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38 Different Types of Poinsettias

Photo collage of poinsettia plants

Quicklist: Poinsettias

  1. Carousel Red
  2. Classic Red
  3. Classic White
  4. Early Monet
  5. Enduring Marble
  6. Euphorbia Aries Red
  7. Euphorbia Astro Red
  8. Euphorbia Autumn Leaves
  9. Euphorbia Christmas Beauty Marble
  10. Euphorbia Christmas Glory Pink
  11. Euphorbia Envy
  12. Euphorbia Ferrara
  13. Euphorbia Hera Red
  14. Euphorbia Leona Red
  15. Euphorbia Rinehart Code 257
  16. Euphorbia Rinehart Code 619
  17. Euphorbia Rinehart Code
  18. Freedom Marble
  19. Ice Punch
  20. Jingle Bell Rock
  21. Jubilee Pink
  22. Luv U Pink
  23. Monet
  24. Orange Spice
  25. Peterstar Marble
  26. Polar Bear
  27. Polly’s Pink
  28. Prestige Maroon
  29. Prestige Red
  30. Princettia Hot Pink
  31. Princettia Max White
  32. Princettia Pink
  33. Red Glitter
  34. Strawberries and Cream
  35. Visions of Grandeur
  36. Winter Rose Dark Red
  37. Winter Rose Red
  38. Winter Rose White

In the wild, poinsettia plants are native to the Pacific coastline of southwestern Mexico and Guatemala. The Aztecs referred to poinsettia as “cuetlaxochitl” (brilliant flower), while the Maya called them “k’alul wits” (ember flower).

Franciscan priests in 17th century southern Mexico were the first to associate the red and green colors of poinsettia plants, used in indigenous rituals, with Christmas-time nativity scenes.

Poinsettia are named, in English, after Joel Roberts Poinsett, a South Carolina politician, who became the first US diplomat to Mexico in 1825, under then President James Monroe.

Poinsett began sending the Mexican flame thrower plants, as they were then known, back to greenhouses he operated in Charleston sometime after he began representing American interests in Mexico. 

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Types of Poinsettia

Carousel Red

The Carousel Red has petals that are wavy and scalloped, and a center made of many small, brilliant yellow flowers that perfectly complement the color of the petals. Considered one of the sturdiest of all poinsettia cultivars, it has large, green leaves that are veined.

Classic Red

Classic red poinsettia

Once you hear the name of this plant, you can likely picture exactly what it looks like. This poinsettia has bright-red petals, classic green leaves, and greenish-yellow flowers in the center of each petal, giving it a cheery look that is perfect for the holiday season.

Classic White

Classic white poinsettia

Much like the Classic Red, it is easy to picture what this plant’s flowers look like. They are a creamy-white color and have white centers and beautiful green leaves to complement their look.

Placing it next to poinsettias in any shad of red gives your table or mantle an extraordinary look that you’ll want to show off for as long as possible.

Early Monet

This plant has petals with a yellowish tone and dark-red flushes throughout each one. Like other poinsettias, this one has a center comprised of a group of small, yellow flowers, but it’s the unique color of the petals that has everyone noticing it.

Enduring Marble

This poinsettia has creamy white, almost lime-green petals with shades of soft pink throughout each petal. It is the perfect plant to have around when you want a little color in your home, but don’t want that color to be obnoxious or take away from your other indoor plants.

Euphorbia Aries Red

A new variety of poinsettia, it has medium vigor and fits perfectly in pots from 2.5 inches to seven inches in diameter. It looks beautiful with miniature succulents that are 2.5 inches in size.

Euphorbia Astro Red

This one has a great shelf life and is very strong, branching easily and suitable for pots up to 10 inches in diameter. Best of all, it does well in both cooler and warmer climates.

Euphorbia Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves poinsettia

This plant has warm colors of pink, peach, and yellow, and it has a response time of over seven weeks. Also called Poinsettia Gold, it makes a stunning and unique Thanksgiving decoration.

Euphorbia Christmas Beauty Marble

In colors such as saturated pink with a cream-colored marble pattern, this flower is striking and sure to stand out among your other holiday plants.

Euphorbia Christmas Glory Pink

Best for pots that are six inches or smaller, this poinsettia is uniform and compact, and it thrives in cooler temperatures. The petals are both pink and white, with colors that won’t fade and stay looking great regardless of how long you own it.

Euphorbia Envy

The Envy has petals of lime-green and an upright, strong habit that makes it long-lasting and attractive enough to be an impulse buy. It has a response time of more than eight weeks, and it looks beautiful next to other types of Christmas plants.

Euphorbia Ferrara

This one has medium to high vigor and a seven-week response time, and it is classic red in color, making it a wonderful choice when you’re out looking for Christmas plants. Since it finishes fast, it is a popular choice for people who are shopping on Black Friday.

Euphorbia Hera Red

With a bright-red color and medium vigor, this plant is perfect for larger pot sizes. Its stems are sturdy and it has a V-shape, decreasing the possibility of stem breakage. With a great shelf life, this plant blooms in late November and continues to thrive for eight weeks.

Euphorbia Leona Red

This plant is easy to grow regardless of the type of climate you enjoy, and it adapts easily to various temperatures and light conditions.

They are uniform and V-shaped, and they look best in six- to 10-inch pots. They also produce massive amounts of petals, making them perfect for people who love red poinsettias.

Euphorbia Rinehart Code 257

With a beautiful blue-red hue, this type of poinsettia has medium-size petals and compact, dense branches. It is ready to purchase before Thanksgiving, and its mid-sized petals are perfect for any area of your home that you wish to decorate.

Euphorbia Rinehart Code 619

With upright, bright-white petals and adaptation for cooler temperatures, this poinsettia does much better when you give it some extra care and attention, enabling it to grow and thrive beautifully the entire time you have it.

Euphorbia Rinehart Code

This is a vigorous, fancy grade of poinsettia, and it has strong, upright stems and bright-red, eye-catching petals. Like other types of Euphorbia Rinehart Code, this one thrives much better when you take good care of it and give it some attention while you have it.

Freedom Marble

The Freedom Marble has petals that are light greenish-white in color with raspberry-colored streaks in the middle of each of them. The color combination gives it a marbled look, and the petals truly stand out among the other poinsettias.

Ice Punch

Poinsettia Ice Punch Cultivar

This type of poinsettia has unique petals of creamy-white with wide, bright-red trim. Small yellow flowers gather in its center, and the petals are less compact than other types of poinsettias, giving them a “devil may care” characteristic.

Its dark-green leaves are scalloped and veined, so they look perfect next to the beautiful petals.

Jingle Bell Rock

The Jingle Bell Rock is nothing short of spectacular, with two-toned petals of bright-red and a striking shade of creamy yellow, and it makes the perfect Christmas accessory.

It has glossy, dark-green leaves that look amazing next to the bright red of the petals, so it is something that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Jubilee Pink

A very unique shade of pink, this poinsettia has petals that are also a bright orange-red color that fades in and out, making it look like it has more than one color in each of its petals. Its large, grass-green leaves complement its pink shades, and it will make you want to keep this plant around for as long as you can.

Luv U Pink

A truly striking poinsettia, its massive amounts of petals are bright-pink in color and are true eye-catchers. It has complementary large, dark-green leaves that truly bring out the color of the petals, and it is well-loved by anyone who sees it, even those whose favorite color isn’t pink.


Poinsettia Monet cultivar

The Monet has strong, shapely petals that are a beautiful shade of pink, and each petal has flushes of dark-pink throughout. The long, dark-green leaves make the pink petals stand out even more, and like other poinsettias, at the center this one has beautiful yellow flowers that are quite small.

Orange Spice

This poinsettia stands out not just because it has only one color to concentrate on, but because that color is a spicy, bright orange that will attract anyone’s attention. It is a striking plant that looks great alongside its large, dark-green leaves, so feel free to make it the centerpiece of your table or mantle.

Peterstar Marble

With creamy-white trim and a soft-pink center streak, this poinsettia is both beautiful and elegant-looking. If you’re looking for something a little subtle but which still makes people take notice, the Peterstar Marble is for you.

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear has petals that are one color only, and that color is a beautiful shade of creamy white-yellow that gives it a very delicate look.

The small yellow flowers in the center match the petals perfectly, and if you’re looking for a plant with a beautiful and consistent look, this is the one for you.

Polly’s Pink

Another perfect plant for those who love the color pink, this poinsettia has deep-pink petals and beautiful, grass-green leaves that perfectly complement them and bring the entire look of the plant together to make it look eye-catching and stunning.

Prestige Maroon

A deep shade of red makes the petals on this plant very unique, and the irregular shape of the petals and brilliant yellow center make it a truly stunning plant to have in your home.

Prestige Red

A brilliant, bright shade of red makes these flowers truly stand out, and the small cluster of lovely yellow flowers in the center gives it the perfect final touch. A perfect plant to have around and show off to your friends!

Poinsettia princettia cultivar

Princettia Hot Pink

These beautiful, eye-catching flowers are deep-pink in color and come with petals that are a little lighter as well. The various shades of pink, along with the light trim and centers on some of the petals, make this plant a must for anyone who loves the color pink.

Princettia Max White

Like the name suggests, this plant has bright-white petals with soft-pink lines throughout them, as well as a group of green flowers in the center. Its attractive petals make it a very noticeable plant, and because of its color, it can match any other plant you place next to it.

Princettia Pink

Another plant that is perfect for lovers of the color pink, this plant has lighter pink petals on the outside and shorter petals that get darker pink towards the center.

The centers have the small yellow flowers that poinsettia-lovers are used to, and the occasional splash of green on some of the petals makes it even more extraordinary to look at.

Red Glitter

This is a striking plant, with petals that are bright-red in color and have creamy-yellow blotches throughout, making it a real eye-catcher. Its grass-green leaves look absolutely beautiful next to its petals, and if you’re looking for something that exudes Christmas but which is a little different and unique, this is it.

Strawberries and Cream

With gorgeous rose-pink petals that have raspberry-colored veins throughout, their grass-green leaves look beautiful next to them and the plant creates a truly extraordinary look for your dining room table, mantle, or fireplace.

Visions of Grandeur

These poinsettias have very soft, elegant petals that look similar to a large rose, and it comes in soft colors such as pink, cream, and yellow.

Its large, emerald-green leaves complement the flowers perfectly, and they look extraordinary in a home that has a French or country design. For extra beauty, these plants can be placed near plants that are winter-white or white in color.

Winter Rose Dark Red

Poinsettia Winter Rose Dark Red

With leaves that are so dark they are almost burgundy, this plant has dark-green leaves and green flowers in the center, and if you’re looking for a plant to get you in the Christmas spirit, this is definitely one to consider.

Winter Rose Red

Looking similar to a geranium or rose, this poinsettia has curvy petals in bright-red so it truly earns its name. Large, dark-green leaves and the brilliant shade of red make this the perfect Christmas decoration, especially if you line the pot in colors such as gold or silver.

Winter Rose White

With a creamy-white color and bright-green leaves, this poinsettia is beautiful and can match any other plant you put next to it. Place it next to red or dark-pink poinsettias for an especially beautiful look, and the plant is guaranteed to make the area look cheery and happy.

Poinsettia Cultivars Grouped by Color


    • Carousel Dark Red
    • Novia
    • Prestige Maroon
    • Red Elf
    • Red Jubilee “1139 Red”


    • Cortez White
    • Infinity Polar
    • Polar Bear
    • Premium Polar
    • White Christmas


    • Enduring Pink
    • Marks Pink
    • Pink Cadillac
    • Pink Elf
    • Polly’s Pink


    • Cortez Burgundy
    • Ice Punch
    • Jingle Bell 3
    • Money Twilight
    • Shimmer Surprise


    • Christmas Angel Marbella
    • Infinity Marble
    • Marblestar
    • Sonora Marble
    • Winter Blush

Top 3 Overall

  • Carousel Dark Red
  • Ice Punch
  • Shimmer Pink

Where to Buy Poinsettias

Orban’s Nursery

This fourth-generation family business has been cultivating and selling gorgeous poinsettias for over 70 years. When you purchase from Orban’s Nursery, you’ll get florist-quality flowers to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

In the south, these flowers are also commonly used as landscape plants, so you can find them in a wide range of sizes. Each potted plant includes decorative pot covers with protective sleeves, and you can find them at select Orban’s locations as well as some garden centers in the state of Florida.

The nursery is also open to the public for just one day when you can check out over 200,000 blooming poinsettias before they’re shipped out. Members of the community can tour the nursery, take photos, and purchase their own plants to take home.

The annual event is quite popular among the locals, and a portion of the proceeds on that day go toward the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association’s scholarship fund.


Proflowers poinsettia.

Whether you’re looking for a dozen roses for your sweetheart or some holiday flowers, you’ll find it all at Proflowers. Check out their annual seasonal section that includes beautiful red poinsettias that can be delivered right to your door or directly to the recipient.

Be sure to include a message or card with your delivery so the person knows it’s from you. You can also include a special, personalized message. There are also other options available, including beautiful fresh holiday wreaths and Christmas centerpieces.

Depending on where you live, you can also display your poinsettias outdoors if you live in a warm climate, then transplant them into the garden during the spring to enjoy them all year round.


Petals poinsettia.

If caring for real flowers isn’t your thing, consider ordering some stunning, realistic silk poinsettias from Petals. This online retailer sells a variety of options including their popular Premier Poinsettias which are available in two sizes and two different colors.

Add one to your home or place one in the office lobby for a stunning way to celebrate the holiday season. These flowers come in red or white and large or extra-large, depending on your preference. They also include a gold cover free of charge, or you may choose a decorative container that’s sold separately.

All poinsettias and other products from Petals are designed and assembled in the United States and arrive fully shaped and ready to display. Once you place an order, you’ll get standard shipping for five to 10-day delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Lowe’s poinsettia.

Lowe’s carries a variety of plants all year round including in the winter when you can find live Christmas trees, wreaths, and potted poinsettia plants. These plants feature large star-like flowers in a bright red color with dark green foliage.

They do require a lot of light and do best with six or more hours of sunlight per day to keep them looking vibrant and fresh. You should water your potted poinsettias whenever the soil feels dry and only use tempered water. Never overwater these plants or allow them to sit in water.

You can find fresh poinsettias at practically every Lowe’s location throughout the United States once the season begins but most must be purchased in-store and can’t be delivered online. However, you may be able to purchase them online for in-store pickup.

Send Plants

Send Plants poinsettia.

If you’re looking to create a stunning holiday display, make sure you check out the variety of poinsettia arrangements available at Send Plants. This online florist sells a beautiful selection of holiday flowers including incredibly unique orchid and poinsettia combos.

You can choose from a wide range of gorgeous pots including white birch bark designs, classic ceramic in holiday colors of green and gold, or a beautiful white wicker design. All plants are available for direct delivery anywhere within the continental United States.

You’ll also find adorable floral Christmas trees, red amaryllis plants, and deep red anthurium plants which are definitely a unique gift. There are also gift baskets that include classics like summer sausage and cheese as well as fresh fir wreaths for the season, potted bonsai trees, money trees, and much more.

The company has over 35 years of gift delivery experience and provides a variety of quality gifts for any occasion with outstanding customer service. Giving someone a freshly potted poinsettia is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and show how much you care.

You’ll also find floor plants, flowers, and much more so you can treat yourself or send something beautiful to the people you love.