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38 Different Types of Petunias and Why You Should Grow Them

Close up photos of petunias flower in different types.

Petunias belong to the Solanceae family or the family of nightshades, including tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, and eggplants. There are 35 different species and are native to South America. Its name comes from the Brazilian word petun which means tobacco, a plant to which it is genetically related.

Petunias were introduced to Europe in the 19th century. The Grandiflora is the most popular and most cultivated type of petunia. The Hedgiflora produces lots of flowers, the Multiflora produces hardy flowers that bloom during both hot and wet seasons while the Milliflora type is the smallest petunias.



These flowers have large trumpet-shaped petals and great vigor, making them stellar choices for both containers and borders. They grow up to 10 inches high and come in colors such as blue and pink.


With beautiful, very showy, multi-colored flowers, these Petunias are large and trumpet-shaped and stay vigorous all season long. They look great in borders and containers and come in colors such as burgundy and gold, and raspberry-pink and white.

Avalanche (Wave)

With a thick, yellow center, this flower grows 8-10 inches high and comes in colors that include white, pink, violet, and lavender. It can spread 2-3 feet wide and looks great combined with several different colors in the same garden.

Bingo Perfectunia

With a slightly creeping habit and small size, this Petunia has medium-large flowers and looks great in containers or hanging baskets. Their colors include variegated and solid types, in tones such as pink, orange, white, neon red, peach, yellow, and rose.


These have small petals and very intense vigor. Perfect for hanging baskets, they grow up to 10 inches high and can have widths of 3 feet. Their colors include rose, deep-red, yellow, and deep-purple, including variegated types.


The Bravo variety has great vigor and keeps its color throughout the blooming season. They get up to 10 inches high and look great in borders and beds. They can have veins throughout their petals and come in colors such as lavender, blue, and purple.

Carpet (Multiflora)

White and red carpet petunia

Like the name suggests, this velvet-like petunia is a low grower and therefore, it looks great as a groundcover and in containers. It is hardy and sturdy, and it can spread as much as 5 feet in width. Its colors include bright red, buttercream, rose, pink, sky blue, white, and lilac.


Purple cascadia petunia

Cascadia Petunias bloom prolifically from late-Spring until the first frost, and they have beautiful green foliage to compliment their colors. They can grow up to 2 feet wide and 16 inches high, and they attract a variety of pollinators.

Their colors include blue, cherry-red, bright-pink, yellow, magenta, lime-green, hot-pink, and orange.

Celebrity (Multiflora)

Excellent for hot and humid climates, these petunias bloom all season long and get up to 10 inches wide and 10 inches tall. They have large, trumpet-shaped petals and come in numerous colors, including salmon, pink, raspberry, red, lilac, sky blue, cobalt blue, yellow, and a variety of mixed and variegated colors.


With a mounding, semi-trailing habit, the ColorWorks variety of Petunias looks great in containers and hanging baskets, and they grow up to 12 inches high and 2 feet in width. Their colors are usually variegated and come in tones such as pink with dark-pink centers, pink with white centers, and blue with white centers.


Crazytunia petunia

These flowers are robust and are very resistant to most types of weather. They are relatively small and grow up to 10 inches high and 12 inches across, and their colors include a deep-black with contrasting white centers, bright-red, bright-blue, cotton candy pink, and coral, among others.

Daddy (Grandiflora)

Daddy grandiflora petunia

The Daddy variety of petunias has bright, beautiful colors and veins running through each petal, giving them a very unique look. With 4-inch-wide blooms and colors such as red, pink, lilac, and rose, they like a lot of sun and bloom from Spring through the Summer months.


With a mounded, spreading habit and a height of up to 12 inches, the Dekko looks great in containers and hanging baskets, and they come in numerous colors, including blue, dark lavender, deep-purple, and others.

Double Madness

With a full, dense look thanks to their double blooms, the Double Madness comes in colors such as blue, rose, peppermint red, burgundy, plum, salmon, white, deep-purple, and many others. They bloom from late-Spring until the first frost, and they grow up to 15 inches in height.

The flowers tolerate rain very well, and they look stunning in garden beds, borders, and containers.

Dream (Grandiflora)

With a growth of up to 2 feet wide and 14 inches high, these petunias keep their beautiful trumpet shape all season long, and they are perfect for small gardens, as well as containers and hanging baskets. Their colors include rose, white, purple, red, yellow, scarlet, and some variegated colors.

Easy Wave (Wave)

Red easy wave petunia

With a vigorous and spreading habit, this petunia is perfect for hanging baskets and containers, not to mention smaller gardens. It gets up to 1 foot high and 40 inches wide, and its colors include blue, coral, salmon, white, and pink, including several variegated types.


Growing only 6 inches high but up to 5 feet in width, the Fantasy is a robust low-grower with velvety-looking petals. They are hardy, easy to grow, and available in colors that include red, pink, and ivory.


Great in containers and as borders, these are unique because they have eye-catching, beautiful, frilly edges and grow up to 12 inches high. They get up to 2 feet wide, and they come in colors such as burgundy, pink, rose, red, and white.


Just like the name suggests, the petals in these flowers are so bright they seem to glow, and they have single, funnel-shaped petals that are quite large. Getting up to 1 foot in height, their colors include bright amethyst, rose, lavender, red, purple, yellow, and hot pink.


With full double blooms and an easy-to-grow manner, these low-growers are great for containers and groundcovers. They are hardy and long-lasting and come in colors such as red, yellow, pastel pink, yellow-orange, and lavender.


The Headliner has medium vigor and gets up to 30 inches wide and 16 inches high. It has large, eye-catching, fluorescent blooms that look great in hanging baskets and containers.

It comes in combinations that include creamy white with raspberry highlights, rose-pink with white highlights, purple with white highlights, and white with purple highlights.

Horizon (Multiflora)

With single, funnel-shaped blooms, this petunia is very tolerant of heat and is very compact, spreading to 15 inches wide and 15 inches high. Its colors include blue, red, coral, pink, and raspberry, most of which are variegated and contain more than one color per petal.


Growing compact and neatly, the Lambada is filled with beautiful blooms all season long and grows up to 10 inches high. They are great in beds and as borders, and they come in colors such as salmon, burgundy, and pink.


Purple littletunia petunia

With very prolific and very small blooms, the Littletunia flowers all season long, even if you never prune or deadhead. They look extraordinary in hanging baskets, window boxes, and containers, and they come in colors such as light-pink, lavender, deep-purple, and several variegated types.


A beautiful, often two-toned Petunia, these flowers bloom from Spring to the first frost and hold up very well in the Spring rains. They grow up to 12 inches wide and 15 inches high, and they make perfect borders and containers. Their colors include red, lavender, plum, rose, coral, white, and blue, and there are also variegated types.


The Merlin comes in various two-toned colors, such as white with raspberry trim, white with red trim, and white with purple trim. They are dense and prolific, flowering all season long, and they are fairly large – up to 20 inches high and 30 inches in width. They’re beautiful in containers or when used as borders, where they exhibit a mound-shaped habit.


Even though these flowers are very vigorous and low-maintenance, the Minis need to be fertilized regularly. They only get up to 8 inches in height, and they come in colors such as apple-pink, pastel-pink, bright-pink, silver-white, purple, blue, and white, including many with veins that make them stand out even more.


Compact and dense, these Petunias grow up to 2 feet high and 2 feet in width. They look beautiful in beds, borders, and containers, and their colors include white, rose, blue, lilac, purple, and soft-pink, some of them with attractive veining.

Mirage (Multiflora)

The Mirage is very sturdy and vigorous, and it grows up to 15 inches high and 12 inches in width. It is a mounded, upright plant and has a very impressive display. Not always easy to find in North America, when available it comes in colors such as deep-blue, red, creamy-yellow, lavender, soft-pink, white, coral, and several variegated types.


Potunia petunia

The Potunia has trumpet-shaped petals that stay sturdy for a very long time and attract hummingbirds easily. They get up to 1 foot wide and 1 foot tall, and their colors include deep-blue, lavender, cappuccino, neon raspberry, light blue, red-orange, dark-red, and many others.

Primetime (Multiflora)

A low-grower, this type of petunia is great for groundcovers and containers. It is easy to grow and consists of velvety, hardy petals that usually come in colors such as lavender and deep rose. Although it can get up to 5 feet in width, it grows to only 6 inches in height, making it perfect for borders.


Prism petunia

This type of petunia can spread up to 30 inches wide and grows up to 8 inches high. It is a perfect flower for borders or even containers and comes in colors that include pink, light-yellow, white, deep-rose, red, purple, and many others.


These flowers bloom early and offer bursts of beautiful colors all Summer long. They can grow up to 18 inches high and 2 feet in width, and they look beautiful as landscape plants and in containers.

Their colors include various shades of blue, as well as burgundy, hot rose, bright-red, purple, salmon, and white, many with variegated colors and deep veins that make them a beautiful choice for petunia-lovers.

Shock Wave (Wave)

Shock wave petunia

This type of petunia only grows to 10 inches high and up to 3 feet in width, and it makes beautiful containers and does well in gardens that have limited space. It blooms from late-Spring through the Summer months and comes in colors such as pink, rose, purple, coral, raspberry, and white.

Southern Star

This Petunia originated in Mexico and grows up to 12 inches high and 18 inches wide. It is low-maintenance and able to tolerate both wet and dry conditions, and although it is a sturdy plant, it doesn’t do well in the northernmost zones.

It also has slightly frayed edges on the petals and comes in colors such as light lavender, white, and soft-pink.


This petunia gets 10-12 inches high and can spread up to 3 feet in width. It produces massive amounts of flowers all summer long, and comes in colors such as violet, coral, and various shades of pink.

Supercascade (Grandiflora)

Supercascade petunia

These are mounded, upright Petunias that love the sun and have very large petals, up to 5 inches in width. They bloom in late-Spring through the Summer months and come in a wide selection of colors, including deep-red, bright-red, rose-pink, lavender, and a mixture that includes white flowers with deep-purple markings on them.


Supertunia petunia with yellowish center

The Supertunia is extremely free-flowering and looks beautiful in hanging baskets. It gets to 10 inches in height and 18 inches wide, and its colors include peach, deep-red, various shades of pink, yellow, honey, white, lavender, and bright red. They also include a variety of variegated colors, making them a striking flower.

The Advantages of Growing Petunias

  • They are always stunning flowers, in part because their petals get up to 5 inches in width and come in almost any color you can imagine. This makes them the perfect choice when you want multi-colored flower beds or hanging baskets.
  • Petunias also make excellent dried flowers, as well as great companions to plants such as evergreen and flowering shrubs; in other words, anywhere a little variety and contrast look good. Most of them are also easy to grow and require little maintenance to remain to look fantastic.
  • Because of their variety in color and their ease of growing, they are perfect anywhere you place them, including beds, borders, hanging baskets, and containers, among other places.