It is zesty and peppery in flavor, and it is ready to be harvested in roughly 24 days.

15. German Giant Radish

With bright-red skin and snow-white flesh, this type of radish is mild and crispy, and it matures in 30 days. It can also get up to 14 inches in length, and its shape is cylindrical and somewhat oblong. It often looks similar to a carrot and has a slightly pungent flavor.

16. Giant of Sicily Radish

These radishes get up to two inches in diameter and have a bright-red color and delicious taste. An heirloom variety of Italy, the Giant of Sicily is easy to grow and matures very early.

17. Green Meat Radish

Also called the Misato Green radish, this type of radish is green both inside and out, and it has a mild flesh, but skin that is uniquely spicy in taste.

18. Horseradish

Horseradish cut in half.

Although some people do not realize it, horseradish is a type of radish, and it is pungent and bright, without the bitter aftertaste that is sometimes found when you buy horseradish in a jar. Horseradish is harvested in the fall and can be stored all winter long, and it spices up a variety of meat dishes and stews.

19. Malaga Radish

This radish has very round roots and a deep-purple color. They mature in roughly 35 days, and they have a firm, crisp texture. They also have a contrasting white flesh, and they are both easy to grow and flavorful.

20. Perfecto Radish

This type of radish has a sharp, pepper-like taste and matures in roughly 30 days. They have a bright-red skin and flesh that is white, and they are crispy, sweet, and mild all at the same time.

21. Philadelphia White Box Radish

This is an heirloom variety that dates back to the late 1800s, and they have beige skin and white flesh. They usually reach the size of golf balls, and their taste is both mild and crispy. They also mature early, in roughly 30 days, and people love them.

22. Pink Beauty Radish

Pink Beauty radishes on a rattan basket.

The Pink Beauty radish is fairly rare but has beautiful rose-pink skin and a crispy and yummy sweet taste. A unique variety of radish, the Pink Beauty matures in less than 30 days, so you won’t have to wait too long to try them out.

23. Purple Plum Radish

Purple Plum radishes

With deep-purple skin and bright-white flesh, this type of radish is as attractive as it is tasty and sweet. It matures in roughly 28 days and is very easy to grow. It also gets to approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and has flesh that doesn’t get pithy.

24. Red Emperor Hybrid Radish

The Red Emperor Hybrid radish has bright-red skin and a bright-white interior, and they mature in roughly 30 days. Their taste is mild and crispy and has a slight pepper-like flavor as well.

25. Sakurajima Mammoth Radish

This type of radish has a wonderfully sweet and mild flavor, and it is also one of the biggest radishes in existence. In fact, the Sakurajima Mammoth radish is known to weigh up to 100 pounds when it’s fully mature, making it quite an eye-catching and tasty vegetable.

26. Saxa 2 Radish

Saxa 2 radishes

This is a European variety of radish and is both attractive and productive. Maturing in just 18 days, the Saxa 2 radish is smooth and round, bright red in color, and it is crispy and delicious.

27. Sichuan Red Beauty Radish

Completely red both inside and out, this type of radish is perfect for salads and for pickling purposes, and it is easy to grow, especially if you live in a cool climate. It is a long, slender radish with a sweet taste and lots of vitamins and antioxidants.

28. Singara Rat’s Tail Radish

Instead of an edible root like most radishes, this radish has bean-like seed pods which are edible. They are a delicacy in places such as India, and they have been known to grow up to 14 inches in length. They are easy to grow and, therefore, recommended for beginning gardeners, and they offer both taste and uniqueness.

29. Sparkler Radish

Sparkler radishes

Sparkler radishes are very round and all white on the inside. The outside of the radish is red with a white tip, making for a very unique looking and tasty vegetable.

30. Summer Cross Hybrid Radish

These radishes look more like a long carrot. They get up to 12 inches in length and they are white on both the outside and the inside. They are an Asian variety that matures in roughly 45 days, and they are crispy and mild in taste.

31. Watermelon Radish

Watermelon radish cut in half.

Watermelon radishes are an heirloom variety and have white skin and reddish-purple flesh. With a slightly pepper-like taste, the Watermelon radish grows to the size of a small watermelon, roughly the size of a baseball.

32. White Beauty Radish

This type of radish is small and white in color both inside and out. It is very round and has a juicy, sweet flavor.

33. White Globe Hailstone Radish

These radishes are white on both the inside and outside of the vegetable. Their taste is both mild and spicy, making them very versatile indeed.

34. White Icicle Radish

White Icicle radishes

The White Icicle radish is a large vegetable, getting up to eight inches in length, and it has a very pungent flavor and bright white color.

35. Zlata Radish

The word zlada means “gold” in Russian, and that’s what color these radishes are. They are silky and a bit on the spicy side and they are very easy to grow, usually maturing in roughly 30 days.