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41 Different Types of Planters

A collage of different types of planters.

Plants bring about beauty and freshness to any space whether indoors or outdoors. They look pretty and can make any space look just as vibrant and colorful as they are. The addition of plants is a great way to brighten up any room with vibrant colors and a pleasant fragrance.

When you look deeply, plants do so much more than just creating aesthetically pleasing interiors. Plants can not only create a tranquil environment where you can relax or work but having plants in your home or workspace also has numerous health benefits.

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Health Benefits of Fresh Plants

Improved Air Quality

Having plants in your homes can improve the quality of air. Human beings need fresh air to breathe. By fresh air, we mean air that has plenty of oxygen.

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The air in a closed space is saturated with carbon dioxide that we exhale and as a result, the quality of air is not as good as it should be. Plants inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day. They keep the air saturated with oxygen and leave the place feeling fresh.

Increased Humidity

Plants release water vapor as a part of photosynthesis. They release 97% of the water that they take in. They keep the humidity high which keeps respiratory distresses at bay.

Improved Health

Having plants in an indoor space can improve blood pressure and heart rate. When plants are placed in hospital rooms, it has been reported that patients request less for pain medication. Patients also feel less fatigue and anxiety and are released from the hospital sooner.

Greater focus

People can have a greater focus while working or studying if there are fresh plants in a room. This has been backed by research several times.

Quieter Homes

According to research, plants can absorb noises from outside and make any indoor space feel quieter and a lot more comfortable. Plants can help in filtering excess noises and creates a more tranquil and calm environment.

Apart from creating our living and work spaces aesthetically pleasing, who knew plants could benefit us in so many ways?

Types of Planters

Now that you are convinced that you need to have some fresh plants in your home, you must be thinking about how to incorporate them in your interior.

You may not like the idea of placing pots indoors, because we understand they can look messy and quite out of the place. You would need planter ideas that not just serve the purpose of adding plants to your home, but also enhance the overall look.

Types of Planters On The Basis of Material Used

There are different types of planters based on the material used to make them. we have listed down all the types of planters on this basis for you:

1. Plastic Planters

Plastic Planters.

Plastic planters are one of the most commonly sued types. They are long-lasting, available in all kinds of shapes and colors, affordable, lightweight, and least likely to break. However, they are not suitable for heavy plants.

2. Wooden Planters

Wooden planters are affordable. They are available in many different shapes and sizes. You can even build a wooden planter yourself. Wooden planters have excellent drainage. However, they are heavy and have the capacity to rot.

3. Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Planters.

Ceramic planters are available in a massive variety of designs, colors, and sizes. They have better drainage as compared to clay.

They look pretty and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor décor. The thing about ceramic planters that make them less common is that they are very expensive, heavy, breakable, and have poor drainage.

4. Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters look very attractive. They are affordable and have excellent drainage. However, they are heavy and breakable.

5. Metal Planters

Metal Planters.

Metal planters look neat and are available at a very low price. However, they have poor drainage and they can also overheat the plants.

Planter Ideas

Now that we have the basic information about planters covered, let’s have some super cool planter ideas. The type of planter you opt for depends on your taste and what theme you want your interior to have.

1. Modern Ceramic Planter

Modern Ceramic Planter.

If you have doubts over using a typical planter inside your home, don’t worry. We know typical pots would not look very attractive.

A modern ceramic planter is what you should get. It makes a great indoor decorative accessory. They are stylish and simple. When there are no plants in it, it won’t even look like a planter!

2. Resin Planter

Resin planters are available in many sizes. Their smooth finished surface makes them ideal to be used indoors. They are available in many colors so you don’t even have to worry about them not aligning with your interior design.

Their elegance lies in their simplicity. They look attractive, regardless of the size. you can use small resin planters for tabletop decorations and larger ones for corners of your living room.

3. Birdcage Planter

When we talk about incorporating plants in your home, we just don’t mean indoors. The outdoor plantation is equally important and meaningful. A birdcage planter is the prettiest planter you will ever come across. You can hang it in your porch or your window, or wherever you feel like it.

4. Hanging Wall Planter

Hanging Wall Planter.

A hanging planter can never be the wrong choice. Whether you want to hang it on your porch, kitchen, windowpane, or terrace, they will look beautiful. Hanging planters have been popular since forever, and they still are.

5. Footed Stone Planter

A footed planter is the one that sits on the floor. It has a base, which could also be small legs, over which the body stands. Footed planters are ideal for outdoor settings. You can place them on your porch, terrace, or in your garden.

Footed planters are available in many colors and shapes. Usually, footed planters are made of ceramic or stone that makes them fit to be used outdoors.

6. Hamper Planter

You don’t necessarily need a pot or a typical planter for plants. You can use hampers as planters.

Rattan hampers give an earthy look and when you decorate it with fresh, brightly colored plants, they will love super attractive. Plants will also perform great in these planters because they have excellent drainage!

7. Elevated Planter

 Elevated Planter.

Elevated planters are usually used outdoors; they are placed in the porches or terraces, against the walls. Elevated planters are the most commonly used planters for plantings herbs. They are available in wood and plastic, making them suitable for outdoor conditions.

8. Hanging Ceiling Planter

If you are looking for planters that you could incorporate indoors but also don’t want the planter to take up any floor space, a hanging ceiling planter is ideal for you. Having fresh plants around your house would give a fresh and lively feeling, that you would love!

Hanging ceiling planters are the best to be used indoors because firstly they don’t occupy any floor space, and secondly, you don’t have to worry about too many holes on your walls.

9. Wicker Planter

Wicker furniture is the most stylish and the most popular type of furniture for gardens, porches, patios, and other outdoor settings. The reason for this is that wicker furniture can tolerate outdoor weather conditions like sunlight, dust, and rain.

Wicker planters are a great choice for all the same reasons. They are perfect for outdoors. You can decorate them on your entrance or beside benches on your porch or along with wicker furniture in your patio. Wherever you decide to place them, you will totally love them.

10. Footed Metal Planter

Metal planters look a bit rough and that is why we suggest you place them outdoors and not indoors. You wouldn’t want to have any negative impact on your interior design, would you?

Metal planters are not ugly but they are just not suitable for indoors. They can be extremely stylish and attractive. Metal planters look great outdoors!

11. Vertical Elevated Planter

Vertical Elevated Planter.

If you love plants and have an entire wall that is blank, you can use a vertical elevated planter. Not only will it cover an undecorated wall but it will look overwhelming. For anyone who loves plants, this planter is the best option! It is suitable for outdoor settings.

12. Cool Ceramic Planter

Ceramic planters are available in many designs. Ceramic planters look great both indoors and outdoors. A cool ceramic planter like this one looks cute and stylish.

A planter does not have to be straight and simple. Since planters will become a part of an interior or exterior décor, it is important that they are chosen carefully too.

13. Tire Planter

Tire Planter.

You can even make planters at home. Do you have any old tires in your garage or backyard? If yes, grab them, paint them, stack them, and a super cool planter is ready!

14. Cute Little Planters

Having small planters decorated on kitchen counters, coffee table, dining table, bedside table, or on stairs bring about a feeling of freshness, liveliness, and calmness. Cute little planters not only serve as planters but also add a decorative element to the interior.

If you love plants, cute little planters are a thing for you. They will allow you to incorporate plants to the interior without taking up a lot of room space.

15. Wheelbarrow Planter

A wheelbarrow planter is a great addition to any garden. Its rough and rugged look makes it perfect for a garden. You can fill it up with your favorite plants and make it stand anywhere in the garden.

If you want to change the location of plants, you can simply move the wheelbarrow with ease. it is an innovative way to bring an old, abandoned wheelbarrow into good use.

16. Bird Bath Planter

Bird Bath Planter.

You can bring anything and everything in use with a little creativity. If you have an old birth bath that is lying useless and forgotten somewhere in your garden, clean it, paint it, and use it for plants.

A bird bath planter would look beautiful in the center of the garden or in the patio. If you really like the idea but don’t have an old birdbath, you can easily find one in the market or some garage sale in the neighborhood.

17. Barrel Planter

If you sit outdoors for tea or reading outdoors quite often, having some plants around can be a good idea. Barrel planter is a great planter idea for outdoors. A barrel is suitable to be placed outside in the sunlight.

Having excellent drainage, a barrel planter not only keeps the plants fresh and alive but looks really good too. The rustic feel it gives can transform the entire appearance of the space.

18. Bicycle Pot Stand

Bicycle Pot Stand.

If the purpose of plants indoors is solely decorative, you can opt for a small bicycle pot stand. The small size makes it suitable for indoors. It does not take up a lot of space.

Moreover, the cool bicycle design makes it funky and attractive. It surely would be a valuable addition to your interior design

19. Stonework Garden Planter

Stonework garden planter gives royal feels to the garden. It looks elegant and extremely stylish. Stonework garden planters are available in different sizes.

You can get the one that you like! You can place in it the patio as well where it would look wonderful with a comfortable, cozy seating arrangement.

20. Modern Wall Mounted Planter

The best way to incorporate plants indoor is through wall mounted planters. Since wall mounted planters do not take up any floor space, they don’t make the interior look too full.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the base of planter leaving any marks on the floor. Wall mounted planters look very pretty as well!

21. Ceramic Wall Planters

Ceramic Wall Planters.

Whether it’s a wall of your terrace or a blank wall with the staircase, you can decorate it with a ceramic wall planter. Ceramic wall planters are suitable for plants and they look trendy hanging on the walls.

Ceramic wall planters are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can easily find the one that suits the interior design of your living space.

22. Shoe Organizer Planter

All of you must have owned a show organizer at some point in life. Do you know that can use a shoe organizer as a planter as well? Well, you can use each pocket of the shoe organizer for a separate plant!

It is a quick fix if you are tight on a budget. Moreover, a limited vertical space that is lying unutilized can be brought into great use with a shoe organizer planter.

23. Macramé Wall Planter

Macramé wall hangings are quite popular in interior design. They are simple and stylish wall décor item that is easy on the pocket as well. Macramé hanging wall planter carries the simplicity of any macramé wall décor item.

It also makes wonderful wall art. Enjoy a well-decorated, pleasant smelling, and fresh feeling interior of your living space!

24. Ladder Planter

Ladder Planter.

Experimenting with things is easier outdoor rather than indoor. You will feel scared that if the experiment doesn’t go well, the interior of your house will get damaged, or at least, get negatively affected.

However, when you are working on exterior décor, there is a lot of margins to experiment around. You can even go reckless with ideas. One such bold experiment that turned out to be amazing is a ladder planter.

We used an old ladder, painted it in a very cool color, and hung old pails on each step. We planted fresh plants in each pail and decorated the ladder planter on our porch! Trust me when we tell you, it was hit!

25. Railing Planters

Do you think the railings of your balcony, terrace, or patio look empty? Do you want to decorate them with planters but are scared that they will fall off? Railings planters are specially designed planters for railings. With them, you can now decorate the railings with all the plants and flowers that you like!

DIY Planter Ideas

Building a planter is no rocket science. There are many DIY planter ideas that you can try. Not just are they easy, but they are extremely fun to do. Not to forget all the money they are going to save!

Most of the DIY planter ideas make use of the things that are available at home. The next time you are cleaning your garage, backyard, or attic, think about how can you recycle things before disposing of them.

1. Yoghurt Container Planter

We throw away many yogurt containers every day. If we put in some thought, a lot of our waste won’t look so useless after all. You can make planters using yogurt containers.

All you have to do is wash them thoroughly, paint them, decorate them, and plant a low-maintenance plant. You can decorate them on your nightstand, coffee table, kitchen counter, or anywhere you wish!

2. Wooden Crate PlanterDIY wooden crate planter

If there is an old wooden crate in the backyard, wait for a minute before you toss it off as junk. Can’t you use a wooden crate to make a wooden planter? Wood has excellent drainage property.

Wooden crates are quite deep which means more plants can be planted in a single crate planter, which will also perform well as compared to smaller planters. The wooden crate would make a perfect planter for outdoor settings like porches and garden.

3. Pram PlanterPlanter made form a pran

Did you just find out a pram from your child’s childhood in the backyard? You can convert it in a planter rather than throwing it away. All you have to do is repaint it, polish it, and make it look new all over again.

Just like wooden crate planters, a pram planter is also deep which would allow plants planted in it to perform well.

4. Recycled Can PlanterColorful can planter

Have you ever thought of recycling cans to make something useful? Well, a lot of people use cans to make pen holders or makeup brush holder but we are talking about something unique.

You can make upside down planters from cans! They do not just look cool but they are extremely attractive. We don’t see plants hanging upside down often, do we?

5. Mason Jar PlanterMason jars from plants

Mason jars are a common household item. To make a planter out of Mason jars, you don’t have to out a lot of time or hard work. Simply secure Mason jars on a wooden plank with the help of metal grippers and secure the wooden plank to the wall.

A Mason jar planter is ready! We recommend you to use this planter to plant herbs. With this, you enjoy fresh herbs every time you cook!

6. Pallet PlanterVertical pallet planters

Are you obsessed with plants? Do you want more plants in your terrace but are out of space to put pots? It is time for you to go vertical.

Using a wooden pallet, you can make a vertical planter for your terrace. Unlike pots, it won’t need a lot of ground space. Above all, the plant assembly would look healthy and attractive!

7. Chalkboard Planter

If you are bored with your ceramic planters but you don’t feel like changing them altogether, this DIY planter idea is just the thing for you. All you will need is chalkboard paint. Paint your ceramic planters with this paint.

Once dry, use chalk to either write the names of herbs in each planter or assign one planter to every family member with their names on it, or write motivating words! You can play around with words once you have the chalkboard painter ready!

8. Dripping Paint PlanterPainted planters

Typical, old planters can be boring and replacing them all means incurring a fancy cost. If you are not willing to bear any costs but still want new planters, this DIY planter idea can help you get what you want. Simply let the paint drip from the top towards the bottom.

The dripping paint will create a design as it makes its way down. The rough and untidy look the dripping paint creates is exactly what we are suggesting you make! The dripping paint planters will look beautiful. Trust us!

9. Floppy Disk Planter

Do you remember floppy disks? If yes, you must know they are useless now. If you have some floppy disks, do not dispose of them. Instead, make a cool planter with them. Place it next to your computer and see how well the floppy disk planter looks with the computer!

10. Rain Boots Planter

Are you planning to throw away your old rain boots? We suggest you not to do that. You can use old rain boots to make super attractive planters for your fence.

Rubber boots will make amazing planters that will add colors to your otherwise dull and boring fence. You can never run out of ideas. It’s all about how wild your imagination can run. Who knew you could use old rain boots this way?

11. Shadow Box PlantersDIY planter

If you are short on space but love plants, don’t worry. You don’t need to have a lot of space to decorate your living space with plants. You can make these shadow box planters with wooden planks and use them as planters. So what if you don’t have horizontal space, you will always have some usable vertical space!

Creative Uses of Planters

As the name indicates, planters are used to grow plants. At least, that’s what we have been using the planters for up till now.

You won’t believe but planters can be used for so many other purposes, which for your information have nothing to do with plants! Now that you have come this far, why not read ahead and feed your curiosity?

Poolside Towel Holder

Most people do not invest in a poolside towel holder. They prefer not to spend unnecessarily when they can keep the towel on a chair or a bench, or anywhere! Keeping a towel holder near the pool shows you have paid enough attention to the exterior décor.

The place looks neat and well-organized. If you are not willing to spend money on a towel holder, use a planter instead! Planters are available in many designs and colors, and above all, they are inexpensive!

Beverage Cooler

Tubs to keep your beverages cool looks unpleasant and a complete turn-off. Using a super cool and a fancy planter for this purpose is a great idea! Not to forget the fact that planters are a lot more portable and can be easily moved around to your garden, pool, or wherever you wish to move it!

Bathroom Organizer

Interior designing is all about the sense of using ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Using small planters for keeping your bathroom accessories is one of the best planter ideas.

They make the bathroom look colorful and prettier. It’s time that you move away from the typical bathroom shelves and holders and move to something extraordinarily ordinary!

S’mores Grill

So are you planning to have a bonfire or a camping trip? You don’t have to carry a BBQ grill along to grill S’mores. Simply put in some charcoal in a terracotta planter and enjoy!

Side Table

Do you want a side table for your patio or terrace? Well, you don’t have o spend money on buying a new one. If there a planter at your home that you totally love, you are good to go! Just op the planter with a glass top and your side table is ready!

House Numbers

If you want your house number to stand out, use a planter to display it. Plant some colorful flowering plants on the planter to make it look attractive and attention-grabbing.

Condiment Station

Use small, colorful planters and use them to keep napkins, cutlery, and condiments. They will look a lot more attractive!

Planters make amazing wall art. They can enhance the appearance of the house. With so many types of planters available in the market and so many DIY planter ideas, you can never complain of not getting one that you like!

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