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4 Different Types of Pizza Cutters for Clean Cuts

Closeup of a pizza cutter on a sliced pizza.

Whether you enjoy your pizza homemade frozen or from delivery, a good pizza cutter is needed in order to keep your pizza toppings in place and to eat your pizza normally by the slice.

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1. Pizza Cutter Wheels

Pizza Cutter Wheels

Pizza cutter wheels are the most common type of pizza cutter you find in American homes. These cutters consist of a sharp blade wheel that is attached to a long handle. The wheels are usually three to five inches in diameter. Direct grip pizza wheels are also becoming more popular. These don’t have a handle but instead a cover that you grip the wheel by. This can give you more leverage than a long handle wheel but it’s also harder to see where you are cutting since your hand can get in the way of your vision.

The pros of a pizza cutter wheel are that it’s easy to use and it’s much easier to store. However, depending on how the wheel is constructed, it can be harder to clean than other options. Some will allow you to take apart the cutter for proper cleaning. These pizza wheels can also be used for crafts and art projects.

2. Pizza Cutter Rockers

Pizza Cutter Rockers

Pizza cutter rockers are also called mezzaluna. This is Italian for “half-moon.” These are the cutters that you typically find in a commercial kitchen. There is a long, curved blade that is rocked across the pizza to cut it in half. These cutters are efficient and easy to clean. The toppings are less likely to stick to the blade. The blades are generally 14 inches or longer so they can take up a lot of drawer space.

Some of these pizza cutters can be double-bladed and can also be used in other applications, such as chopping vegetables or mincing herbs. There are many different sizes but the larger ones will be harder to store.

3. Scissor Style Cutters

Dreamfarm Scizza - Pizza Scissors, Non-Stick and Pizza Stone Safe Pizza Cutter and Server (Red)

Scissor style cutters and pie serve shaped cutters aren’t as common as the other types of pizza cutters. These require that you make a series of shorter cuts in order to slice the pizza. These look just like a pair of scissors but one of the blades has a flat button that allows you to slice any pizza on any surface. These cutters can make for incredibly even and straight slices and can be easy and fun to use. However, these are usually inefficient when compared to rockers and wheels. The pros of these types of the cutter are that you can easily serve the pizza and you don’t need to use a separate tool.

4. Specialty Designs

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While there are really two basic designs of pizza cutters, there have been a number of specialty designs that have popped up over the years and are available for purchase. One is a double-bladed unit that claims to save you multiple passes with the slicer by having a second wheel behind the first. There was also the invention of pizza scissors for those who wanted to combine a cutting device along with a spatula. There is the Pizza Boss, which resembles a circular saw. There are also many different shark-shaped slicers that have become available on the market. The U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter is designed to look just like the starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek television series. Specialty pizza cutters do have their place in the market. The U.S.S. Enterprise is actually a decent pizza cutter made from sturdy stainless steel and features a chromium-plated zinc alloy body.

Features You Should Look for in a Pizza Cutter

There are different features you want to look for in order to make sure that the pizza cutter will do the job correctly.

Sharp Blade

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You want to make sure that your pizza cutter will be able to actually cut your pizza. Is it going to slice through every type of crust and thick layers of cheese and toppings in one cut? Will you need to cut multiple times in order to get a clean slice? Does it tear the toppings and crust as it is cutting? The right blade can affect all of these things.

Easy to Clean

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Clean up can be the most annoying part of every meal so you need to make sure the pizza cutter you choose is going to be easy to clean. A pizza cutter should have non-stick properties and wipe clean easily. Not all pizza cutters are going to be easy to clean. It’s best if the cutter has a removable blade for easy cleaning.


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As you cut the pizza, you need to apply a certain amount of pressure to the cutter. The cutter you use should be durable and strong in order to withstand the applied pressure when in use. You don’t want a cutter that will break during use.


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In addition to the cutter being easy to use, you want to make sure it’s comfortable. A comfortable handle or grip could make all the difference in the smoothness of your cuts. If you aren’t able to hold the cutter comfortably then it can be hard to cut and there may be a concern for your fingers.


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If you aren’t waiting for your pizza to cool, you may like a longer handle so you aren’t too close to the blade. Some of the wheel cutters don’t have a handle, which can make cutting very hot pizza harder.


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Since you won’t be using your pizza cutter all the time, you need to think about proper storage. You need a cutter that you can store comfortably. Some pizza cutters have hanging holes that can be favorable for storing. Others, such as wheel cutters with no handle, are small and easy to store in drawers.


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A cutter blade with a diameter less than 4” makes cutting pizza easier. In order to cut thicker pies, you need a cutter with a larger blade. The pizza cutter you choose should be made of higher quality materials. The most popular ones are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, firm, and easy to clean. Handles can be made of plastic or steel. Some handles for half moon blades are made of cast steel. Other blades are made with steel and have plastic handles that are designed for non-slip.


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There are some cutters that have unique designs that make them the spotlight at your pizza parties. Each pizza cutter is going to come with its own features that make it unique in some way. Whether it’s the design, material, or blade size, the peculiarities you choose will depend on your needs.


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While you don’t need to choose the most expensive pizza cutter, the cheapest cutter won’t really do you any favors. Going for the cheapest may not give you the product you want and it likely won’t be very durable.


Should you put pizza cutters in the dishwasher?

Many pizza cutters do advertise that they are in fact dishwasher safe. However, like other cutlery, it’s always recommended to wash the pizza cutter by hand. When a pizza cutter is put in the dishwasher, the wash cycle can dull the knife and the detergent is abrasive.

Which pizza cutter style is best?

Slicing pizza using a pizza cutter wheels and spatula.

The best pizza cutter will be the one that fits your needs. A rocker-style may be the quickest and most precise way to cut the pizza but it may not suit you since the size of the blade can be large.

What are the safety features you should pay attention to?

Pizza cutters have sharp blades, no matter what style you choose, so safety should always be on your mind. Many pizza cutters come with built-in safety features, such as finger and thumb guards. Many come with protective guards for when they are been stored away or sheaths to also protect your hands when not in use.

What are the benefits of a pizza cutter?

You may think that you don’t need a pizza cutter because a knife works. A knife can do an okay job of cutting pizza but a pizza cutter makes a world of difference. Pizza cutters are safer because they are designed with cutting pizza in mind. You can also get through the layers of pizza easily. Chef knives aren’t designed to cut through multiple layers and the dough can be hard on a typical knife. Pizza cutters make cutting pizza much easier and your slices are less likely to tear.

What else can you do with a pizza cutter?

While pizza cutters do a great job of cutting pizza, there are also many other uses for them, in order for you to get your money worth. You can use a pizza cutter to shred lettuce for salads, mince and cut various herbs, cut sandwiches, cut lunch meat, cut tortillas for salad toppings or chips, cut and shape cake fondant, smoothly cut canned biscuits or cut casseroles, fudge, and brownies.

How do you properly care for your pizza cutter?

If you want your pizza cutter to last then you need to make sure you take care of it. Wipe your blade down immediately after using. If you allow food to dry on the blade, it wears it down faster and makes it harder to clean. Clean from top to bottom and move in downward motions, in order to prevent cutting yourself on the blade. If you are trying to clean between the wheel and the handle attachment, try using dental floss in order to dislodge anything that can be stuck. Fully dry your pizza cutter by using a towel that won’t scratch it or allow it to air dry. Place the cutter into the protective cover to store. You want to cover the blade for safety and protection.

Which pizza cutter is better for cutting the deep-dish pizza?

If you are looking to cut deep-dish pizza then try one of the rocking blade cutters that are more effective at cutting thicker crust.

Can you sharpen a pizza cutter?

Many types of pizza cutters can be sharpened with a sharpening tool. You should check the handling and care instructions for your pizza cutter beforehand to be sure it can be sharpened.

What is the best way to store your pizza cutter?

You should store your cutter in a way that works for you. It should be kept in a dry area in order to avoid rusting. Be mindful of the blade and whether or not the blade is covered so that you can store your pizza cutter safely.

What size should you choose?

Depending on the average dimensions of what you are looking to slice, some dinky blades can be inefficient and larger ones can be overkill. There are some obvious considerations, such as durability, storability, and usability for the blade size, but what matters the most is safety. The size you need to choose will depend on how thick your pizza will be. The sharper the blade, the easier it will be to cut through the pizza, regardless of size, but you need to make sure your sharp blades are safe.

History of Pizza Cutters

Slicing pizza dough.

The invention of the first pizza cutter began with the rocking style by Silivo Pacitti in 1708. There isn’t a lot of information about this man but the rounded blade made pizza cutting much easier than with a knife. David S. Morgan originally invented the wheel pizza cutter. However, his pizza cutter at first wasn’t designed for pizzas but instead to cut wallpapers.

Carl A. Frahm further advanced the pizza cutter in 1922 with a variation of the handheld cutter that was used for more of a culinary application. The first circular blade slicers were designed with much smaller blades. As time passed and increasing proportions of toppings and cheese became common, the blade size increased. The larger blade was able to divide pizza without dislodging toppings and it kept the user’s hand further from the hot cheese. Now there are plenty of novelty cutters on the market.

Where to Buy Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters can be brought at virtually any store that sells kitchen equipment. For specialty types of pizza cutters, you may need to search a little harder at brick-and-mortar stores but they can easily be found at online retailers.